Quantico – First One to Break the Law Wins!

The NATs learn about human trafficking and how to cross the border without passports while in the present, Alex and Simon try to figure out The Voice’s plan for a CIA asset who is all too familiar to Alex.

Spoilers for “Care”


Human trafficking is one of the fastest growing illegal activity in the US right now (or so says Quantico) and to learn about how criminals are transporting people across the borders, the NATs must first figure out how to cross the Canadian border into the US without their IDs or their passport. Everyone is teamed up into pairs and the first pair to make it to the safe house in Vermont gets first choice in their assignment after graduation.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Drew and Alex team up and trek over the border the old fashion way, on foot and thru the woods. The two of them give into their feelings for one another and sleep together and none of us really care because it feels like a shoehorned in romantic storyline. Will and Iris strip down to their birthday suits to try and get hit with indecency charges and deported back (it doesn’t work). Raina and Nimah use their sneaky twin skills to get across the border with Nimah’s passport to prove the twin’s mission is something valuable to the FBI.

Since her parents can’t come into the US, Shelby’s parents arrange to meet with her at the airport hotel in Canada to explain why they faked their deaths in the 9/11 attacks. The Wyatt parents unknowingly sold software to Al Quada that aided in the plan to attack the US. When the attacks happened, the couple forged one of the doomed plane’s manifest to make it look as if they were on board and the two have been living on the run ever since. They didn’t bring Shelby with them because they didn’t want her to live on the lamb and didn’t contact her and risk getting caught and prosecuted as traitors.

Shelby was able to get answers from her parents, but they were really there to con money out of her. Caleb gets suspicious after trying to talk to daddy Wyatt about their finances. Caleb eavesdrops on their conversation as to how they are going to con their daughter into giving them what they need. Caleb confronts and offers them $5 million to walk away and never get in contact with Shelby again. The couple agrees and runs off with the money. Caleb covers for them and tells Shelby they had to leave due to a security scare and will contact her again soon.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

In the present time Simon and Ryan share a drink at a bar so Simon can bug Ryan’s phone. He tells Ryan that Alex is still digging for information and is looking for a certain CIA asset to question about the bombings. Ryan goes to Liam, who is visiting the New York office to promote Ryan to the head of the JTTF after Hannah’s suspension, and tells him about the asset Alex is seeking out. Liam puts Ryan in contact with his guy at “The Company” and sets up a meet with the asset at a remote safe house.

Alex and Simon listen in on the entire conversation and make a plan to get to the safe house first. The Voice wants whoever this asset is and the two of them are hoping to question the person before The Voice calls with the coordinates to drop the person off at. Things get more interesting when Alex and Simon find that the asset is Dr. Will!

Will cracked the NSA encryption software for the military codes because he felt by doing so he was preventing World War III. The CIA has been holding him captive for the last several months and he doesn’t look good. Alex and Simon bust Will out of the safe house and take him to Alex’s apartment (which is the first place I would look for my asset if I were the CIA) and explain everything that has been happening. While held captive by the CIA, Will never knew about the bombings or the hearings after. No one can see what Will and whatever was stolen from the Columbia labs have in common before The Voice texts Alex the coordinates for the drop off point. Alex begs Will to run, but Will volunteers to go and be her “personal Trojan Horse” for The Voice’s plan. As Will is getting into the car, The Voice calls and tells Alex she is done, but Simon is to join Will. Simon tells Alex that it will be okay and that he “has come back from the dead before.” When Alex hands the phone to the driver as The Voice instructs, the window rolls down and reveals Shelby is behind the wheel. Didn’t see that coming.

Acting Shady

I hesitate to put Shelby on the list just because she is driving the car. Because of the lack of information, I have to for now. I don’t think she is behind what is going on. I think she is being used or blackmailed like Alex is (or was since she turned her only means of communication over). Next week Alex goes to Claire Haas for help and I’m willing to bet Caleb is somehow involved with everything.

Who can Alex Trust?

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Dr. Will is now on Team Alex. Now that he is in the hands of the terrorists, I don’t know how much good he really can be.

Who is Guilty of What?

Can Alex stop sleeping with any guy that gives her a friendly glance? I get it, the show is supposed to be sexy, but why does there need to be a new guy in the mix. Things were a lot sexier when they were playing up the chemistry between her and Ryan. Next was Liam, now it is Drew and it isn’t as sexy with those two. And it seems like her activities with Liam are going to be getting her in trouble next week.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

As much as I dislike Shelby, I really feel for her after what her parents attempted to pull. And you know they are not going to go quietly into that good night. I’m willing to bet the parents of the year are going to be back next week to squeeze more money out of Shelby.

I know Dr. Will explained in last week’s episode about what happened to his sister because of his family’s beliefs, but he seems to be willing to go to extremes to help Caleb in infiltrating Systemics. Now that Caleb gave the $5 million to Shelby’s parents to go away, Will is willing to front the cash to fast track thru “The Path” to enlightenment. In the present time, he is willing to give up his life to help Alex. Does Dr. Will have a big time savior complex, or what?

What did you think of last night’s episode of Quantico? Do feel for Shelby after learning what horrible parents she has? Do you think Shelby is a part of The Voice’s plan or another victim of it? What do you think The Voice wants with Dr. Will? Let me know in the comments section below. I will be a couple of days late in next week’s recap because I will be at Coachella this weekend and will need a little bit of recovery time afterwards.

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