Agents of SHIELD – The Savior Complex

Hive suffers a few kinks in his master plan, Lincoln is insane with love, and Daisy wants to save everyone (just not in the way everyone else was hoping).

Spoilers for “Failed Experiments”

Quickie Recap:

In the way early A.D. years is where Hive’s story begins. He was abducted by Kree Reapers who experimented on him using their own DNA and eventually sent him thru Terrigenesis. Dr. Radcliffe attempts to recreate those experiments goes awry when he turns the remaining Hydra heads into puddles of goo. Hive’s blood is useless because it is the blood of “a handsome, but dead host.” What Radcliffe needs is blood from a living Kree. Hive calls down the Kree Reapers who took him using the artifacts James provided him with. Daisy is to cripple, but not kill, one of the Reapers for Radcliffe to have. Hive will take on the other one to work out his anger on the Kree for creating him, then wanting to destroy him.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Back at SHIELD, Fitz and Jemma are working on a vaccine to remove Hive’s influence over Inhumans, but there are lots of complications in the batch they have created and they need an Inhuman to test it on. In comes Lincoln ready to be their (In)human guiney pig to save Daisy. Jemma says no because she is sure the vaccine will destroy Lincoln’s immune system. Fitz thinks the testing would be risky, but worth it. They leave the decision up to Coulson and he says no. But when has Coulson saying “no” ever stopped Lincoln from doing what he really wants to do. He takes the vaccine anyways and his immune system fails. When Jemma tests Lincoln’s brain tissue, she finds the vaccine didn’t work.

After being spotted on the facial recognition software she designed, Coulson learns Daisy is in Wyoming. Still not sure what to do about Daisy and her loyalty to Hive, Coulson dispatches a team to the small town to try and take Hive out in hopes that will solve their problem for them. May and Mack lead the small team armed with a lot of guns thru the town covertly trying to find exactly where Hive is hiding and avoiding the Hydra goons Hive hired to protect them. They spot James stumbling his way into a bar and May has a brilliant idea. She follows James in pretending to be a Hydra contractor and starts to fangirl over his Inhuman abilities. Mr. Chatty Kathy tells May all about Hive’s plans for the mass Inhuman conversion and even promises an introduction with the main man himself to impress her. After getting all the info she needs, May knocks James out and regroups with Mack to find Hive, but their search is interrupted by the arrival of the Kree.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

May and the team members (minus Mack) follow one of the Kree to a church and watch he and Hive fight it out in hopes the Kree will complete their mission for them. Hive uses his parasitic powers and sucks the Kree dry. The SHIELD agents open fire with everything they got. It does nothing but piss off Hive, so they make a hasty retreat. Mack spots Daisy taking down one of the Kree Reapers and can’t pass up the opportunity to try and save her even though that is not the mission. He follows her to Radcliffe’s lab and uses the disintegration bomb to destroy the Kree before they can get his blood. Daisy is all sorts of pissed off and beats Mack to a bloody pulp while he pleads with her to realize she is not herself and under Hive’s control. Just before Daisy crushes Mack’s heart, May shoots her in the arm and gets the whole team to safety of the extraction containment unit.

To make up for her failure in getting the Kree’s blood, Daisy volunteers her blood because it is coursing with GH325 which was made from Kree DNA. (Remember T.A.H.I.T.I.?)

Questions, Thoughts, and Theories:

The forced Civil War references were forced, but were still better than the Ultron tie-ins from last season.

First Jemma got to shoot Hive last week and May shot him this week. Who gets the next turn to take out their Ward issues on Hive next week? (Please let it be Fitz.)

Lincoln has reached a new level of crazy boyfriend and I really want him to be the one in the quint jet when it explodes. Thankfully his recklessness didn’t cause a rift in Jemma and Fitz’s relationship.

I love that Jemma and Fitz didn’t let the fact that they didn’t see eye to eye professionally affect their personal relationship. Our little scientists are growing up and becoming mature adults! Crap, that means one of them is going to die now, doesn’t it!

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

“Why is everyone making it about themselves?” May speaking the truth about Mack, Lincoln, and Coulson’s reactions to Daisy’s betrayal, but everyone it too busy making it about themselves to listen to her. They all think that if they had been paying attention more, then she wouldn’t have been infected or they would have spotted the infection in the first place and I kinda wish May would just smack them. At least Coulson is attempting to move past the depression and trying to take out Hive.

I really feel for May more than I feel for anyone else in the show. She is heartbroken by Daisy’s betrayal just as much as anyone else, but she is the one who has to step up and make the grownup decisions while everyone else is pitying themselves or debating what to do. This has been the cross she has had to bear since the beginning of the show. May doesn’t have much to live for now that Andrew has become Lash and Daisy is Team Hive. I think she is going to be the one on the quint jet when it explodes because she is going to sacrifice herself to save the others after having to make yet another grownup decision while everyone else debates what to do.

While fighting, Mack tells Daisy they found her because of the facial recognition software. He thinks it is because there is a part of her fighting Hive’s control and still wants to be saved so she allowed herself to be seen. I don’t agree with him. Daisy reasons she slipped up because she is not “thinking like a spy anymore” now that she is done with SHIELD. I think she is kind of right, but I also agree Coulson who presumed she allowed it to find her to lead SHIELD into a trap. Daisy just didn’t realize she was doing it at that time, but subconsciously she wanted SHIELD to show up so Radcliffe could turn them into Inhumans.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Daisy wanting to “save” her friends by making them into Inhumans actually seems like a logical progression of thought for her even though it seems like a crazed Hive plan. When Jemma first proposed a vaccine to keep those with Inhuman DNA from turning when exposed to Terrigen crystals, Daisy was offended anyone would think Inhumans need or wanted a cure. She perceives her transition to be a gift and believes everyone else will feel the same way despite meeting several transitioned Inhumans who were suffering as a result of the abilities they had gained. Daisy genuinely feels (and probably felt that way before Hive got to her) having powers would make the people she loves happy once they change and take control of their abilities. I think she is being truthful when she says she is in complete control of what she is doing and saying.

What did you think of last night’s episode of Agents of SHIELD? Were you sad after the Daisy/Mack brawl? Do you think May is going to be on the quint jet? If not, who do you think will be there instead? Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments section below.

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