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Spoilers for “Right”

Finally! The question we have been asking since the beginning has been answered. Who framed Alex? Liam O’Connor is the traitor in the FBI. At least that is the answer for now, who knows what other twists we will see in the finale. The kicker is poor Drew was another patsy and lost his life trying to warn Alex. RIP Drew. You were very annoying, but at least you went out trying to do the right thing. Now that Liam is out as the traitor (something I didn’t see coming until about halfway thru the episode and I’m irked because I thought it was him in the very beginning of the series), let’s talk about his motivations and make our guesses as to who will not survive next week’s season finale.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Just before the episode closed out, Miranda had been shot by Liam and was lying on the floor bleeding out. “Why are you doing this?” she asks and Liam answers, “To make things right.” What exactly is Liam trying to make right?

Much of the trainee’s storyline focused on what happened in Omaha, the case that nearly destroyed Liam’s fledgling career and drove Michael Parrish to drink and abuse his wife. Michael and Liam were deep undercover with a militia group in Nebraska that had big ideas, but were all talk. The agents in charge of the case was tired of sitting around and listening to talk so they made the decision to “cut a corner” to use a phrase uttered quite a bit in the episode. Michael and Liam provided the militia with the blueprints to a federal building the group talked about targeting to get them motivated. Except things went wrong when the militia was able to see their plans thru before the FBI was able to stop them and 200 people were killed as a result. Those in charge stepped in and played the CYA (Cover Your Ass) game so the public was unaware of their involvement in the mess.

The same thing happened in Chicago. The group Ryan was undercover with was provided with weapons by the FBI to help speed up the arrest, but things went south (because of Liam) and there was a standoff that nearly got some agents killed. But that wasn’t all that went wrong. Those weapons ended up in the hands of some bank robbers and Drew’s fiancé along with an older man were killed in a shootout between those fugitives and the police. Both Ryan and Liam were punished, but the FBI again played the CYA game so the public wouldn’t find out just how badly they screwed up.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

I’m wondering if Liam had the idea to bomb Grand Central and everything that came after when he was sent to Quantico to be an instructor after the screw up in Chicago. When he talked to Alex as The Voice, he said he knew Alex would be the perfect person for his plans when he saw her the first day of training at Quantico. Did he have an idea and let it grow over the last 140 days? Did he pick Alex because of her connection to Michael and Omaha or because she was the top recruit in her class? Or maybe because she is the one woman he can’t have? All of the above?

I’m still not entirely sure what exactly Liam is trying to make right. Is he trying to expose all of the screw ups in the FBI by making them publicly chase an innocent woman then lose a nuclear weapon on the eve of the presidential election? I’m sure there is a more convoluted explanation and we will hear it all in next week’s episode. The big question would be is Liam working alone? There is no way he would have been able to do all the things he was able to do by himself. Yes he manipulated others into doing his bidding, but there were times when he couldn’t have been pulling the strings. Drew told Alex that he saw Ryan with Simon and Will and we all discounted his story when we thought Drew was The Voice. Now we know for sure Drew is not The Voice, he was being used as well. Is Ryan helping Liam “make things right?” We still don’t know who shot him at Alex’s apartment!

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Who is going to die to stop Liam?

Miranda – She has already been shot twice by Liam and doesn’t look like she is going to get medical attention anytime soon.

Ryan – There is a big chance he is involved in everything so if he is the one who dies it will be because he had a change of heart or wanted to save Alex from being killed or Alex kills him to stop Liam.

Simon – He is the bomb expert, he could die while trying to defuse the nuclear weapon.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Raina or Nimah – If either one of the twins dies, it will most likely be Nimah. She is the one who has the passion to make a difference and she is the one who will make the hard call to die for the greater good.

Shelby – Highly doubt it, but kinda wish she would die because she beyond annoys me. That whole ordeal with entrapment, her self-righteousness, and her parents was just so bad. I really don’t want to see her in season two.

Caleb – There is a chance he could also be working with Liam. When he snuck out of his home, he told someone on the phone that she (as in Alex) bought into the act he was selling. Both he and Shelby would tell Alex that they were already talking, but could he have been talking to Liam as well? Will he die trying to help Liam or be killed in order to stop him?

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Senator Haas – She would die trying to protect Caleb.

Will – Another expert at bombs, though he is laid up at the hospital right now with radiation poisoning.

Iris – It would totally be something the show would do. Bring her up in the present only to kill her off.

Brandon – Same, but he could also be the one helping Liam.

What did you think of last night’s Quantico? What is Liam trying to make right? Is someone helping him? Who do you think will die to stop him? Sound off in the comments section below.

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