Quantico – Kirk Cheated, Why Can’t the NATs?

The NATs learn about unwinnable situations while in training as Hannah and Alex work to foil The Voices’ plan in the current timeline.

Spoilers for “Clue”


It was Cornel Mustard in the Library with the Lead Pipe.  Oh…wait…different Clue.

At Quantico, Liam is worried about how the NATs are dealing with last week’s failed attack on the FBI base.  Everyone is a little too cool about it.  Alex tries to get Drew talking about how he feels after taking a life, but he is fine with it and has developed a creepy bromance with Brandon.  Also Drew and Alex start trading sexy looks.  Shelby is dealing with the knowledge her parents are still alive by engaging in inappropriate sex with Caleb in situations where they can get caught.  Eventually she admits to Alex she feels heartbroken her parents would abandon her like they did and scared she did something to cause them to do it.  Alex encourages her to find out why they left.  Nimah wants Raina to tell the Office of Professional Review Miranda put her up to going undercover and omit the part where Raina insisted Miranda send her there after she already made contact.  Raina doesn’t want to throw Miranda under the bus like that, but if she tells the investigators the truth she will be kicked out of Quantico.  Miranda beats Raina to the punch, tells the investigators she put Raina up to it, and is taking a leave of absence to take care of Charlie.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

For today’s lesson, Liam puts the trainees thru drills on properly arresting suspects.  First things start off easy as the NATs pair up and run down a suspect in a shipping yard scenario.  All of the NATs pass without any issues.  Then things get more intense as the training moves to an airplane setting.  Each team fails repeatedly until Alex and Shelby finally figure out how to take the two suspects down.  Just when they think they passed the test, Liam throws another curveball at them and they fail when it is revealed there is a third suspect with a bomb.  The kobayashi maru, the unwinnable situation.  Where is Kirk with the cheat code when you need him?  The real unwinnable situation will be when Alex finds out Liam invited Ryan to come back and teach at Quantico during Miranda’s absence.

Caleb’s big plan to infiltrate Systemics and save his friend who is still inside hits a big snag when the new head of the religion is someone who knows Caleb.  Will volunteers to be the newest recruit for the mission.  He knows how to mimic real people emotions (the creepy sock drawer photos were about him learning how to understand and read his fellow NATs) and doesn’t know anyone affiliated with Systemics.  Will’s father denied his sister a blood transfusion to live because of religion and he wants to save anyone from a faith that causes the worshiper harm with its beliefs.  Caleb calls Clayton with the good news.

In the present timeline, Hannah is still trying to wrap her head around the conspiracy Alex has managed to pull her and Simon into and is taking the lead on foiling The Voice’s plan or she will go to the director of the FBI in 24 hours.  Claire Haas ups the plan’s timetable by changing her schedule to make a quick stop on the campaign trail to a swing state.  Whatever The Voice has planned will have to happen that day.  The pills Hannah gave Claire have the side effect of raising the takers body temperature and this causes a minor panic in Hannah when Claire nearly faints during a tour of Columbia University campus.  Hannah tackles a student EMT when he came to check on Claire in front of the media taking the focus off Claire’s campaign message and enraging the Senator who demands to Miranda that Hannah be taken off her detail.

When The Voice calls, Hannah answers the phone and tells it she is in charge now.  The Voice interrupts her monologuing by making it known it is watching them in the office and that they need to follow the next set of instructions, or else.  Alex and Hannah are to take an envelope with some kind of microchip in it and place it under a seat at Claire’s town hall meeting.  While scouting the location and putting the envelope in the pickup spot, Hannah confesses to Alex she left Ryan for another woman.  Ryan was a good man about it, but Hannah vowed to always have his back and that is why she was so upset with Alex for breaking his heart.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Alex tries to watch for who comes to pick up the envelope when Ryan comes charging in to find out why Alex place it there, obstructing her view.  Hannah comes in and sends Ryan back stage, but the damage is done and the envelope is gone.  Simon calls just as the town hall meeting starts and tells Alex that the microchip is a device that knocks out the power of an area.  The lights go out as Claire takes the stage and the Secret Service come in to protect her as people start to make their way out of the auditorium.  Hannah thinks the pills used to raise Claire’s body temperature makes her easier to spot in an infrared scope and that is how The Voice plans to kill her.  Alex and Hannah are too far away and have to fight thru the crowd to get to Claire, so Hannah fires her weapon in the air to get the Secret Service to remove Claire from the auditorium quickly.  Her actions get her suspended for a week and Ryan thinks Alex set Hannah up because she was onto Alex over her strange behavior.  He vows to expose whatever Alex is up to because why covertly try to spy on a person and bring them down when you can tell them all about your plan so they know to avoid you at all cost.

The Voice calls Alex to tell her that she has done well and that the plan is almost complete.  Simon finds out thru police reports there was a break in a lab in Columbia that is directly under the auditorium where Claire was supposed to speak.  There is no such thing as coincidences and Alex thinks this is the “first real clue” they have gotten.

Acting Shady

Why is Clayton Haas involved in the rescue of Caleb’s friend in Systemics?  If Ross Edwards was really friends with Caleb, wouldn’t Clayton try to get him out when he rescued Caleb?  And why now is Caleb acting on this?  How much are the Scientology higher ups seething about this storyline?

Who can Alex Trust?

Just dear ol’ Simon.

You know the second Hannah told Alex not to get Ryan involved in all of the craziness it became inevitable that he will find out exactly what is going on and will put himself in the middle of all the extremeness to protect Alex.  I’m thinking next week he will know all and is on Team Alex.

Who is Guilty of What?

As usual Shelby is guilty of getting on my last nerve.  I know she is dealing with her parents abandoning her as a teenager, but it is hard for me to feel sympathy for a character I have come to dislike so much.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Raina is still guilty of hooking up with Simon while she is in training at Quantico and he knew all about the undercover stuff.  She eventually tells Nimah about the continued romance and then calls Simon to tell him she can’t make the trip to see him on her next free weekend.  Poor Simon never can catch a break with Raina.

How much you wanna bet that Caleb is in the car Alex approaches in the promos for next week?  One friend of mine who watches the show with me thinks it will be Ryan, another friend thinks it will be Natalie (we didn’t see a body, so no confirmation of death).

What did you think of last night’s episode of Quantico?  Are you going to miss Hannah and her long speeches?  What do you think Clayton and Caleb are really up to with Systemics?  What do you think next week’s shocking twist will be?  I bet it is going to be Alex has a bad hair day.  Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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