Quantico – Narrowing down the field of Suspects

With only a few episodes left (and the producers promising a reveal as to who the terrorist is by the season finale), the suspect list needs to be narrowed down a bit and we may have a prime candidate.

Spoilers for “Soon”

Quickie Recap:

While in training at Quantico, the NATs have to go deep into their history for their security clearances. Despite having been in a cult, Caleb manages to get past the initial screening (I wonder why). Shelby, Iris, and Drew are flagged for various reasons and the board has to rule on if those problems will become an issue in the FBI. Everyone but Iris gets the all clear in the end.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Iris is none too thrilled about Caleb using Will for whatever they have going on in Systemics. Will attempts to explain that he is helping Caleb, but not the exact reasons why. Iris, thinking she is protecting Will, calls the Systemics headquarters and reveals Will is a FBI agent sent to spy on them not realizing he was on his way there for the intake questioning. Iris tells Caleb what she did and he tells Iris about their effort to rescue someone from the inside. Caleb rushes to the headquarters and attempts to salvage his mission by telling the cult leader he was trying to join back up because he never wanted to leave in the first place. Caleb also threw Will under the bus by saying Will was sent by the FBI. To test his loyalty, the cult members had Caleb beat Will with a lead pipe. Shelby (who learned the whole story from Iris) showed up just in time to see Caleb dragged back into the cult’s headquarters after beating on Will.

In the current timeline, Alex is trying to find Shelby, Will, and Simon by looking into the car Shelby was driving. It was rented under the name Mark Raymond and after a Google search, Caleb’s fake Facebook profile came up. Knowing she cannot gain access to Senator Claire Haas’ security detail (which would have Caleb’s whereabouts on it), Alex calls Raina to get her to assume her sister’s identity and find the info. Unfortunately for Alex, Nimah and Ryan were spying on her computer and saw that she was looking into Caleb. Ryan calls the Senator and gives her heads up (without naming names) someone was looking into her family. The Secret Service has no detail information on Caleb because he is supposedly undercover and his location is not to be known. Raina, posing as Nimah, calls the Senator to “warn her” Alex knows where Caleb is and is on her way to him now. Ryan spots the twin ruse after getting a message from the real Nimah just as Raina was walking out of his office. Ryan and Nimah try to get Raina on their side and spy on Alex for them, but Raina is too loyal and refuses.

Tired of her conspiracy mongering, Claire drives Alex to see Caleb and prove that he is no terrorist mastermind. Things have not been good for Caleb since the death of Clayton in the bank bombing. He has turned to heroin use to deal with seeing his father crushed by the falling building just moments after the man pulled Caleb from the rubble. Fearing he is a liability, Claire has been keeping her son locked away in their family home and supplying him with the drug to keep him from killing himself. She justifies her actions by reasoning she can ween him off the smack by giving him less and less of it each week and keeping his struggles out of the tabloids which would hound him if Claire was to check Caleb into rehab.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Alex begs Caleb to leave with her and help her find Shelby, Will, and Simon or at least get to help for his addiction. Caleb perks up at Shelby’s name and tells Alex that he will never speak to his former love again. After Claire unceremoniously throws Alex out of their house, Caleb sneaks out and tells Alex that he will help her. While looking for the bag he threw out of his window, Caleb calls someone and says that “she fell for it” and that they are “on their way now.”

Acting Shady

Who do you think Caleb called? Shelby? Claire? Ryan? Miranda? Will? Clayton? (We never saw a body) My best guess it Ryan because he gave the Haas’ a heads up that Alex was looking into Caleb and Ryan asked Caleb to play along to find out what she is up to. I’m also thinking the heroin addiction might be pretty real, but with this show you never know.

Who can Alex Trust?

Raina may be more of a martyr than Will when it comes to extreme loyalty. She refuses to play spy for Ryan and Nimah and tells them to “do what you have to do” but she will never “turn [her] back on a friend in need” not even to save herself. Do you think Ryan and Nimah will start to believe Alex might be onto something since she keeps recruiting people to her cause?

Just when I find Drew seriously annoying, he goes and says something that makes me like him again. He pushed Alex away (again) because he thinks she fought for his security clearance not because she believes in him, but she wanted to best Ryan (he is not wrong). Drew might have been a good ally in the FBI for Alex in the current timeline, but I don’t think he will make it thru Quantico because it looks as if he is showing signs of a CTE. Obviously his hands are shaking now, but it would also explain why he seems to do several 180s in his attitude. He could still pop up, just not as an agent.

Who is Guilty of What?

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Maybe I was not wrong in thinking Miranda is the terrorist. She attempted to get Liam fired for sleeping with Alex because she presumes he is the reason why she was voted out of her position in Quantico. Clayton dismissed her recording of Liam’s confession to the affair and Miranda guesses Liam and Clayton protect one another. Miranda goes to Alex and tells her “the day you arrived I knew you were special” (sound familiar?). Her whole talk with Alex makes me think she set Alex up so she would expose several men in the FBI as incompetent when she alone discovers the whole plot.

Claire is the worst mother ever, right? I hope we can all agree on that.

What did you think of Sunday night’s episode of Quantico? Do you think Miranda’s talk with Alex was a confession to her future actions? What do you think Caleb is up to? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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