Agents of SHIELD – Infestation

As fun as it was to see more of what the Secret Warriors could do, this episode gave us something even more exciting, an amazing twist I hope plays out over the rest of season three.

Spoilers for “The Team”

Quickie Recap:

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

After a quick pickup of Joey and Elena (or Yo-Yo if your Mack), the Secret Warriors make quick work of rescuing SHIELD and taking Gideon Malick in. During the rescue Joey, on instinct, kills Lucio to protect Lincoln and then realizes what he has done. Hive is unconcerned with losing the mobile SHIELD base because now he has someone on the inside to get what it is that he needs.

During interrogation, Malick quickly reveals to Coulson that Hive is able to get into the minds of other Inhumans and make them true believers. Coulson doesn’t want to believe him, but when Fitz and Jemma open up the skull of Lucio they can see signs of an infection. To try and keep things contained, Coulson has SHIELD placed on lockdown while he has Mack monitor all four Inhumans to see if they are acting suspiciously.

Things ramp up to a panic when the power to SHIELD goes out. While looking for a place to lay low and stay out of the action, Jemma and Fitz find Malick dead in the interrogation room with a bomb nearby. Jemma and Fitz are injured by the blast, but otherwise okay. Lincoln, Daisy, Joey, and Elena start to demand answers from Coulson as what is going on and he tells them about Hive’s ability to control Inhumans. Joey locks the four of them in the conference room to get away from the other agents and plan an escape route for them.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

To keep things from getting out of control, Daisy leads the other Inhumans down the tunnel system beneath the base under the guise of escaping SHIELD. Really she leads them down to the containment units so Coulson can corner Lincoln who he thinks is the infected person. While searching the lockers, Mack found the mysterious orb in Lincoln’s backpack. Lincoln tries to convince everyone he is not the infected person and attempts to escape, but Daisy knocks him out.

While still in quarantine and waiting to see what test results show, Daisy uses her knowledge of the containment units to break out and see Lincoln. She tries to convince him to walk away with her and he immediately knows that Daisy is really the person that was infected. She tells him that empty feeling the two of them have always felt has gone away now that she is connected with Hive. Lincoln doesn’t believe her and chooses to stay. As Daisy is leaving SHIELD, she steals the Orb, the Terrigen crystals, and brings the building down on everyone.

Questions, Thoughts, and Theories:

This may have been the best episode of the season. We already knew from the promos that there was going to be a bit of paranoia about who Hive has infected, but they writers took things to a whole new level of awesome when they revealed it was Daisy. I know it was an easy twist to see coming from a mile away, but I’m just glad that they went there. Things ended on a real bummer of a note, but I’m so thrilled to see what the fallout from Daisy’s betrayal would be.

Joey, devastated by taking a life, has stated that he never wants to return after he is cleared by Jemma, but I’m wondering if he will stay and fight after realizing Daisy has been infected by Hive. I hope both he and Elena stay. I enjoy the new bit of life the two of them bring the show and they have a really cute bond. They would be a lot like Jemma, Fitz, and Skye were in the beginning, but better.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

My only disappointment about the gathering of the Secret Warriors is that the rescue was over with quickly. I would have liked more time to see them as a team before they were disbanded. I also would have liked to see the team with a couple of non-Inhumans with badass abilities on board like Deathlok or Carl Creel.

FITZ AND JEMMA KISSED!!! I had to pause and do my happy dance after it happened.

What did you think of Tuesday’s episode of Agents of SHIELD? Are you excited to for the last few episodes? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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