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Things get dire for Miranda’s family during training while Alex finally gets to shut down Hannah’s monologue in the present as we get a new member to Team Alex.

Spoilers for “Turn”

Quickie Recap:

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

That big terrorist attack on Quantico that was teased, well it was resolved pretty quickly. The cell Raina infiltrated (on her own before telling Miranda what is going on) decided to up their plans after Nimah caused some confusion by pretending to be Raina. They stormed the front gate, killing the guards there before hiding in the woods. The tactical team quickly and efficiently took all but one person out (with an assist from Drew). Did those guys really think the FBI main headquarters was not going to have that kind of security in place? I guess when Charlie staged his kidnaping and return so he could have a chance to get in deep at headquarters, he didn’t realize the FBI would be ready for a mass shooting event.

The one terrorist who got away? He went to Miranda’s house. After realizing they were seriously out gunned for an attack, he figured he could have Charlie kill his mother and it would be enough of a statement against the FBI. What he didn’t count on is Raina (who was still in the house looking after Charlie) covertly calling Nimah who in turn called the FBI tactical team in to surround Miranda’s house. Charlie shoots the terrorist instead of his mother and then panics when he realizes he is going to go to prison for conspiring with the group to attack Quantico. The snipers outside of the house can only see a black male waving around a gun after hearing a shot fired. They take aim at Charlie and Miranda shoots him in the arm to get him to stop panicking (I need someone to explain that logic to me) and the sniper shoots Charlie again this time in the chest. He is in surgery, but I don’t think things are looking good for him.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Alex completely breaks things off with Ryan because she doesn’t want to give up everything she wants over a man. I know all this picks up again in the present timeline, but it is nice to see that drama over with in this one.

Also Iris is now in the know about the existence of Mark Raymond and Dr. Will gets Caleb to explain exactly why he has the alter ego. We don’t hear the conversation this week so hopefully next week we get to find out more.

In the present time the mystery caller wants Alex to switch some prescription pills in Senator Haas’ purse. They pills are for hypertension so they are harmless, but there is a tracking device on the cap. Alex’s plans are continuously thwarted by Hannah and eventually Alex panics at the thought of another friend dying so she confesses everything to her including Natalie’s death. Hannah tries looking for Natalie and realizes that Alex is not a nut. Hannah puts the prescription bottle in the bag for Alex.

Acting Shady

Shelby’s parents are on the list even though I don’t think their story has anything to do with the main terror plot. They are alive and hired Samar/Haifa to scam money from Shelby. The $5 million was Haifa’s husband trying to get one last score, but Haifa made sure to give it back along with the proof Shelby’s parents are still in the realm of the living. I think Wyatt’s made some bad deals and faked their deaths to get out of it.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Drew also on the list for his odd 360 turn around on the FBI over the last couple of weeks. He was all about becoming an agent and trying to fix corruption and mistakes on the inside because of his fiancé’s death. When he finds out Liam played a small part in her death, he flips out and thinks the FBI is THE DEVIL FOUNDED BY A CORRUPT MAN and keeps making passive aggressive remarks at Liam during training. After bitching out Drew for acting like a baby when the attack on the compound goes down, Liam goes out into the woods to help the tactical team. Drew saves Liam’s life and the two make a truce. Now Drew is all about the FBI again? I have whiplash from this guy.

Who can Alex Trust?

Welcome to Team Alex, Hannah! Now that someone with some serious clearance is on her side, Alex may be able to stop what the plans of the mystery caller, or get into a hell of a lot more trouble. Either way I am happy to see more of Hannah.

Who is Guilty of What?

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Senator Haas in the current time knows where Caleb is, but no one else does. I don’t know if he is in a coma or seriously hurt, but I’m thinking she has him squired away to protect him from something. Is it the press since she is the running mate of a presidential candidate? Or is she protecting him from the terrorists? Maybe that is why she was targeted by the mystery caller. They are looking for Caleb.

What did you think of last night’s episode of Quantico? Where do you think Caleb is hiding and why? Are you happy to see Hannah helping Alex and Simon? How awesome was it to see Alex telling her to shut up? What is up with Drew? Do you think Charlie lived? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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