Quantico – Frozen Tundra and Temper Tantrums

Spoilers for “Answers”

Quickie Recap:

In Quantico the training exercise in interrogation tactics back fires as Drew learns from Alex Liam’s involvement in his pregnant (?!?) fiancé’s death. The Chicago sting that went bad and put a big ding in both Liam’s and Ryan’s careers didn’t have any civilian casualties, but the Liam’s brilliant idea to sell a specific type of rifle to get in good with the militia did have repercussions after Liam left town. The rifles sold to the militia made it into the hands of a group of robbers, who killed Alicia and an English teacher during a standoff with police. Drew started to question Liam about it when the NATs were supposed to be playing in a mock trial. Liam, furious with Drew, accuses him of being a crusader with his lawsuit against the NFL and digging into his fiancé’s death during training. To be fair the last one was Alex’s fault, she started to meddle thinking Drew would be happy with closure even though he wasn’t looking for it in the first place. Liam throws Drew out of the Quantico, but Drew really isn’t out of the FBI, I think, as we still see him in his NAT uniform at the shooting range later and in the promos for next week’s episode.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Caleb’s plan as Mark Raymond further escalates as he wires $5 million to Scientology to an organization to reach the highest level of fulfillment. “Mr. Robot” Will overhears Caleb’s conversations and starts to do some research into who Mark is. He finds a frightening amount of dummy information Caleb’s alias has on the internet. When Will goes to confront Caleb about it, Caleb backs Will into a wall, gets way too close, and tells him “You will not mess this up for me.” Will doesn’t give up finding out what Caleb is up to and follows him to a diner where Caleb meets with Samar/Haifa about the $5 million the two of them scammed from Shelby.

Nimah is tired of Raina’s lies and sneaking around. She dawns a hijab and pretends to be her sister to infiltrate the house where she has been seeing Raina come in and out of. Inside the house Nimah finds a hidden room with lots of guns and ammo. On her way out she bumps into one of the people living inside the house and tells him that she has to go. Just as Nimah is leaving, the other person receives a text message from the real Raina telling him she can’t make it over that day. Nimah confronts Raina about the bad group of people she has fallen in with and Raina explains that she is undercover on Miranda’s orders. Those people are the same ones who took Charlie. Nimah is not convinced Raina is telling her the whole truth.

In the present time Alex goes to Vermont in search of help from Simon, but Simon is a bit unhinged at the moment dealing with the copious amounts of blood on his hands. The guilt of all the people who have died as a result of his actions is eating him up. Every morning he puts a gun in his mouth and contemplates pulling the trigger. He is angry with the guilt he has to carry and wants to blame Alex for telling him it was okay to take the hand off the trigger. Alex confesses Natalie’s death to him and the same person who blackmailed Elias is on her now.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Ryan and Nimah are worried about Alex because she didn’t show up to work that day and track her cell phone. The two of them drive to Vermont together to see if Alex is okay and they find her standing alone in front of the shack. Simon “is not the man we knew” she tells them and the three of them drive back to New York. That evening Ryan calls Alex to let her know that he is still there for her. After hanging up, Simon comes knocking at her door with a promise that she can count on him and has a possible plan for taking down the real terrorist. Simon plugs something into Alex’s burner phone as the Unknown Caller pops up on the screen.

Acting Shady

Caleb is at the top spot with whatever scheme he has going. Add that with the Alex telling Simon in the present time that no one has heard from Caleb since the bank bombing and we have a big suspect on our hands. I guess my theory about Caleb being in a coma might be out.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Raina does seem to be telling the truth about acting as a spy, but that doesn’t explain why she lied about going home over the holidays. New Years was before Charlie came back to Miranda and told Raina about the people who took him. Where did Raina go over the New Year break if she didn’t go home?

Drew went from pissy at Alex for sticking her nose into his business, to all about Alex helping him get some closure about Alicia’s death, to supremely angry at both Alex and Liam when he finds out the truth all in a very short amount of time. I think we just found another suspect in the bombings. Drew is super angry with the FBI for their part in his finance’s death. He takes is all out on Alex because she was the person who pushed him into getting answers. It is kinda thin, but it is another possible scenario.

Who can Alex Trust?

Other than Simon?

Even though we haven’t seen her in the present time, I think Iris is trust worthy mostly because I really like her. In the training timeline, she puts Shelby in her place about being a spoiled, rich, brat and then tells her the story of not knowing what happened to her mother when her family escaped from China. Iris is definitely the more interesting new character from the second half of the season so far.

Who is Guilty of What?

Liam and Alex slept together. Just. Freaking. Ew. Miranda figures it out after Alex and Liam fight about his treatment of Drew and tells Liam to resign. Can I say Aunjanue Ellis gives the best “I am going to skin you alive” face.

Miranda got an email from Natalie telling her she needed emergency time off for her daughter so no one is questioning Natalie’s disappearance for now. Was the email sent by Alex or the terrorist?

What did you think of last night episode of Quantico? Do you have any theories as to what Caleb is up to? What do you think Simon’s plan is? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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