My Predictions (and Hopes) for Phase 3

Captain America: Civil War and the start of Marvel’s Phase Three is two days away (!!!!!) and I have some thoughts on how the latest instalment of films will play out. Beware, there are spoilers for some of the past films and comics the future films are based on. Some people may also think my predictions and hopes are spoilers in some way, but I have been wrong so many times and will be wrong so many more. So don’t take what I think too seriously.

Image Courtesy of made by LKWarrior

Image Courtesy of made by LKWarrior


  • In the comic book Civil War Captain America surrenders at the end after seeing all of the death and destruction the descent in the supers has caused. Cap is imprisoned and while awaiting trial, Cap is assassinated by Crossbones (a villain we kinda met in The Winter Soldier). Before the news of Robert Downey Jr. joining the cast of Spider-Man: Homecoming came out last week, I honestly thought the big death we all know is coming at the end of Civil War was going to be Tony Stark’s because it seemed as if RDJ was ready to be done with Marvel. Now I’m thinking the film will follow the plot of the comic and kill off Steve Rogers leaving Sam Wilson or Bucky Barnes to take up the Captain America mantel in Steve’s memory before he is eventually resurrected with either the Time or Soul Stone during Infinity Wars.
  • I also think another big death we will see at the end of Civil War will be Hawkeye’s which kills me to say because he is a character I have really come to like over the series of films. It is pretty obvious some of our heroes have to die during this movie for there to be a real emotional impact. Also a few deaths will open the door for newer characters to come in and not over crowd an already crowded line up. I think this will be the end of our favorite archer because he was such an emotional anchor for the other heroes during Ultron and his death will have an impact on how each side feels about their cause. Of course Jeremy Renner is signed on for Infinity Wars so I could be wrong, or he will be resurrected just as Steve Rodgers will inevitably be.
  • Scarlet Witch and Vision will fall in love and start some House of M like storylines, but without the use of Mutants because of the whole pesky licensing rights. House of M is about Scarlet Witch going crazy and hallucinating that she and Vision were able to have a family together. When she finds out it is all not true, she freaks out and takes away most everyone’s power. She also has everyone thinking they are living in a world she created where her and her family is famous and Mutants are accepted and loved by everyone. I don’t know how they could pull this one off, but it is such a fascinating storyline and I would be really disappointed if they didn’t try. Maybe this would be best saved for Phase Four and could be a solo film for Scarlet Witch.
Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

  • Since the character of Stephen Strange is so new to those who do not read comics and is bringing the mystical into the MCU, most likely there will be a fairly significant cameo from another Avenger to help ease the audience into this new world we are journeying to. There are some rumors it is Tom Holland’s Peter Parker. Holland visited the New York set, but I think someone like Scarlet Witch is more fitting given she has “Witch” in her name and her powers border on the mystical already. Doctor Strange could possibly set up Strange as a key to defeating Thanos. By the films end, he will probably be able to travel thru dimensions and he possesses the Eye of Agamotto which houses the Time Stone.
  • Even though Marvel executives have already tried to explain away the reasoning for casting the very white and very female Tilda Swinton in the role of the Ancient One (a character that has always been an Asian male in the comics), when Doctor Strange hits theaters in November there will be a fresh round of debates about Whitewashing in Hollywood and Kevin Feige is going to have to make an apology tour.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will be all about the daddy issues. Quill will finally meet his father and it is going to cause so many issues for the Star Lord. I have no clue who his father might be, but he will be someone super powerful and possibly played by Kurt Russell. If any of you have any guesses, let me know in the comments section. Adding to the daddy issues will be Gamora and Nebula who may team up in the end to battle Thanos or one of his minions.
  • Since there were talks of a David Bowie cameo in the film before his passing, I really hope they sneak a few little Bowie tributes in Guardians 2.

David Bowie

  • With John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein penning the script for Spider-Man: Homecoming, I’m thinking it will be a fun coming of age comedy that happens to star a kid with super powers. This has me very excited because the Spider-Man comics are a so much fun to read. Peter is a nerdy kid who is a bit of an outsider and I can totally relate to that because I was a huge nerd in high school (still a huge nerd) and was a bit of an outsider too. I didn’t like the cool persona the Amazing Spider-Man movies tried to give him and the hair on Andrew Garfield made me want to take a pair of shears to his head. I hate that tall hair style on men, so dumb looking. Also, the played out origin story may be skipped over (thank you jebus) and Homecoming picks right up where Civil War left off.
  • There are a lot of rumors going around as to which villain will make an appearance in Homecoming, the biggest one being Vulture. Michael Keaton was in talks for a while to play a villain, but (to my great disappointment) it looks as if they have fallen thru. It is a shame, Keaton would have made a perfect Vulture.
  • Nerds will alternately complain and drool over Marisa Tomei as Aunt May even though she is the appropriate age for the character. Tomei is only 50 which makes her the youngest woman to portray the stand in mother figure to our hero. Why in the hell has she always been portrayed as grandmotherly?
  • Tom Hiddleston will once again run away with every one of his scenes in Thor: Ragnarok and poor Chris Hemsworth will not know what to do about it other than look unbelievably beautiful.
Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

  • Both Mark Ruffalo and Samuel L. Jackson will have a role in Ragnarok, but I think Jackson’s Nick Fury will be just a cameo to help Thor find Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner. Banner will come to Asgard with Thor to help battle Loki (or possibly even Surtur?). Cate Blanchett has signed on to play Hela, the Asgardian Goddess of Death. That sounds all sorts of foreboding for our heroes.
  • Despite the fact that Asgard will be thrown into the Norse apocalypse knowns as Ragnarok, no one of consequence will die or if they do, they will be resurrected in Infinity Wars. I don’t see the MCU going so far as to kill off Thor (especially since I think they will kill off Steve Rogers) and having Lady Siff taking up the mantle in his place.
  • Black Panther will simultaneously make the minority movie going crowd both proud and angry. I don’t know how it will, but it will. Frankly I’m really excited for this film.
  • Even though he will already have a role Homecoming, I’m thinking Tony Stark could have a minor appearance in Black Panther as well to try and convince T’Challa into giving him some Vibranium. The only other cameo for the film I can speculate on would be Bucky Barnes or Sam Wilson. One of them will come to Wakanda to ask for help or maybe ask for forgiveness in the role he/they played in the death of T’Challa’s father T’Chaka during the events of Civil War. It would be an interesting way to keep the character of Black Panther in the overall loop of the MCU while allowing the film to be a full on standalone outing.
Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

  • Everyone who has died in the MCU so far will be resurrected in Infinity Wars. Quicksilver included.
  • The end of Infinity Wars Part 1 will see the heroes from Guardians of the Galaxy coming to Earth because they have some information that will help with the defeat of Thanos, or they will have an Infinity Stone and are looking for help to keep it out of the hands of Thanos.
  • Michael Pena will run away with every one of his scenes in Ant-Man and the Wasp and we will all love it because Michael Pena is freaking awesome. It is a bit difficult to have any real predictions for this movie because filming doesn’t even begin for a while and no casting announcements have been made other than Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly are set to return as Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne. I don’t even know if Pena is coming back, I just hope he will.
  • Captain Marvel will simultaneously make the female movie going crowd both proud and angry. I don’t know how it will, but it will. Again, filming doesn’t start for a while and we don’t even know who is going to play Carol Danvers yet. I do have some thoughts on who should play the hero.

Jewel Staite

  • Thanos will not be killed at the end of Infinity Wars Part 2 instead he will be imprisoned in a flat triangular like prison and will float through space. (Or will that be too much of a cross contamination?)
  • Many will continue to unjustly blame Agents of SHIELD for Inhumans not having a release date by the time Infinity Wars Part 2 starts filming, but I think we will see a new date for the anticipated film in the Phase Four lineup announcement that will probably happen during the D23 Expo in 2018 or 2019.

What predictions do you have for Phase Three? Let me know in the comments section below.

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