HISHE BvS – “We were sort of…fighting…each other.”

How It Should Have Ended has struck again with this entertaining video pointing out the huge flaws in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. It is worth pointing out that this is one of HISHE longest videos as they had a lot of ground to cover. Check it out after the jump:

The YouTube channel hilariously pointed out many of the major weaknesses with the plot including Batman’s comfortable attitude about murdering people, his whiplash worthy change of heart after finding out he and Superman’s mother share the same name, the fact that a Senator doesn’t have the power to make the military share top secret information with a private corporation (that takes an act of congress), and nuking Doomsday after Superman was getting him off the planet was the dumbest of dumb ideas (how idiotic does Hollywood think the military is?).

Best Moments:

Image courtesy of How It Should Have Ended

Image courtesy of How It Should Have Ended

Bruce Wayne yelling that he is Batman at Diana Prince upon meeting her.

Batman asking Superman, after hitting him with the Batmobile, “So tell me, do you have insurance?” instead of asking if he bleeds and then Batman calling on Alfred like he was a State Farm Insurance guy to save him.


Screaming “BECAUSE…I’M…BATMAN!” before killing Doomsday and stealing Superman’s glory.

Batman crying every time Superman says “Martha.”


“What Does the Lex Say?” song parody at the end (which is now stuck in my head for all of eternity).

What did you think of How Batman vs Superman Should Have Ended? Do you agree with their changes in the story? Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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