Daredevil Season 2 Recap – “Regrets Only”

Beware the Spoilers

I have seen those photos of the mispelled “regerts” tattoo too many times because now every time I see the word regret that is what my mind automatically changes it to. Thanks internet.

Just shy of halfway thru the season and Frank Castle may be my favorite character of the whole series. This episode only helped to further humanize him as something more than a crazed, gun happy vigilante. Thru the bumbling of a very wet behind the ears public defender, Matt, Foggy, and Karen learn Frank plans to plead guilty to all charges brought against him and Reyes is looking to extradite Frank to Delaware where he will face a possible death penalty sentence for some murders he may or may not have committed there. Karen and Matt can’t have Frank be put to death especially when there are so many questions as to why Reyes is attempting to bury the deaths of Frank’s family, military history, and medical records under a pile of lies. Foggy would just rather leave it be (Frank did kill a lot of people) and not get on Reyes’ shit list again, but he knows Matt and Karen can’t just walk away when they feel like something very unjust is happening.

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

The law firm of Nelson and Murdock step in and get Frank to hire them as his new council and negotiate a plea deal which would take the death penalty off the table. (Quick side note, did you see Frank’s face when Matt started talking?) Matt this time gets to stick it to Reyes essentially letting her know they see the crap she is trying to pull and her need to play CYA has is coming back to bite her in the ass. It is nice to see Matt stretching those lawyer muscles since he has been a little too busy for all of the legal stuff so far this season.

Frank latching onto Karen as the person he wants to talk to was a really curious paring, but it makes a lot of sense. Frank sees she is a lot like him and has lost people close to her. In order to deal with the pain of his loss, Frank has put the everyday memories of his family in a box somewhere in his head and has refused to open it. Karen helped him bring those memories back out. Someone please give Jon Bernthal all the awards.

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

It isn’t made entirely clear why Frank decided to fight his charges and enter a plea of not guilty after Foggy and Karen negotiated a decent deal for him given the circumstances. Was it because he found reasons to keep fighting after remembering more than just the death of his family or does he want to pull Reyes down with him for her sins of trying to make his family’s death something inconsequential? A little bit of both maybe? Either way Nelson and Murdock will have the legal fight of their lives as the media will be all over what is being termed as the “case of the century.”

Matt as usual was absent from much of the Frank dealings because he made a devil’s deal with Elektra to work together in driving what they think is the Yakuza out of New York. The big plan to get it done was to steal a ledger from an accountant describing all of their shady dealings and use it to shut everything down. The two of them pull off a fairly low key heist during a gala where they only had to beat up a few guards and pretend they were drunkenly hooking up in another room to get away with the prize. The ledger contained all of the information they needed in plain Japanese, but they also found lots of other dealings which were encrypted. “If invoices for drugs and guns and human trafficking aren’t encrypted, then what is?” Great question Matt.

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

For now Matt is keeping his extracurricular activities with Elektra a secret because there is a huge chance Foggy will lose his mind when he finds out she is back in Matt’s life. I don’t think Foggy know just how dangerous Elektra is, but I don’t doubt he knows just how bad she is for Matt. With The People of New York VS Frank Castle starting in the next week, Matt has certainly bit off more than he can chew. I also have a feeling that Elektra is playing nice for now to lure Matt into a false sense of security with her. I think she wants to make him break his biggest rule so he can be on her level once again.

What did you think of “Regrets Only”? Were you ecstatic when Frank said “Not Guilty” and threatened to bring down Reyes? Do you think Frank recognized Matt’s voice? Let me know what you think in the comments section below and please do not give away spoilers for future episodes. Not everyone can binge the entire series. I will be doing one episode recap/breakdown of Daredevil everyday so come back tomorrow for “Semper Fidelis” and check out the other episodes of Daredevil here.

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