Daredevil Season 2 Recap – “A Cold Day in Hell’s Kitchen”

Beware the Spoilers

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment and Netflix

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment and Netflix

A lot of what happened in the final episode felt like inevitability. The great part is that the journey to the end was so fantastic it didn’t matter that we all saw Elektra’s death (and subsequent rising), Matt revealing himself as Daredevil to Karen, even the end of Nelson and Murdock coming from the beginning. We all new in season one that Matt would be in the red suit by the end and there was going to be the big confrontation with Fisk, but the trip there was not nearly as great because there was a lot of stretching and confrontations along the way stinging it out. Season two didn’t draw out what was coming. They did take their time getting there, but they used that time to flesh out the people, their relationships, and the many layers behind what it means to be a hero.

Pushing Elektra not to buy into fate and what people telling her what she is supposed to be could have been a typical sermon one hero gives to another, but coming from Matt it felt honest. He constantly had to fight Foggy, Stick, and Elektra trying to define or control him. Matt’s final confession to Elektra telling her he is free with her and wants to run with her was truly poignant. If you know anything about the Daredevil comics, you know Elektra dying plays a big role in Daredevil’s overall story. Her coming back to life is not, but it does happen. When we got to Elektra’s death, we were moved by it, by her sacrifice.

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment and Netflix

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment and Netflix

There was one shocking moment. Daredevil killed Nobu by throwing him off the building. Did Matt know he was going to come back to life? I don’t think he did. In his moment of grief and rage, I think he let the man fall and hoped he would stay down. Stick getting the final kill on Nobu was gratifying because it meant Matt didn’t officially break the rule.

The Punisher arch was perfectly done. Frank going home for the first time since his family’s death then blowing it to pieces helped to bring his origins full circle. Now there is the mystery of Micro. Getting the assist in helping Red defeat Nobu was very satisfying. Wearing the skull and tactical gear and everything!

Foggy will be crossing over into Jessica Jones as he takes a job at Hogarth and Chao and Benowitz. The DA opened the door to prosecuting vigilantes and even though Reyes is dead, there is still a chance the next DA will follow in her footsteps. Foggy is the right man for the job because he is already invested in keeping Daredevil out of prison if he is ever caught.

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment and Netflix

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment and Netflix

Revealing he is Daredevil to Karen is Matt’s way of saying he is ready to be free with her. I don’t know how the relationship will play out in the future and there are many ways it could go. Karen could do as Foggy did and flip out, accept it, then let it be the driving wedge in their lives. She could embrace it and help him with her super sleuthing skills. She could do a complete 180 on her stance of vigilantes and do everything she can to bring him down. Who knows, but I am anxious to find out.

Overall season two was great television. What did you think of “A Cold Day in Hell’s Kitchen”? Were you satisfied with how it ended? Do you think The Punisher will get his own series or stick around for season three? How do you think Karen will handle Matt’s other side? Let me know what you think in the comments section below, no need for the spoiler embargo at this point. Check out all the episodes for Daredevil here.

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