A Random Banana: Serial Season 2

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Subway Passenger: I couldn’t help but notice your jersey.

UbeApe: (removes ear-buds) Excuse me?

SP: Were you there tonight?

UA: I never miss a Stars game. Even in the dark days of no ownership and no playoff hopes, I was there.

SP: That’s impressive. True fan loyalty is scarce around these parts. It’s hard not to jump on the bandwagon though; they’re an exciting team to watch.

UA: With some of the best players. Benn got his 40th goal of the season tonight, without the help of his usual wingman Seguin.

SP: You think we’ll go far in the playoffs this year? A Stanley Cup even?

UA: Nill has increased our chances tenfold. If it doesn’t happen this year, it will eventually. We’re poised to be a contender into the foreseeable future. As long as we have Nill, we have a chance.

SP: I didn’t mean to interrupt what you were listening to.

UA: It was over. Just listening to the credits. Second season of Serial came to a close today.

SP: I heard that was good. I keep meaning to go back and listen to season 1. So is this season as good as the first?

UA: Better in some regards. Perhaps not as intriguing from a mystery whodunit standpoint, but just as eye-opening to the forces at work in society, and the unreliable foundations they’re built upon.

SP: That’s a profound generalization if I ever heard one.

UA: Well, to be specific, season 1 pondered the legal system, and the persistence of memory and perception versus reality and historical fact. This season spotlights the military, and the moral question of action and intent versus consequence and righteousness.

SP: I think my brain just melted. Isn’t this season about the Taliban defector guy?

UA: Talk about profound generalizations. I think you just proved Sarah’s point without knowing it. You should definitely give it a listen. Sergeant Bergdahl’s story is complicated enough, but everything surrounding his situation is a fascinating quagmire of spiraling dilemmas and contradictions that seem endless. Everyone involved has a different point of view based on their own set of standards and facts, all equally legitimate and viable, yet very different from one another. It’s a maelstrom of situations with Bergdahl at the eye.

SP: You mentioned a Sarah?

UA: Sarah Koenig. She’s the mastermind behind Serial that narrates it. There’s a whole team behind the scenes, but it’s her baby. She’s takes a lot of flak in the press but I think she’s pretty good.

SP: Oh, she’s from This American Life. Yeah she’s good.

UA: Right. I haven’t had time to check that one out yet. Too many commitments…

SP: You and me both. But I’ll definitely make time to check out Season 1 and 2. I’m intrigued now. Any word on what Season 3 will be about?

UA: No, but I expect it will be equally compelling and unique. I suppose the best compliment I can give is that even though the stories in both seasons are ultimately unresolved, I didn’t come away unsatisfied. That’s a rarity. The only other time I can think of that happening is No Country for Old Men. Anyway, it’s looking like every season will exciting, you just don’t know exactly what you’re going to get.

SP: (gestures to jersey) Kinda like your Dallas Stars. He’s the goalie right?

UA: (shakes his head) A different Lehtinen from a different era. But our goalie situation is pretty awesome. I highly recommend taking in a game.

SP: Maybe I’ll make time for that next season as well. From what I hear it looks to be another exciting ride.

UA: Unless for some reason we don’t make the playoffs.

SP: Sounds to me like the chances of that are nil…

UA: Roar.

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