Independence Day: Resurgence Trailer – “They like to get the Landmarks”

The newest IDR trailer dropped (at two in the morning of all times) giving us more of a look at the destruction and see some of the heroes in action. Take a look after the jump:

The global destruction featured throughout the trailer would have been impressive if it weren’t for the fact that we have seen it so many times in movies over the last 20 years since Independence Day. More than a few times from Roland Emmerich himself. At least the trailer acknowledged the absurdity of it. But overall the action does seem pretty exciting along with the new weapons and jets developed from the alien tech.

My big worry is the fun from the original Independence Day will be lost in the gritty looking sequel. A big part of the success of ID4 was the humor from all of the characters sprinkled throughout the action sequences. There were some gravity moments when the survivors of the initial destruction got a look at the decimated city or when a character we liked was killed off, but we laughed when Will Smith or Judd Hirsch made a funny quip or Jeff Goldblum was doing his Goldblum thing. We cheered when a character did something amazing because we loved the cast of delightful misfits. I don’t know if we will even have a chance to get to know the newer additions to the sequel or care about them by the time the action and destruction gets underway.

Independence Day: Resurgence hits theaters June 24.

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