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Last night’s Quantico bid farewell to another NAT and left us wondering about the fate of a member of Team Alex.

Spoilers for “Fast”

Quickie Recap:

It is career day for the NATs at Quantico. Our favorite class is three weeks from graduating and it is time for them to pick what their specialty in the FBI will be. Representatives from each branch is available to talk with the NATs, but also to see which NATs they would like to see working for them.

No shocker, Alex has several departments interested in having her join the team, but strangely enough Drew has more than a few Heads courting him as well. This is a big problem for Alex, not because she is overly competitive or is angry about his breaking up with her (again). During their rock climbing exercise earlier in the day, Alex noticed Drew’s hand tremors which caused him to lose his grip on his line and nearly fall. Alex talks to the twins about what she should do if she notices someone is ill and not saying anything about it. They give her sound advice to inform someone because it is not only her duty, but lying about being hurt or sick could put other lives in danger.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Either Ryan has a NAT spying on Alex or some rando is super nosy because another NAT overheard Alex’s conversation with the twins and ran to Ryan with the info. He confronts Alex to get her to tell him who is sick. Alex holds her ground for the moment, but she comes to regret that decision later when she is paired with Drew for a training exercise that involves repelling down a building. She tries to talk to Drew about his hand before they jump, but he tells her it is nerves and he is fine. On their way down, his hand loses grip on the rope and he collides with Alex, nearly causing the both of them to fall. The two of them recover and finish the exercise, but Alex is done covering for Drew. She goes to Liam and when he asks Drew to get medical clearance from a doctor, Drew quits the FBI. He already knows he is sick, but he didn’t want to say anything and lose his chance to do something good at the FBI.

Will’s story for the major beating he took is that he was jumped on his morning run. Shelby is angry since she witnessed Caleb beating on him the night before and is wondering why Liam is not pushing the issue. So she goes to the Systemics main intake center armed with a large check to see for herself what in the hell is really going on. Once inside, she sees Caleb and demands answers. Since he is waiting for the Grand Master Poohbah (or whatever he is called) he doesn’t have much time to explain, but he does tell her that he and his father are running an off the book mission to bring the cult down and Will was helping the two of them. Caleb promises to explain everything to her later.

While in the meeting with the head boy, Caleb (wearing his fancy camera glasses) gets the man to confess to the attempted court bombings Caleb nearly took part in. Caleb learns the friend he was hoping to rescue was sent to a reprogramming center, but killed himself while there. Clayton uses the confession to get Systemics to give up its tax exemption status as a church and now they will be bled dry of their money from the IRS and will not have the resources to sue any nay sayers. But the man in charge will not go to prison for possible acts of terrorism in the name of their religion and the FBI will not investigate the how or why Caleb’s friend committed suicide.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

In the present time, Caleb is living in Alex’s apartment and going thru detox (I think). When Alex leaves for work (because leaving an addict alone to deal with detox is totally okay), Caleb calls someone to tell them that he “tried to stop her” from going into work that day. We find out later that someone is Shelby who is at the office to help the FBI update their servers. Alex is of course super suspicious and thinks the update is a part of the The Voice’s master plan. She tells Miranda that Shelby’s parents are still alive and Shelby has been lying over the last 15 years to protect them. Miranda pulls Shelby into an interrogation room so Shelby can face her accuser in private. While Alex and Shelby have a conversation about how Shelby’s parents were killed a few months back while fleeing those who were pursuing them, Shelby is tapping a message to Alex in Morris code. Shelby is on Alex’s side and wants to talk in the stairwell. Miranda breaks up the meeting and lets Alex know that she is disappointed in her for continuing her strange behavior.

The update isn’t a part of The Voice’s master plan, but a part of Shelby’s to find out who it is. The Voice called her and threatened to kill Caleb if she didn’t rent a car under the name Mark Raymond and drive it to where she was told. She didn’t even know she was picking up Will or Simon. After she dropped the two of them off she tried to go back and see who was behind the Voice, but she was too late and the two men were already gone. She ran the calls thru some software and found the voice itself was a mixture of all the NATs voices.

The software upgrade is to help her trace the next call which comes later that evening. The Voice wanted to know why Shelby was at the office and she explained that she had to go do her job or it will look bad for her. “If I find out you screwed with me, I’ll make sure you die first,” The Voice threatens. The call is traced to a church in Harlem where the two women find Will stumbling out claiming he “built it with my own hands. You have to find it, fast.” They ask him what he built and he replies “the nuke,” before blood starts to pour from his nose and he collapses to the ground.

Acting Shady

I’m not entirely sure I trust Caleb and Shelby. If the two of them are working together to bring down whoever The Voice is, why not let Alex know so she doesn’t cause a scene in the FBI headquarters when she sees Shelby.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

What is Clayton’s game? He tells Shelby that Caleb tried to take Systemics down on his own before he stepped in and saved his son’s ass again. Maybe that is true, but he words it in a way that makes Shelby think Caleb was starting to fall under the cult’s spell again. Clayton takes Caleb home for “reprograming” and he offers Shelby a job in his office when she graduates. Was he looking to have Shelby as a side chick when he offered her the position?

Who can Alex Trust?

Natalie’s mother contacts Ryan because she hasn’t spoken to her daughter in about six days (has really been less than a week since Natalie was supposedly killed?). Ryan used his key to take a look in Natalie’s apartment and see that her clothes are still there along with her passport. He goes to look at the security feed from the last day he saw Natalie and sees Alex helped her sneak thru security. Ryan then checks her credit cards and cell records and sees the last day she used both was the same day Alex came to his apartment in hysterics. He and Nimah go to Miranda with the information. This might actually look like a bad thing for Alex because it looks as if she may have killed Natalie, but it also could mean Ryan and Nimah might figure out Alex is right about the conspiracy.

Who is Guilty of What?

The twins are guilty of messing up what is obviously a test while at training. While everyone else is looking in what they could do in the FBI, the twins are introduced to their handler because they were recruited specifically to be in the JTTF. Instead of talking to them about their mission when they graduate, he has the two of them do menial chores. While at his house, Nimah finds drugs and money hidden in his desk and calls Liam. But he left it there as a test to see what they would do. He tells them the two of them will be treated exactly as he treated them when they first become a part of a cell. They will not be immediately brought into the fold, they will be relegated to basic tasks. He also tells them that soon terrorists will not look like the two of them and not to let the FBI sell them short. The twins start to think about where they would really like to work in the FBI, but it is too late as they are introduced to a different handler who quickly dismisses their thoughts on other branches.

What about Brandon?

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

We only see Brandon while everyone is in training and not in the current timeline. He is never brought up by anyone in the present. This could be explained away simply because he went to work in a different branch than the JTTF and so he wouldn’t be brought up. I can’t get this nagging suspicion out of my head about him. He is seen in the training timeline, but he is not a part of any of the side drama. Why have someone be around the action, but not a part of it? I don’t think he is the terrorist as Psycomedian on the Quantico Reddit thread pointed out…

Image from reddit.com courtesty of Quantico Thread

Image from reddit.com courtesty of Quantico Thread

So why are we seeing him more and more with each new episode?  Is he important somehow?

What did you think of last night’s Quantico? Are you sad to see Drew gone? What do you think about Brandon? Let me know in the comments section below.

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