Agents of SHIELD – The Future is Set

It is a terrifying idea that we can never change the future. What is set to happen will happen no matter what we do to try and alter it. Daisy and the rest of SHIELD found that out the hard way.

Spoilers for “Spacetime”


Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

When the Inhuman Charles touches a person, they see the death of someone (most likely their own). That is what happened to a grocery store owner after he accidentally touched Charles and called 911 because Hydra is coming and he needs to talk to Daisy Johnson. Daisy and the rest of the SHIELD team go to talk to the grocer to find out how he knew her name and he tells her about the visions just as Hydra comes in to swoop up Charles. Just before he is shot to death, he tells Daisy “this is how I die.”

Daisy tries to get to Charles before Hydra drops the net on him, but she is only able to touch him before he is pulled up. Daisy has visions that include her fighting a group of men just before one of them trips an alarm, Coulson shooting at her, Lincoln’s face covered in blood, Charles on a roof surrounded by Hydra, and Charles telling her he “thought she could help.” When Daisy tries to explain what she saw to the others, Fitz explains the workings of Space-time. The future is a fourth dimension and time is an illusion we created to process it. The line is set and as we go thru, we follow the path it creates. “There’s no future. There’s no past. It just…it just is and nothing you can do will change that,” explains Fitz. “You’re making my brain hurt.” Me too May, me too.

Coulson is not sure he understands what Fitz is telling him, but he feels he has to try and rescue Charles from Hydra. To try and change the outcome he wants to keep Daisy from leaving the base and have May go in her place. May is the one person who doesn’t show up in the visions and has the skills to infiltrate the building to save Charles. Daisy is not happy with it, but May gets her on board when she convinces Daisy to run the scenario of fighting the guards before they can get to the alarm with her until they get it right. In the meantime, Fitz has an algorithm looking for the building Daisy described and all the computers, save the ones that are looking for Andrew.

As the group is reading to go, Andrew turns up to give himself to SHIELD. He feels Lash is about to fully take over and he wants to say goodbye to May before he goes. Daisy is back on the mission to infiltrate the building, but this time Coulson, Lincoln, Fitz, and Jemma will stay behind. When Fitz taps into the feed of the building’s security cameras, the group gets a glimpse of Ward and realizes the creature that took over Will made its way to Ward’s body and they need to warn Daisy.

Image Courtesy of ABC and

Image Courtesy of ABC and

Andrew is given an IV of Jemma’s vaccine in the hopes that it will work since he is not fully Lash yet. He and May talk about how Andrew becoming Lash transformed him completely. He feels some of Lash in him when he is Andrew, but Lash feels a little of Andrew in him which is why May was able to talk him down once. Andrew came to SHIELD because he is afraid that when he transforms into Lash for the last time, Andrew will disappear completely. But overall, Andrew can’t help but feel as if he is serving a higher purpose in his role as Lash even though he knows killing Inhumans is wrong. In the end, the vaccine didn’t work and Andrew transformed into Lash one last time.

The building SHIELD was trying to find belongs to a company that manufactured the nerve technology in Coulson’s arm. Hive brings Malick, Charles, and Giyera to the company to buy it out. At first the CEO is having none of it, but after Charles shows him a glimpse of Hive disintegrating the other people in the room, he signs the company to Malick. Then Hive disintegrates everyone but the former CEO. Giyera brings in a set of mechanical arms that are similar to the technology used in Coulson’s arm. Hive wants Malick to kill the former CEO with the mechanical arms and feel the power of taking someone’s life. Malick does it with glee and starts to understand what it is like to hold someone’s life in their hands.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Daisy makes her way thru the security room in the building and stops all the guards before they can reach the alarm or shoot her. The alarm goes off anyways because she didn’t realize there was a one way window in the room and someone on the other side triggered the alarm. Daisy sees Coulson in the reflection of the window and it looks like he is shooting at her, but he is really shooting at the person on the other side. Coulson tells Daisy about the sort of return of Grant Ward. Daisy heads for the roof to save Charles while Coulson and Lincoln split up to find Ward. Giyera smashes Lincoln over the head with a fire extinguisher causing his head to gush blood all down his face while Coulson finds the bodies of the people Hive disintegrated. Daisy gets to the roof in time to see Charles, but she is attacked from behind by Malick and his new arms. Just before Malick can deal the crushing blow to Daisy, Charles runs up to him and touches him. Whatever vision Charles showed him was so terrifying, Malick grabs Charles by the throat and tries to crush it. Daisy is able to send a shock wave at Malick and get him to let go of Charles just before he kills him. Charles tells Daisy that he was hoping she would protect his daughter, Robin, from becoming just like him. Daisy promises to do so and pats his hand to comfort him and get the vision we saw in the Spring Premiere of someone dying in a quint jet in space. Charles tells her he is sorry and dies.

Questions, Thoughts, and Theories:

I guess Mack is still in recovery since he was missing from this week’s adventure.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Hive looks very Neo like in his new duds.

When Malick tells Hive that he was hoping the two of them can work together to “take over the world,” I had to suppress and eye roll. Thankfully Hive clarified that Malick is actually seeking power because Malick already kind of rules the world with all the money and influence he has.

“I never saw the original Terminator.” “You’re off the team.”

Why do the writers keep torturing us with May and Andrew?

I’m thinking Lash is there to defeat Hive. Lash killed all those Inhumans because the world was not meant to have that many of them around at once because Hive could use them for whatever plan he has. I think we are going to get a Lash/Hive showdown in the finale and hopefully it will be pretty epic.

While he was worried about sending Daisy into the building by herself, Coulson slipped and called her Skye when he told her to come back safe. It is just too sweet and adorable.

Maybe now that she sees how much becoming an Inhuman has hurt several people, Daisy might come around to the idea of the vaccine.

I wonder what Malick saw when Charles touched him. Whatever it was, it had Malick very shaken.

We get to see the real Hive next week!!!!

What did you think of last night’s episode of Agents of SHIELD? Do you think the future is set? What do you think Malick saw in his vision? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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