A group of citizens become radicalized against the Inhumans as Mack and his brother are caught in the fight.

Spoilers for “Watchdogs”

Quickie Recap:

Mack is taking a well-deserved vacation home to hang out with his brother, Ruben, after the loss of Hunter and Bobbi (after how long of spelling her name wrong, I get it right now that she is no longer part of the show). The two men catch up and try to re-bond after Mack’s long absence and rebuild a motorcycle they have been working on for years. Ruben has recently lost his job and has been taking care of the family home after their parents moved to a Florida Condo.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

But there is no rest for the agent as a group known as the Watchdogs implode an ATCU facility using retooled Howard Stark tech. Since Mack is nearby, Coulson tells him to go and check things out with Daisy and Fitz. Daisy has been keeping an eye on the Watchdogs for some time, but they have mostly been chatter in comments sections about fear of superheroes and what they can do. Now they have radicalized and have started to take action against the “freaks” that have been causing trouble. Daisy wants to kidnap one of the people who have been active on the Watchdog sites and grill him for information. Mack doesn’t feel like just because he visited sites and showed verbal support means his civil liberties should be trampled on. Mack decides to go home and keep spending time with his brother, but even that is soured when he finds Ruben drunk and angry. Ruben yells at Mack for never being there for his family and the stress he is going thru with not being able to pay the bills.

Daisy is too angry that these people want to kill her kind, so she ignores Mack and grabs Fitz to help her interrogate a guy into telling her where the group meets. She calls up Mack to go and meet her there so they can maybe put a stop to the next Watchdog attack and find out more information on the group. Mack leaves a steaming Ruben behind to work on the bike.

When the group arrives at the meet up spot, they look to see if they can grab visual conformation of the group’s leader. Things go south quickly when Ruben arrives to show Mack he finished the bike and apologize for the argument they had before. The Watchdogs hear the commotion outside and Mack and Daisy take out a few of the group members. One of the Watchdogs sees one of his guys thrown 50 feet away and thinks it is Mack with the powers. Mack and Ruben get away, but one of the Watchdogs shoots Fitz with the implosion bomb. Daisy is able to slow the detonation down with a chemical, but it doesn’t disarm the bomb fully. Fitz quickly figures out that liquid nitrogen will neutralize the bomb. The Watchdog is excited anyways because they are now taking action and killing an Inhuman will show the world what they are capable of. The big problem is they think Mack is the Inhuman, not Daisy.

Ruben is understandably pissed off that Mack has been keeping secrets about what he really does and that he protects the “freaks.” Before Mack can really explain to Ruben what he does with SHIELD, some Watchdogs show up. Mack loads up his dad’s old shotgun and keeps Ruben close behind him as the two of them make their way thru the house to the back door where they can run into the woods for safety. Before they are fully clear, one of the Watchdogs shoots Mack in the arm and nearly kills Ruben before Mack gets his hands on a meat cleaver and takes the guy out. Afterwards, he tapes the cleaver to his shotgun (Shotgun Axe prototype!!!) and mows down the rest of the guys there.

Coulson works another angle after finding out the bomb used to implode the ATCU was former Stark tech. The man who was obsessed with developing the tech was former SHIELD Agent Felix Blake (remember the guy who had his back broken by Deathlok back in season one before the events of Winter Soldier? That guy). Deciding he wants to see if Lincoln is fit to be an agent for himself, Coulson takes him along for the ride as the two go searching for Blake’s safe houses. Lincoln’s assessment states what I have been saying from the beginning. Lincoln is only there because of Daisy, his addiction issues extend beyond alcohol, and he doesn’t do well with a team or authority aspect. Coulson wants to see if Lincoln can be taught how to follow orders.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

When the two men arrive at one of Blake’s safe houses, they find him in the basement giving orders over the computer to a Watchdog group. Blake and Coulson banter about what is right and wrong with the Inhumans and SHIELD. Coulson orders Lincoln to kill Blake and after some hesitation, Lincoln goes for a wounding shot. It doesn’t matter because Blake is a hologram and Coulson had already figured it out. He just wanted to see if Lincoln would protest or just go for it. Back at headquarters, Daisy and Coulson were able to find footage of the ATCU building not long before the explosion and see a van belonging to Hydra driving away.

The real Blake is in a wheelchair and working with the Watchdogs to kill the Inhumans, but he is also working with Gideon Malick. Malick wants Blake to kill the “freaks” with a missile that was stolen from the ATCU building.

Questions, Thoughts, and Theories:

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

I love the name Alfie. I hope Mack gets called that a lot in the future.

And thank you to the show for creating the Shotgun Axe prototype. Please let Mack create a better one in the future.

Daisy’s moment with Ruben after Mack is rushed to a SHIELD hospital was sweet. She may always want Mack to watch her back, but she really needs to learn to put aside her own personal stuff and watch his as well. Hopefully this lesson will stick after Mack and Ruben were nearly killed.

I didn’t forget about Jemma and May. I like seeing the two of them team up to find Andrew/Lash. Jemma tells May about the vaccine she and Fitz have been working on and May continues to break my heart when she asked Jemma to not give her hope that Andrew could become his old self again. She knows that they only way to stop Lash is to kill him.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Jemma deciding to start learning how to shoot is pretty awesome. I would like to see more of her training with May and Daisy to learn how to at least defend herself when she is sent into the field.

Did the episode feel a little too real to anyone else after the recent attacks on Brussels and Pakistan with the debate over rights of sympathizers and extremists taking action over those they perceive to be threats?

I kinda wish there would have been more of a name drop for the Watchdog group before this episode so it would have felt a bit more linear with the storyline and not something out of the blue to push the plot along.

What did you think of last night’s episode of Agents of SHIELD? Were you thrilled to see the Shotgun Axe come to life? Did you enjoy hearing more about Mack and his life outside of SHIELD? Let me know in the comments section below.

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