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Coulson gets a new partner while Hive gets so much creepier in last night’s exposition heavy episode.

Spoilers for “Inside Man”

Quickie Recap:

General Talbot is not happy about having work for or with Coulson and Talbot’s wife is not too happy about the situation her husband has put them in by taking the job as the head of the ATCU. The US President has arranged for Taiwan to host a symposium for a very small handful of world leaders to discuss what to do about the growing Inhuman population and problems. The big issue is Malick has an inside man who is going to help sway the leaders of the symposium to whatever side he wants.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Since no weapons and no Inhumans are allowed on the premises, Colson wants to bring Hunter, Bobbie, and May along for the ride to break into the fellow leader’s rooms to find Malick’s spy. Carl Creel, who has been acting as a body guard for Talbot, is to come along and provide protection since he is not an Inhuman and will pass the screening tests. Talbot trusts Creel since he was broken from his Hydra brainwashing though Bobbie and Hunter are not happy about it because he killed a couple of their friends while working for Hydra.

During the symposium Coulson, posing as a doctor, attempts to educate the other world leaders on Inhumans and tries make them understand that they are not a threat overall. A handful of them could be dangerous, but most of them can be allies if they all handle the situation correctly. The Russian leader offers his country as a sanctuary for the Inhumans who wish to live away from everyone else in peace and majority votes to make it so. The idea of several Inhumans living in one area sounds like easy pickings for Hydra to Coulson. Before he can try and talk the others out of the vote, Talbot tells the rest of the leaders that Coulson is the leader of Hydra and invites Malick into the meeting.

Malick takes control convinces the other leaders Coulson wants to use the Inhumans for nefarious purposes and Talbot plays along with the rouse. Talbot didn’t want to help, but Hydra has his son. After taking away Coulson and Talbot from the meeting, Malick orders his goons to kill the two of them. Creel comes in to save the day while May saves Talbot’s son from Hydra. Coulson has Bobbie and Hunter follow Malick to see what exactly he is up to. The two of them sneak onto his plane and overhear the plan to work with the Russian leader to set up a sanctuary for the Inhumans.

Hive likes Ward’s body because Ward was a survivor in his human life. Unfortunately the body is still dying and not the best host for Hive. Malick wants him to find a new body to use, but Hive has a plan to make this one work. He uses his powers of control to get Giyera and Lucio (the telekinesis Inhuman and Medusa Eyes) to bring him five humans for him to feed on. When he is done consuming the flesh of the humans, Ward’s body looks like it is back to form.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Jemma is curious about how Creel was able to survive holding the Obelisk when he is not an Inhuman. Creel gained his powers from experimentation, not Terrigenesis. When Jemma and Lincoln study Creel’s blood, they figure out that his blood can be used as a vaccination against Terrigenesis. Lincoln is all for creating a vaccine for those who do not wish to make the transition, but Daisy is not hearing it. After some fighting, the two of them make up for now.

Questions, Thoughts, and Theories:

It took me a while after watching the episode to realize Mack was nowhere to be found. Did he stay behind in Colombia to get to know Elena better?

I genuinely forgot how exactly Creel was able to recover from holding the Obelisk. That was way back in the beginning of season two and my memory is not that good. I guess in the end it really doesn’t matter.

Judging by May’s cold attitude towards Hunter when he called her his friend, it is pretty obvious she has not forgiven him for nearly getting Andrew killed.

Hunter’s name for Daisy and Lincoln (Shake and Bake) is awesome!

I’m glad to see Creel as a good guy. His powers are interesting and his story of experimentation is a nice contrast to the Inhuman story. His loyalty to Talbot will make for some interesting tension when Coulson and Talbot inevitably clash.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Normally I love Talbot and Coulson together. The two of them play off of one another nicely, but this episode felt very lackluster to me. Maybe because there was just too much going on that there was no real time for banter.

Lincoln training in the field is an interesting conundrum. It is pretty obvious the only reason why he is going thru the training is to make Daisy happy, but you can tell he is much more content in the lab studying Inhumans with Jemma. Lincoln is not really suited for the field because he has a loner, smartass mentality. Daisy had the same in the beginning, but her need for family won her over. Lincoln doesn’t have that same need for inclusion as Daisy did and will not respond to training as well as she has. Just my theory.

Lincoln wanting to study and make a vaccine is going to come back and be a big problem for him and Daisy. He is all about the balance of powers while she is all about embracing them and that is not going to change anytime soon.

Hive is already showing a disregard to Malick’s need to control or use him. How long do you think it will be before Hive decides he no longer needs Malick and starts to reveal his own plan for Inhumans? I think that is going to come up a lot sooner than later given Hive has regenerated Ward’s body without Malick’s knowledge.

Lucio’s powers didn’t work on Hive when Lucio was brought to Hive. I wonder if all Inhuman powers don’t affect him or just the ones that affect the body specifically.

It is really nice to see Brett Dalton back to his sexy self and not looking creepy and half dead.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

The Bobbie and Hunter adventure next week is totally a preview for Marvel’s Most Wanted.

No hints this week as to who was killed in the flash-forward.

What did you think of last night’s episode of Agents of SHIELD? Are you looking forward to the Bobbie and Hunter spinoff preview next week? Do Hive’s powers intrigue you? Did you miss Mack this week? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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