Agents of SHIELD – “They’re only human”

The season finale ended with a bang and a shock as the big showdown with Hive came to a head. In the end, the big deaths were necessary and poignant as we enter a new and more interesting scenario for season four.

Spoilers for “Absolution” and “Ascension”


Stuck in the containment unit on the moon, Daisy and Coulson try to find a way back home. “We’re the last ones. You always find a way to survive, don’t you?” Coulson assures Daisy (or maybe accuses her?). “It’s in our blood,” she answers back. Fingering Elena’s cross around her neck, “I knew someone was gonna go. I just didn’t know everyone would.” Daisy’s dream is pretty bleak, but it is a premonition?

SHIELD quickly found where Hive and crew were launching the stolen missile with the pathogen to turn a major amount of the population into Inhuman Primitives. Thru some trickery and Fitz’s horrible acting, Talbot and Coulson are able to get the launch kill codes from the DOD to Mack, Yo-Yo, May, and Lincoln to stop the launch well before final countdown. Part two of the plan is modify and amplify the memory machine to drive Hive crazy with all of the memories from his past bodies. The memory overload succeeds in slowing Hive down, but he also puts the pieces together for another plan using Ward’s memories. Giyera and James retrieve the warhead on Hive’s orders while SHIELD encase Hive in the stasis gel to bring back to base.

Images Courtesy of ABC

Images Courtesy of ABC

Daisy is stuck in containment for the duration of the mission and given updates from Jemma and Coulson, the only two people who will come and visit her. She is going thru withdrawal big time from Hive’s parasites. The DTs combined with the guilt of hurting everyone she loved has made her vengeful. When Mack comes to tell her Hive has been captured, Daisy wants to find and kill Hive. Mack talks her down by telling her he forgives her and hugs her.

Hive’s absolution becomes a reality when the parts to fix the hangar door finally arrive. The parts were delayed because Hive placed the Primitive Inhuman gas in the boxes. Giyera triggers the release of the gas and several agents turn. While the rest of SHIELD takes cover, the primitives release Hive from stasis and he uses Ward’s and Will’s memories to steal the Zephyr to use for detonating the warhead. What he didn’t count on was Daisy sneaking aboard. At first she begs him to take her back, a junkie needing a fix. Lash saving her also removed Hive’s ability to sway her again. Furious she can’t feel that wholeness again and Daisy engages Hive in a knockdown drag out fight that gets Daisy captured. She is not the only SHIELD agent on board as May and Fitz have snuck on to find a way to stop Hive.

After dealing with the Primitive Inhumans left behind and getting Yo-Yo medical attention after she was shot saving Mack, Coulson uses his hand tech to call a quint jet and board the Zephyr. Together the group kills Giyera and James, but Lincoln is badly injured in the process. Realizing she has the cross from her vision, Daisy thinks she is to die to atone for her action. She steals the warhead and puts it on the jet after setting the autopilot to fly it into space so when the warhead detonates, the mist is rendered useless. Hive follows her to the jet and nearly stops her from taking it to space. The dying Lincoln somehow followed the two of them, fried the override, and then pushes Daisy out of the jet, locking him and Hive on board as the jet soars into space. After a tearful goodbye, Lincoln and Hive reflect on their impending deaths.

After the boom, Jemma asks “so what now?” Cut to sixth months later as Daisy has broken away from SHIELD and has decided to use her powers to do her own thing. Whether it is good or bad is to be seen, but two of the things she did was use her powers to rob a bank (which is weird since she could have easily hacked the bank) and relocate the family of Charlie, the Inhuman who could see people’s death after touching them. She also points the mom and child in the direction of her father who has a practice nearby. Coulson and Mack nearly catch up to her, but Daisy (now renamed Quake by the press) has learned to use her powers to jump so high, she damn near flies (like Jessica Jones).

Images Courtesy of ABC

Images Courtesy of ABC

The end teaser focuses on Dr. Holden Radcliffe as he talks to his A.I. voice (Stark wannabe much?) and talks about something new he has developed with Fitz. He tells his A.I. this it is her birthday and we see a shadow of a human (or something that looks human) behind some glass.

Questions, Thoughts, and Theories:

I’m so happy it wasn’t May in the jet. This is one of those times I’m so happy to be wrong. I thought she was a goner when she was about to tell Daisy she loved her.

I know I was hoping for Lincoln’s death and I’m glad it was him. His temper and lack of discipline was becoming too much of a liability for SHIELD. Plus, I didn’t really like the romance between him and Daisy, it was too forced. I will say I was very sad when it did happen because of the goodbye between him and Daisy. Many people will inevitable compare the tearful goodbye to the one in Captain America: The First Avenger, but I think this one was better because Lincoln’s death was earned, Steve Rogers’ sacrifice was stupid and easily avoidable.

Images Courtesy of ABC

Images Courtesy of ABC

That final scene between Hive and Lincoln was one of the best moments of the show. Lincoln realizing he finally got to see the world and Hive calmly coming to terms with the final death that has alluded him for thousands of years. It really pushed the gravitas of their loss a little further.

I will miss Brett Dalton, but Ward was starting to overstay his welcome. Turning him into Hive was a great plot twist to keep the actor on the show, but I’m very happy they only used it to have Dalton finish out the season. It was interesting the majority of the memories haunting Hive belonged to Ward showcasing all the character has been thru during the series. Getting to finally see his real face was pretty damn fantastic as well. I hope to see the actor in another interesting role soon.

Best line of the night goes to Dr. Radcliffe when he breaks it to Talbot there is no way to reverse turning the people into Primitives, “I can tell by your mustache that you’re a man of importance, and not to be trifled with…” His admiration of Coulson’s robot hand was pretty hilarious as well.

The “hot potato” effect of the cross was a brilliant in keeping us as the audience guessing who was going to be the person to die. Every time they showed the cross, it was like a punch in the gut making you think this was the person going to die. Then they kept playing with our emotions when they only showed Daisy, May, and Fitz (who had the cross at the time) on the Zephyr and again turning it on its head when the rest of the team showed up. Agents of SHIELD really knows how to play with my emotions.

Coulson’s Star Wars references never get old. His joy at getting reenact the “help me Obi-Wan Kenobi…” hologram was hilarious. Keep them coming.

Mack’s fully completed shotgun-ax was glorious. I definitely want to see more of it in season four along with his romance with Elena/Yo-Yo/Slingshot.

Having the agents hide from the Primitive Inhumans took on a horror movie like feel that really ramped up the tension in moments that could have dragged in the two hour finale.

WHO IN THE HELL IS THE NEW DIRECTOR OF SHIELD? My guess is it is May after Coulson stepped down to pursue Daisy. I hope the series pickup from where the season finale leaves off and uses flashbacks to tell us how we got to Daisy as a vigilante much like how Daredevil and Jessica Jones used to tell us how they got to be the people they became. Another big question would be is Yo-Yo and Joey with her or with SHIELD?

Does anyone have any ideas as to what in the hell Radcliffe created? Is there a comic book reference I missed? A big theory on Reddit is Life Model Decoy (LMD), something Nick Fury in the comic uses quite frequently. Anyone else have other theories?

Images Courtesy of ABC

Images Courtesy of ABC

I really hope John Hannah is a big part of season four. I really love him and he would make a great addition to the show. His chemistry with Iain De Caestecker is great and love that they bond over their Scottishness.

What did you think of last night’s season finale of Agents of SHIELD? Do you have theories about season four with Daisy and Radciffe? Were you sad to see Brett Dalton and Luke Mitchell go? Sound off in the comments section below.

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