Dancing with the Stars Recap – Switching-Up Spells Disaster for Competitors

It is Switch-Up week, which is just the producers way of creating chaos and drama in the middle of what could be a repetitive rut. I do have to say in the opening number Wanya, Nyle, Jodi, and Paige looked super comfortable dancing in a huge group composed of several pros. In the past, switching partners has led to some breakthrough performances from the stars. This week not so much as most of the competitors took a giant step back. Of course one of the stars walked away with the season’s first 10 so it was not all bad. Let’s take a look at each couple starting with the lowest scores:

Antonio and Karina (ChaCha) – Sharna forgot to warn Karina of Antonio’s constant tardiness to rehearsals and that definitely created some issues in this week’s dance. I don’t know if it was to compensate for his way too laissez-faire attitude or his busy schedule, but the dance Karina choreographed had very little content to it. I think if she would have pushed him more, Antonio might have had a better night. It was like she didn’t want to have to be too confrontational with him so she made things way too simple. Score: 26/40

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Doug and Peta (Tango) – Remembering the steps is an issue for Doug (did you notice he was quick to blame his age and not the football related concussions for his bad memory?), but he continues his improvement in this week’s dance. There were some points where he looked awkward, but he also had moments where he was very confident in what he was doing and the football hall of famer shined. There was so much content in his dance and now I’m wondering it Karina is phoning it in this season. Score: 28/40

Kim and Keo (Viennese Waltz) – There was a lot of debate from Len and Keo about a proper hold, but frankly I thought the dance was spectacular. Kim was really able to show off her gracefulness. The chemistry with Keo was romantic and not sexy, but that made the dance more impressive. Sexy can be easy, but real beauty and romance are hard. She should have received better scores. Score: 28/40

Von and Lindsay (Jive) – Who would have thought a countrified jive would look so good! Even with the slight stutter step in the beginning, the dance was absolutely amazing. The judges are being too hard on the man and I don’t really get why. Score: 29/40

Wanya and Witney (Tango) – When you have two overly ambitious competitors things can go a little south and that is what happened to this couple. The routine was great, but there was too much going on and it was a little frantic for me. Wanya still had his wonderfully infectious attitude, but the easy chemistry he and Lindsay have was not present with Witney. Score: 30/40

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Paige and Sasha (Rumba) – Paige is not someone who is quick to trust. She claims she still has a hard time fully giving into her regular partner, Mark, so things were much more difficult this week when she had Sasha and a very romantic dance. She was beautiful and graceful as always, but there was that emotional element lacking that really could have made the routine pop. I think the rumba would have been better with Mark because she would have been a little more trusting of him than someone still so new to her. Score: 31/40

Ginger and Mark (Salsa) – Easily adaptable Ginger stepped into dancing with Mark with ease keeping up with the pro in a really difficult routine. She also went from the sweetly delightful Belle in Disney week to a fiery clubber in this week’s dance. She shimmied like she was born into it, but the hips don’t know how to lie as she could have worked on that shake a bit. Some people know how to move those hips, some can’t. Score: 32/40 (How freaking hilarious was Ginger’s husband when he called Val a Russian Love Slave? I want to be besties with Ginger and her hubby, they seem like they are a lot of fun to spend time with.)

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Jodi and Val (Pasodoble) – How freaking loveable is Val? He learned English from watching Full House and had a big crush on Stephanie Tanner. I thought Jodi and Keo had some great chemistry, but that was nothing compared to the sparks she and Val produced. That was a truly amazing dance the actress needed to have after last week’s let down. Score: 35/40

Nyle and Sharna (Viennese Waltz) – Sharna kinda stepped into a bear trap when she assumed Nyle’s past relationship was with a man. It was actually really adorable, but that dance was nothing short of breath-taking. I teared up after watching. It was as if they took us on that beautiful journey with them. Apparently there was a mix up and the scores. The judges write down what they want to give to the couple immediately after the dance and that is the score that counts. When Len, Maks, and Bruno held up their 10 paddles, only Len’s counted. It doesn’t matter because I called it. Nyle was the first to get 10s this season. Score: 37/40

Since it was switch-up week, there was no elimination tonight. Next week is back to normal as the score and votes for this week are added to that week’s tally and someone will get the boot. Who do you think will be dancing their last dance on Monday? My money is on Antonio and Sharna. He is not taking the competition too seriously and it is showing. Fans don’t like it when the stars are not as into it as they are.

What did you think of Monday’s Dancing with the Stars? Let me know in the comments section below.

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