Daredevil Season 2 Recap – “Semper Fidelis”

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Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

How do you feel about the use of vigilantism? Your answer can be very telling. Matt and Karen’s response to the same question is putting a big kink in their budding romance. We all know how Matt feels about The Punisher’s ways of dealing “justice.” Matt is a true Catholic thru and thru and when he sees the system fail, he believes God will step in. As Father Lantom told him after Grotto’s funeral, the guilt Matt feels is God’s way of telling him that his work is not done. Matt believes in consequences of his soul in the work he feels the need to do. That is why he will not cross the line into killing and he looks for other legal ways of getting justice done. Even when he has to don the suit, Matt tries to find evidence so the criminals can be prosecuted properly in the system. True justice can only prevail if the system is allowed to work.

Karen sees Daredevil and The Punisher as a requirement. She has seen the system breakdown too many times and believes the two men are needed to keep the scales balanced. Some people need killin’. I think Matt was a little shocked Karen felt the way she did, but I think he was truly offended when she alluded to Daredevil and The Punisher as being one in the same. To him they are night and day when it comes to how they go about getting justice. During her argument I remembered Karen ACTUALLY KILLED A GUY back in season one. Granted it was a kill or be killed situation, but she was able to walk away from his death with very little remorse and has yet to tell anyone about it.

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

It is fascinating the show is willing to have these moral debates and doesn’t make any one side too right in their opinions. Obviously the show is called Daredevil so things do lean towards Matt and his views, but the writers and producers allow for others to have valid arguments and explain why they feel or act the way they do.

Karen’s opinion on vigilantism is not the only problem involving a woman Matt has to contend with. Elektra is quickly becoming a big thorn in his side as she messes with his trial twice. The quest to find out what the non-Yakuza are up to makes Matt so late for court Foggy has to wing it on the opening statements Matt was supposed to handle. Then Elektra tries to do Matt a favor and threatens the medical examiner to confess falsifying the autopsies of Frank’s family and one other person who died on the same day. Her heart may have been in the right place, but her actions got the confession thrown out of court and messed with their plans to get a mistrial.

The whole ordeal forces Matt to confess to Foggy about Elektra and what the two of them have been doing. It goes about as expected. Foggy is furious. Who can blame him? Matt chose to wage a private war on the various gangs and mobs thru Hell’s Kitchen. He chose to take sides with Elektra. He chose to take on Frank’s case. And now Foggy has to deal with the fallout of Matt’s actions. Karen hears the two men yelling and demands to know what in the hell is going on. Matt tells her it is nothing and he will deal with it. Karen is not too happy with that answer and their relationship could be all but done at this point. In an episode where they title means “always loyal,” Matt is putting the loyalty of his friends to the test.

All the drama aside, the mystery as to what the non-Yakuza are up to deepens as Matt and Elektra infiltrate a building Wilson Fisk had previously acquired and find a seemingly endless pit dug inside. What are they digging up? And why that specific location?

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel Entertainment

A couple of quick thoughts:

Karen is very much referring to herself and not Frank when she was talking to Foggy about putting himself in Frank’s shoes to understand how best to defend him.

Frank doesn’t want to use PTSD as a defense because he feels it is insulting to those who do have PTSD. I agree that Frank is not suffering from PTSD, but I do thing he is suffering from a different kind of anxiety disorder. More like something closer to OCD. He feels a compulsion to kill those he deems unworthy of living despite knowing there will be consequences for his actions.

What did you think of “Semper Fidelis”? Do you think Matt and Karen’s relationship is over? What is inside the pit? Let me know what you think in the comments section below and please do not give away spoilers for future episodes. Not everyone can binge the entire series. I will be doing one episode recap/breakdown of Daredevil everyday so come back tomorrow for “Guilty as Sin” and check out the other episodes of Daredevil here.

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