Quantico – (SPOILER) is the Voice, but who is the traitor inside the FBI?

Last night’s episode had the NATs getting a taste of what life will be like when they graduate and we found out who The Voice is, but who else is involved in the terrorist plot.

Spoilers for “Drive”


While training at Quantico, the NATs are sent in groups to various nearby field offices to see what their first year or so will be like after graduation. It is a lot of cold calling and paper work hell, but for Nimah and Raina it is more training on how to pass as the same person and make contact with a handler covertly. They nearly fail when Nimah thinks their guide is their contact, but luckily Raina’s sexual prowess saved them both. The twins later find out they are getting their dream assignment to infiltrate the main terrorist cell that assigned the group to attack Quantico.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Alex, Brandon, and Iris cold call a neighborhood to help in the investigation of a robbery at a Post Office. When Alex finds a lead (who eventually turned out to be the main suspect in the FBI’s investigation of a child porn ring out of that same Post Office), she and the agent in charge of them, Kent, go to interview him. Kent cuts the interview short without explaining to Alex he wanted to see if the man was suspicious the FBI was investigating him, leading her to believe he is mishandling the case. Brandon stakes out the suspect’s house while Alex learns about the child porn investigation. She tries to call Brandon, but he is taken hostage by the pedophile and a group of agents have to rescue him.

During the car ride over to the initial interview, Alex and Kent talk about the blown sting in Chicago that left Ryan’s career in shambles. Ryan apparently left his post the same evening the militia moved out causing Kent to be injured in the subsequent shoot out. Kent thinks Ryan was on the side of the militia and purposely left his post. Ryan would explain later to Alex he left because Liam called and told Ryan to go home, “he knew at the time that things were pretty tough between me and Hannah… He said he’d cover the rest of my shift.” Liam did the Liam thing and drank till he passed out and flaked, leaving Ryan to hold the bag. Ryan took the blame because Liam had always looked out for him and this one last strike would have ended Liam’s career.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Shelby eventually finds out her parents wanted to con her out of money and ran off as soon as they got cash from Caleb. The letters she has been receiving were actually written by Caleb as a way to keep her happy. Shelby breaks up with him (again) stating that she needs someone who will trust that the truth is something she can handle. She then calls Clayton to tell him her parents are still alive and she wants his help to bring them down.

In the present, Alex and Shelby call in a tip to bomb squad about a possible nuclear weapon in the catacombs of the church they found Will in. The bomb squad found nothing, but Will is fighting for his life in the hospital. Shelby finds a John Doe in another hospital matching Simon’s description who is also suffering from radiation poisoning. The two go to investigate and find Drew is the patient and he wants to know if they caught Ryan yet. He received a call from a voice telling him to do various things to help with the initial attack on Grand Central or else they would hurt his sister and her kids. Drew didn’t turn himself in when the first bombing happened because he figured the FBI had a traitor in their midst. He explains he was then told to drive a nuclear fuel core to a warehouse. When he staked the place out, Ryan turned up with a handcuffed Will. Drew gives Alex a flash drive that will help her break into Ryan’s laptop to get proof he is the traitor.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

After some convincing by Shelby, who brought up that we still don’t know who shot Ryan in Alex’s apartment, she and Alex cause a diversion at the FBI office so Alex can use the flash drive. Ryan didn’t fall for the distraction and catches Alex with his laptop. He tries to question her about the whereabouts of Natalie and Alex tells him that Natalie is dead. After seeing the look of absolute shock and devastation on Ryan’s face, Alex realizes that Drew played her. The flash drive contained a manifesto and other evidence setting up Ryan as the traitor inside the FBI. After a knockdown, drag out fight between the two former lovers, Alex escapes from the office and gets a phone call from Drew saying he will kill Simon if she doesn’t do what he says. He leads her out of the FBI building and to Ryan’s truck, where the nuclear bomb is, so she can drive it around New York City until she gets further instructions.

Acting Shady

So Drew is The Voice, but who is he working with inside the FBI. We were promised in the promos for next week that we will find out who and I’m still holding onto Miranda as my prime suspect.

What is Brian’s story in the current timeline? He still keeps getting featured in the past, but no mention of him in the present. If he all of a sudden shows up, then that means he is up to no good too. Same with Iris.

Who can Alex Trust?

Caleb, Ryan, Raina, Nimah, and Shelby will hopefully get Alex out of her current mess.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Who is Guilty of What?

I am guilty of not realizing Drew was playing Alex all along. I should have figured that. Someone like him showing up this late in the game after not knowing what he was up to in the current timeline should have been a red flag. I was so distracted by the idea that it could be Ryan, I didn’t see it.

What did you think of last night’s episode of Quantico? Were you shocked by Drew’s betrayal, or did you see it coming all along? Where do you think Brandon and Iris are in the present? How do you think Alex will survive driving around a nuclear weapon? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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