Quantico – Off to the big FBI office in the sky

We got a new suspect for the grand conspiracy, new training tips, and lost a friend as Alex fall further down the rabbit hole.

Spoilers for “Clear”

Quickie Recap:

At Quantico the NATs learn how to work a confidential informant. They all get a quick rundown on how to evaluate a target with the other NATs Meyers-Briggs personality tests and try to figure out how to exploit the other person to get information. Of course Liam and Miranda arrange for a field trip to a bar where lots of corrupt politicians hang out (so like every bar in DC?) so the NATs can put their skills to the test. Dr. Will is all awkward about talking to people, Shelby and Caleb can’t get past their own BS to participate, lots of people hate Drew for suing the NFL because sports is more important than everything, and Iris loves using her feminine wiles to get info. So does Alex, but we already knew that one. Of course it is all just an exercise because everyone in the bar is an undercover agent. Some lesson about the info in the NATs heads is more important than the info they are trying to get or something or other. I don’t know. I have started to tune out on the Miranda lectures. I’m getting kinda bored with the training drama at Quantico and I just want to get to the big story in the current times.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Shelby sends five million dollars in ransom to the people who claim to have the woman pretending to be her sister. She wants Caleb to get Clayton involved with tracking the people down and it turns out it was a con again and now lots of money is in some nefarious hands. The woman was never in danger and now Shelby is out millions. Tired of being taken advantage of, Shelby wants to track the money and get it back. Iris, who is super nosy, overhears that they are investigating something about Croatia and gives Shelby a contact to someone who can help get information off of the servers there. I wonder what Iris wants in return for helping?

I was so distracted by the training timeline, I ended up looking over the supremely obvious fact that the only people who could have been killed in this episode were Ryan and Natalie. Since the show is not going to take out the big romantic interest…

In the present time the mysterious caller tells Alex and the bomb strapped Natalie they will get another phone call in the morning as to what their new assignment is. Wait, Natalie has to go home for the night with a bomb strapped to her abdomen!?! How in the hell is she supposed to get any sleep or function the next day with that on? And she is pretty damn calm about it. Then Alex drops a bit of a bomb so to speak. She knew that the whole someone in her class at Quantico framing her was a red hearing. It was someone who was at Quantico, but not necessarily in their class. The caller told her they knew the first day she walked into training she would be perfect. It could be anyone from any of the classes that was there before or any of the instructors (including Liam and Miranda).

On her first day back, Alex learns her new boss is the wonderful Hannah Wyland who dresses Alex down effectively about not only breaking Ryan’s heart, but using him as an accomplice and a human shield for bullets because of his affections for her. Also Alex dragged the hearings about the bombings on for way too long. I am totally Team Alex, but Hannah is really awesome too because she is not wrong in her assessment of Alex. What I really love about Hannah is she is brutally honest and I hope the producers keep her that way. Also Alex has to start back at the very bottom in the FBI with virtually no security clearance. That is going to be a big problem after she gets a phone call from the mystery caller.

After some trickery and eye batting, Alex gets Natalie and her pet bomb thru the security in the FBI New York office so they can break into the JTTF server to get information on the presidential candidate’s schedules as the caller asked for. The problem is Hannah is the lead investigator for the JTTF (she got to hop the line when all of her superiors were killed in the bank bombing) and they need her fingerprint to get any information. Alex gets that with her shiny new cell phone the FBI issued her. They also need a special key card to get access to the server in the first place. Good thing Ryan is next in line after Hannah in the JTTF chain of command and Natalie is able to use the super awkward position the two of them are in to get the card out of his wallet.

To get into the server room without anyone seeing, the Alex and Natalie call in a bomb threat to the FBI office (which everyone is going to take super seriously given everything that just happened). Alex and Natalie know they can’t just hand over the information of the presidential candidate’s schedules to a terrorist, so they bug the information with a worm to try and track whomever it is down. The caller is happy with the info and the bomb belt is disabled.

The worm comes thru and the two women go to investigate an abandoned warehouse. They find a laptop abandoned with the information opened and nothing else. Alex’s phone starts to ring and Natalie tells her to answer it to see if the caller is on to them. The call keeps dropping and Alex assumes it is because of a bad signal and walks outside to get a better one. Just as she answers the call outside, the laptop starts to disintegrate and explodes killing Natalie.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Alex runs from the scene (without seeing if Natalie is really dead) and goes straight to Ryan’s place in hysterics begging and pleading with him to help her. Misreading her pleas, Ryan asks if she needs him to check her in somewhere. Alex is so distraught that she says yes. While Ryan is on the phone with the psych ward, Alex gets a photo sent to her phone of her and Ryan together in the apartment. Alex freaks and runs out of the apartment onto the street. When she gets a call, she tells the terrorist that she will do anything, just don’t hurt Ryan.

Acting Shady

Dr. Will is in the top spot for the moment with the creepy set of photos he has hiding in his sock drawer of all the NATs in his class. Some of those photos have a red “X” on them indicating he has eliminated them for something. The only face I can tell you for sure is X-ed out is Nimah’s though there are a few others. Alex, Caleb, Shelby, and Raina’s faces (that I could see) are still untouched. It feels like ANOTHER red hearing from the show, but at this point the writers and producers are going to have to start leaving some tangible bread crumbs so when the big bad is revealed it doesn’t feel like it is totally out of left field.

Raina is right up there with Will as she is keeping secrets from Nimah. Raina didn’t go home over the holidays as she told Nimah she was going to do and has been talking to someone on her computer. She also asked to not participate in the informant exercise even though it was her turn. Nimah starts to follow Raina and sees that she is meeting a man in his home. My guess is the man is one of the people who kidnapped Charlie and Miranda knows all about what Raina is up to. Until we know for sure, Raina has to be on the list.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Who can Alex Trust?

Now that Natalie is gone, Alex’s trust list is no one right now because anyone she involves at this point is going to be in big danger. In the promos for next week, we see her going to Simon for help, but I think that is because the caller tells her to go to him.

Now that Natalie is dead, are we going to see Brandon in the current timeline wondering what happened to her?

Who is Guilty of What?

Liam and Alex are guilty of sleeping together. It is pretty obvious when the two of them talk and they both try and pass off what happened on New Year’s Eve as nothing. Just eww…

Liam and Ryan are guilty of getting Drew’s girlfriend killed. That mysterious event in Chicago that nearly ruined their careers, it was a shootout between some bad guys and the Chicago police that left three innocent bystanders dead, one of them was Drew’s girlfriend. The police blamed some other department, then they blamed someone else, the FBI was blamed at some point. Drew just wanted someone to stand up and take responsibility. He joined the FBI so he can help combat corruption and negligence from the inside. So far only Alex knows that Ryan and Liam were involved in the screw up, but truths will always come out.

What did you think of last night’s episode of Quantico? Are you sad to see Natalie gone? I am, I was just starting to really like her. Do you think Miranda knows all about what Raina is up to? What do you think the red Xs are all about in Will’s sock drawer? Still no word on Caleb in the present time. Let me know in the comments section below.

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