Agents of SHIELD – To the Point of No Return

Last night’s Agents of SHIELD ramped up the stakes with Hive’s plan and had our two favorite scientists crossing the line together.

Spoilers for “The Singularity”


Daisy didn’t destroy the SHIELD base, but she made sure they were going to have a difficult time following her by disabling the hydraulics of the bay door. Nothing a little May flying can’t take care of. Coulson is desperate to find a cure for Hive’s mind control abilities and a broken leg is not going to get in his way. He dispatches Jemma, Fitz, and Mack to Brussels in order to find Dr. Holden Radcliffe (Hello, John Hannah!), the lead scientist who was working on the battling parasites in crops research. He wasn’t killed when Hive destroyed all the research facilities because the mad scientist was experimenting with human modification (think Cybertek, but for fun) and was asked to leave the project a few months before Hive’s arrival.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

While the trio goes to find Dr. Radcliffe, the rest of SHIELD goes to look for Inhumans they think Hive will target next. First on the list is Alisha, the Inhuman that can split into multiple persons. After Lash killed one of her doubles, Coulson placed her in hiding so she could recover from the shock. Only he knows the location, but Daisy has her ways of finding things out. Lincoln wants to be with the team when they go to find her because he is someone Alisha can trust. Coulson will allow him it if he wears a special vest which enables May to make him go boom with a touch of a button if he is taken over by Hive. Neither May nor Lincoln are happy with that caveat. “I’ll do your dirty work, Phil, but don’t you dare pretend your hands are clean,” May grows at him.

The team is too late and Hive has gotten to Alisha. Only her doubles are present, her main body is with Hive. May is taken down and stripped of her gun by one of the doubles, but Lincoln gets a hold of the other. He threatens to torture her if the second double doesn’t give up where Hive and Daisy are. To keep her from talking, the second double shoots the third in Lincoln’s grasp and as she is about to shoot and kill May, Coulson kills the second double. Lincoln is shocked and sickened that Alisha would willingly hurt or kill herself on Hive’s orders. Coulson sidelines him for now, but we all know Lincoln is not going to listen to that for long. He is too desperate to get Daisy back.

While Alisha is busy distracting SHIELD, Hive and Daisy are paying a visit to James, the drunken Inhuman she and Lincoln stole the Kree artifact from. Hive knows there is a second piece to the artifact and has Daisy put James thru Terrigenesis so Hive can control him as well. James literally explodes out of his cocoon and is in a panic over the changes. Hive’s control calms him down and James tells them where the other part of the artifact is buried. When the two pieces are placed together, it becomes the only weapon that can destroy Hive.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Once in Brussels, Jemma and Fitz figure the good doctor is hanging out in a bar that is friendly to those who want to be more than human. Using the same eye technology implanted in Deathlok’s head (minus the explosives), they catch the attention of Dr. Radcliffe. Radcliffe recognizes it Cybertek and wants to know if they are Hydra. Fitz explains they are SHIELD and they need his help to save their friend from a very powerful Inhuman. Radcliffe is pretty excited to learn that Inhumans are real, but before he can join SHIELD or be dragged away by Mack, Ward and Daisy along with the other infected Inhumans arrive to take Dr. Radcliffe away.

Daisy corners Fitz and uses the Force her powers to Vader choke him while explaining that she has a family now and pleads with him to stop trying to save her. She has seen a vision of someone in SHIELD’s death and if they keep coming after her, the vision will come true. Hive corners Jemma and uses Will’s memories to try and convince her none of them want to hurt either her or Fitz as long as they stay away. Hive (as Will) tells Jemma to let him go. Jemma tells him that “Will is dead,” and shoots Hive!

Back at the hotel where the trio is to rendezvous at, Jemma confesses what Hive told her and the budding relationship between her and Fitz to Mack while they wait for Fitz to show up. Mack tells her their relationship is not “new” as she describes it. “You know how many times Bobbi and Hunter pulled the ‘my comms are broken’ trick?” Mack leaves to load the quint jet and Fitz finally gets back to the hotel. The two of them take advantage of the empty room that contains a bed and cross the Event Horizon together!

Questions, Thoughts, and Theories:

FINALLY! Cue the fireworks (or at least I hope there were fireworks wink)! As happy as I am to see Fitzsimmons fully consummated, I was way freaked out thru the whole thing. This is a Whedon run show and when two characters finally get to have sex for the first time after a long time of will they won’t they, something really bad happens to one of them. From the way Daisy talked about her vision, I’m thinking Fitz or Jemma is in that ship when it blows up. I really hope not because they are my favorites on the show and it would be very cruel if the writers killed one of them. They have already been thru enough.

What also bothers me about the whole scene was it looked like Fitz was a long time coming back to the hotel. He claimed he was looking for Jemma, but we know that is a lie because he told her to meet him back there. Where was Fitz the entire time? He was carrying a bag that he didn’t have before. Did he find something in Radcliffe’s lab? If he did, why didn’t he tell Jemma?

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Loved the nerdy sex talk Jemma and Fitz had while waiting for Dr. Radcliffe. They were finishing each other sentences, using science as a way to explain their feelings, and just being super adorable while trying to figure out if having sex is a good idea. Very Fitzsimmonsy.

The best exchange of the night was at the beginning with Mack and May talking about Lincoln handling Daisy’s leaving:
“How’s he holding up?” Mack asks.
“No one comes to me with their feelings.” May quips.
“Yeah, I get that.”
May Death Glare

There is a wonderful moment between Coulson and May about how he sees Daisy as his daughter, I just wished they would have acknowledged that May sees Daisy as her daughter in her own way as well.

How freaking amazing was Coulson’s shield? You can just see him talking to Fitz about its design. It looks just like Caps shield, but with the SHIELD logo instead of the Star. Coulson’s fan boy is showing. The best was this exchange on the Agents of SHIELD subreddit:

Coulson as Cap

Somewhere in the crazy goings on of this episode, the infrastructure of Hydra was destroyed off of the intel Malick gave them. “You mess with a man’s family, all bets are off. I don’t think aliens get that.” Coulson explains (I’m sure he is talking about more than just Malick). It was a quick couple of moments buried in between some fairly big ones. “Just like that,” May says. “Just like that,” Coulson repeats. (Did you notice what he had in his hands as May is coming into his office?) I love that the producers destroyed Hydra like that. It was like they were telling us “yeah, we are tired of that whole storyline too.” I’m sure it will be acknowledged in Civil War, but it will be a minor thing that happens before we get to the main story.

I’m not entirely sure of what Hive’s plans are. I know there is the whole world domination so Inhumans can have their paradise aspect of it, but what about the town Hive purchased and Dr. Radcliffe. The next episode is called “Failed Experiments” and in the promos, it looks as if they are experimenting on the humans who live in the town. Is Hive looking to turn humans into Inhumans? Or are they just various test subjects and Hive is looking to increase Inhumans’ abilities to be as powerful as him?

I like “Blazer” or “Raging Inferno” for James. Are those names already taken up by Marvel or DC?

One last thought… For the love of Thor’s hammer, NO MORE NEEDLES IN PEOPLE’S EYES PLEASE!

What did you think of last night’s episode of Agents of SHIELD? Are you happy/scared for Fitzsimmons? Where do you think Fitz was doing before he came back to the hotel? What do you think James’ new name should be? Let me know in the comments section below.

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