Coachella Day One Highlights

Day one for the festival is just as much about getting your bearings as it is about the music. UberApe and I are not newbies by any standard for the festival circuit, but each time you go you have to remember each festival’s etiquette. Know who you are riding with, have numbers, and an established meeting place for the end of the night.


As for the performances, the headliners were great. That is why they have earned headliner status. But I’ll let other bloggers go on and on about Ellie Goulding, Jack U, and LCD Soundsystem. For me the big highlights were The Kills, Underworld, and Volbeat.

The Kills Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince owned the stage, Alison especially. She is a true rock star throwing her self into the music. The duo skipped couple of their big hits (no “DNA” or “Future Starts Slow”), but still rock big fan favorites like ” UR A Fever” and “Sour Cherry.”


Underworld my have had the best performance of any group that day. The electronica duo came out and out did any of the DJs spinning today, covering all their big hits. The crowd was into it, not a still body in the tent. Karl Hyde’s dance moves were epic.


Volbeat had the midnight slot during LCD Soundsystem and everyone rocking out with the Danish metal band didn’t miss the goings on at the main stage. The moshpit raging in the corner was glorious in it brutality. The group cover many of their hits, but finished with my favorite “Still Counting.” Perfect way to cap off day one.


Day two sees the Guns N’ Roses reunion. Let’s see if the once top of the world rock group will be spectacular or a spectacular train wreck.

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