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Last night saw the death of two agents and the end of another’s career with the FBI, but that is not the end of the conspiracy.

Spoilers for “Yes”


A quick montage in the cold opening shows us all how Liam came up with his plan and executed it. Angry at getting the blame for the events in Chicago, Liam’s plan started to form as he sees his former mentor’s daughter amongst the new recruits. He places cameras in everyone’s rooms so he can creepily spy on them. He steals the Grand Central plans from Simon and attempts to manipulate Alex into quitting the FBI so he can make her into the vengeful scapegoat. The morning of the Grand Central bombing, he has Elias drug and place Alex at the hotel near the bomb site while Liam places all of the detonators in key spots. When the bomb goes off, he places Alex in the rubble somehow without being seen.

Before Liam fully puts his plans into action, the NATs are getting ready for their final assignment, get drunk at The Old Settler with the faculty. Before Alex and Ryan can have their two week vacation and start their possible happily ever after, Liam lets it slip to her that Ryan is not moving to DC. Ryan turned Liam’s offer down took a field position in Texas. Alex confronts Ryan at the bar and Ryan makes the excuse that he was going to tell her at some point during their vacation together. He wanted her graduation day to be about her and the two of them could figure it out later. Alex breaks up with Ryan for the 20th time. Don’t worry, they get back together again.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Shelby is being her obnoxious self and is angry that Caleb is getting a corner office and an assistant in his position in San Diego. Still wanting revenge on his taking away her chance to arrest her parents, she tells Claire all about his Systemics shenanigans so his family doesn’t show up to his graduation because it was something he was looking forward to. This revelation to his mother also leads to him losing his swanky office.

In the present timeline, Liam comes to the New York office to take charge in the hunt for Miranda. He tells Alex that Miranda was bitter for being passed up for promotion after promotion and the FBI’s part in her son’s death (I guess Charlie never woke up from that coma). He figures she used the bombing, subsequent man hunt, and arraignment for Alex to draw out as many big wigs from the FBI into one place so she can so she could “cut off the head off the beast and grow a new FBI in her image.” After giving his spiel to Alex, Liam runs to his car for the next phase of his plans and finds Miranda nearly escaping from the trunk. He knocks her back out and gets blood on his shirt in the process. Ryan comes up on Liam forcing him to take Ryan hostage.

Alex isn’t buying it Liam’s story about Miranda. When Shelby and Caleb find Miranda’s schedule didn’t match the timeline of The Voice’s calls, they all realize that Liam has been playing them. Simon looks at the security footage from the parking garage and sees Liam taking Ryan hostage. Alex goes to Liam’s apartment to find clues as to where he went when Liam’s daughter shows up. He offered his place to her and her boyfriend for the weekend so they can be out of the DC area for whatever Liam has planned. Alex figures Liam was talking about himself when he was describing Miranda’s plan and thinks he is going to bomb Quantico to keep any new FBI agents coming in for a long time.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

The whole gang hop in their teleport machine and make it to Quantico in time for the graduation ceremony of the newest class. Simon figures the bomb will be in the dorms because it can do the most damage there. He and Raina look for Liam in the ceremony hall, Shelby and Caleb hack into the security feed, while Nimah and Alex search the dorm rooms. The two find Ryan and a barely alive Miranda. Nimah stays behind to help Miranda while Alex and Ryan share a quick kiss and spilt up to search the rest of the dorms. When they get to the sixth floor, Liam starts to taunt Alex about the many screw ups the FBI has committed trying to justify his actions and quickly takes Ryan hostage again. Liam starts to do his bad guy monologuing and eventually throws Ryan aside to take the shot at Alex, but Alex is too quick for him and shoots him in the head just as Ryan grabs Liam’s gun and shoots him a couple of times in the chest.

The group finds the bomb in the dorms with only four minutes before detonation. While the group debates how to disarm it, Simon runs off with it. Wanting to absolve his guilt and knowing that detonating it under water is the only safe way to keep the blast and the radiation from killing thousands of people, Simon drives the bomb to the river. While on his way, he has a tearful goodbye with everyone over the phone who tell him his is a hero and they all love him.

Even though her actions helped to save the lives of countless FBI agents and recruits, Alex is ousted from the Bureau because she can’t go under cover when her face has been plastered all over the news multiple times. Shelby is reinstated, Miranda is promoted to deputy director, and Ryan has briefed Congress on the whole ordeal. At Simon’s funeral, Alex confronts Senator Haas whose medical records show she had no history of high blood pressure. So why did Liam make Alex switch out Claire’s blood pressure medication she didn’t need or wasn’t taking? Alex figures Claire helped the crazed FBI agent in his plans to help her get elected. The idea was to have Alex get caught with the nuke in Ryan’s car which would have helped to boost Claire’s campaign. After she is elected, she would have given Liam the power to clean house in the FBI. The Scooby gang foiled the scheme when they were able to prove Alex was under duress. Claire was forced to call Alex a hero on national television and Liam flipped out and came up with a new idea. Claire throws it in Alex’s face that she has no authority to prove her accusations, but when you are not denying your part in a terrorist attack, you should make sure no one else is listening on the conversation. Caleb was standing behind his mother the entire time and Alex makes a promise to watch her along with “all the souls of the lives that you cost.”

Alex and Ryan leave for Oakland to take that long overdue vacation and get two whole months together to be normal. That is until The Company comes calling with a job opportunity for Alex. Matthew Keyes of the CIA makes her an offer and she has to decide right then and there if she wants to become a spook. Of course, Ryan starts to call at that exact moment.

Thoughts about Season One:

RIP Liam O’Connor. I guess we aren’t going to have a mini Cougar Town reunion in season two.

Thank you to the producers for immediately establishing Liam was the terrorist without a doubt. All the twisting and turning had people questioning if it was really him so it was nice to have a definitive answer. And we finally see who shot Ryan the first time.

I’m going to miss Simon. He and his relationship with Nimah and Alex really grew on me. Raina’s harassment of Simon for his part in the plan played a big part in his sacrificing himself to save everyone else. I’m thinking that is going to cause major issues for the twins in the fall.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Barring complications from radiation exposure, Will is going to live.

As much fun as the first half of the series was, the 22 episode drag for one mystery was really frustrating. I’m hoping next season they break up what the big conspiracies are so there doesn’t have to be all these outrageous twists and turns to keep one mystery going. Several other shows have proven multiple stories can be told across a season so one scenario doesn’t get stale.

We all know Alex is going to take the job with the CIA because this gives her the opportunity to get Vice President Haas for her part in all the bombings so the cliffhanger feels really forced. A better way to leave the show would have been her having to tell Ryan she is leaving him for the CIA.

Questions for Season Two:

So a show named for the main FBI office is going to be about someone in the CIA? Maybe they should have thought of a better title for the series.

Where are Brandon and Iris in the present timeline? Do you think they are going to be a part of Season Two?

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

The Systemics storyline still feels like it is not completely concluded, so I’m wondering if they are going to be a part of Season Two as well?

What did you think of last night’s season finale of Quantico? Were you satisfied with the ending? What do you think season two is going to focus on? Let me know in the comments section below.

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