Daredevil Season 2 Recap – “.380”

Beware the Spoilers

The hunt for The Blacksmith takes front and center of an action packed episode and I can’t help but think the man Punisher and Daredevil are hunting for could possibly be Stick. With only two episodes left, it would be bad form to introduce a completely new character whose actions have had huge ramifications in the lives of all the characters. It would only make sense for The Blacksmith to be someone already established this season. Stick is not above using extreme means to get what he wants and he could be using the money from the sale of the drugs to fund The Chaste.

There are big holes in my theory. I think Stick provoked Elektra by attempting to kill her to get Matt back on his side again, but why would Stick frame Frank Castle for several murders? Maybe push Matt over the line to killing someone? The murders of Reyes, the medical examiner, and attempted killing of Karen seem a little beneath Stick’s plans for The Hand and possibly recruiting Matt. One of the people sent to the shipping yards to deal with Punisher and Daredevil seemed to know who Frank was, even called him out by name which adds another hole in the theory.

Enough about Stick for now. I haven’t watch ahead, but I’m sure he will be prominently featured in the next episode.

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment and Netflix

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment and Netflix

I need to take a moment to talk about love advice from Frank. It was such a beautiful moment between him and Karen when he asked her about her relationship with Matt. Karen rightfully thinks she should distance herself from someone who could hurt her so badly. But Frank thinks the reason why Matt can hurt her so much is because he is the closest to her and those are the people you should be running towards. It really gave Frank a chance to talk about his wife, how she could and did crush his heart again and again, but he would do anything to feel that pain again. With that pain came so much happiness. How is it this gruff, psychotic character has made me want to cry so many time in this show? He has talked about his daughter in the past, but we really get to see the love Frank has for his departed wife. Hold on I need a minute.

Daredevil and Punisher take different avenues into looking for The Blacksmith. Daredevil goes to Madam Gao since she might have information on her biggest competitor. Frank uses Karen as bait to torture information out the hitmen sent to deal with her. Karen may have seen the photos of Frank’s victims, but seeing him kill and violently question someone was a real eye opener for her about this man. Both leads take the two men to the pier as Punisher looks to burn everything to the ground and kill anyone nearby. Daredevil arrives just in time to stop Punisher from going too overboard.

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment and Netflix

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment and Netflix

Frank doesn’t think Daredevil’s ways are effective and for once Red agrees. Matt has seen how the prison system has been corrupted by Wilson Fisk and he has no doubt whoever The Blacksmith is will do the same. Daredevil tells Punisher “just this once” as he is crossing himself and we can see he didn’t come to that decision lightly. Punisher understands that “there is no just this once” and he is genuinely heartbroken over the idea of Red crossing that line. There have been a lot of comparisons of Punisher, Stick, and Elektra’s methods of justice (some of them have been made by me). They are willing to go to extremes to do what they think is right. It is fascinating Stick and Elektra work so hard to break Matt, yet Punisher (might have) sacrificed himself to keep Red from becoming just like him.

The Hand’s attack on the hospital got a nurse killed in front of Claire as the assassins rescued the toxin filled teens and brought them back to The Hand lair for more bloodletting. Nobu thinks whatever is inside the sarcophagus is ready. Claire quits the hospital amid a cover up of the break in. While investigating the bodies, one of the dead assassins looked as if they already been thru an autopsy and the hospital wants to keep it quiet after a big charitable donation comes in. And Foggy is being courted by Marci Stahl and thinks she can get him a meeting with someone. Even though things didn’t go the way they should have, Marci and many others think Foggy could have won their case with Frank.

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment and Netflix

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment and Netflix

What did you think of “.380”? Do you think this is the end of Nelson and Murdock (at least for this season)? Is Frank still alive? Who do you think might be The Blacksmith? Let me know what you think in the comments section below and please do not give away spoilers for future episodes. Not everyone can binge the entire series. I will be doing one episode recap/breakdown of Daredevil everyday so come back tomorrow for “The Dark at the End of the Tunnel” and check out the other episodes of Daredevil here.

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