Marvel Takeover of Jimmy Kimmel (Wednesday Night with Team Iron Man)

All this week Jimmy Kimmel Live will have various MCU characters coming in and working the promotional machine. Even though I am not a fan of the late night host, I’m definitely doing my happy dance because it is the MCU.

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Last night welcomed Team Iron Man Robert Downey Jr, Don Cheedal, Paul Betney, and (curious) Emily VanCamp.

RDJ was (as always) a delightful interview talking about watching Spider-Man growing up and being a part of a series of this magnitude.

Just before the rest of the Team Iron Man comes out we get a clip of Tony Stark, Sharron Carter, and Natasha Romanoff taking on the Winter Soldier in a fight which looks very amazing. It is interesting that Emily VanCamp is introduced with Team Iron Man when it has been shown in promotional material that she is on Team Cap.

Back to School is one of my favorite movies from the 80’s. Just thought I would throw that out there.

Tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live will feature Chris Hemsworth who will be talking Thor: Ragnarok and possibly Ghostbusters.

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