Daredevil Season 2 Recap – “Bang”

Beware the Spoilers

There is a record breaking heat wave in New York and things are certainly heating up in Hell’s Kitchen. Season two starts off with Daredevil taking down three armed robbers in full view of the public and police. This is a city that has become used to seeing a man in a red suit running around taking out the bad guys. I’m sure the citizens are just happy it is one man taking down criminals and not The Avengers battling it out with aliens or a crazed robot.

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment and Netflix

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment and Netflix

The big criminal element in Hell’s Kitchen is not all gone. With Fisk sitting in prison and his crime syndicate is either dead or in hiding, the rest of the criminal organizations are scrambling to claim any territory they can. But before any one element can get a foot hold in, “an army” comes in and guns them down. The Irish mob, a motorcycle gang, and a cartel have been hit hard and the police are attempting to keep things quiet to keep a war from burning up the streets. “Hell’s Kitchen is about to explode,” Sgt. Mahoney tells Foggy and Matt. A cringe worthy and clichéd line, but definitely on the nose.

The Law offices of Nelson and Murdock find themselves in the middle due to the lone survivor of the Irish mob massacre begging Matt, Foggy, and Karen to help him get into witness protection in exchange for information. Grotto is a low level runner for the mob and barely escaped the carnage, but not unharmed. Nelson and Murdock have developed the reputation in the community for helping the good guys and Grotto wants to turn over a new leaf in order to live. Karen sneaks Grotto into the hospital under the guise of wounded in a bar fight.

Foggy goes to a biker bar to talk to an old friend from grade school that is a big name with the local biker gang. He gets the same line. “An army” took out several gang members running drugs with high power firearms leaving no one alive. Matt suits up and follows a tip to the drug cartel that is rumored to be bringing in big weaponry. When he gets there, the slaughter has already taken place. One witness, as he is dying, tells Daredevil it is not a “them, just him.”

The introduction of Frank Castle is not teased out as Wilson Fisk was back in season one. His presence is felt all throughout the episode and his full reveal is made just as he starts shooting up a hospital to get at Grotto. Before the episodes end we see the first of most likely many fights between the two men as Daredevil stops Frank from killing the surviving mobster and possibly Karen for helping him escape.

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment and Netflix

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment and Netflix

Season one was all about the juxtaposition of young Matt learning about his abilities while older Matt starts to make his name in the underworld. The showdown between Fisk and Daredevil was teased out until the last episode as the two danced around one another. Not this season. Frank (well his methods) is introduced quickly and his motives are very clear. Leave no bad guy alive. He is the boogeyman criminals fear is hiding under their beds. After the shootout in the beginning and the retelling of another massacre we are shown the aftermath of Frank’s methods. He strung the members of the cartel from meat hooks in the slaughter house they were based out of and gutted them like animals. Frank’s only bit of dialogue is “Bang” just before he shoots Daredevil point blank. This is not a man you can plead with.

In the beginning of this season, there will be fans of Frank Castle’s in both Hell’s Kitchen and in the viewing audience. His brand of justice keeps the criminals off the streets for good and scares the living daylights out of those who might want to take up the bad guy mantle. Don’t steal or used drugs kids or The Punisher will come and kill you. Matt might even be tempted. His informant taunted him saying “I’ll be out by the end of the night” when Daredevil broke up his gun sale. But Frank’s vigilante ways will bring chaos to the city. There are already rumblings of retribution coming and those who are left standing for the moment are not going to show mercy on everyday citizens in their mission to find Frank.

Of course Frank is not the only story in the first episode back. Like I said before, Nelson and Murdock have become the law firm good people go to when they need help. Most of the good people needing help are quite poor can only pay in goods. The practice has no money to run. Matt tells everyone it will work out somehow, but there are some seeds of discord being sewn there. The lack of funds could steer Karen and Foggy towards helping the not so nice people to keep the lights on.

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment and Netflix

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment and Netflix

Foggy seems to have made peace with Matt’s nighttime activates, but he is still concerned with the seeing Matt bleeding going into work the next morning. Karen has also started to ask questions as to why Matt is hurt all of the time. Foggy plays it off as a drinking problem, but Karen is smart enough to see thru it quickly. The injuries have not put Karen off romantically as her initial crush on Matt is back in full force. Matt for the moment is doing nothing to discourage it. The opposite actually as he lets Karen teach him how to play pool not knowing Matt can be a shark when needed.

So far Daredevil has kicked the sophomore season off with bang (okay that was a bad line). I’m looking forward to seeing Frank Castle’s story play out over the season and the introduction to The Hand hopefully coming soon. What did you think of “Bang” kicking things off? Let me know in the comments section below and please do not give any spoilers away for future episodes. Not everyone gets to binge the series immediately. I will be doing a review/breakdown of each episode for Daredevil season two everyday so come back tomorrow for “Dogs to a Gunfight.”

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