Ghostbusters Trailer 2 – “The word we’re looking for is Apocalypse”

This morning the newest trailer for the reboot of the classic 80s comedy dropped. Take a look after the jump:





The trailer starts off focusing on the possible horror aspect of the film before quickly diving into the action and comedy. There is no new information from the latest preview. We already knew from the first trailer someone created a machine to heighten paranormal activity and that is why the shit is hitting the fan so to speak. All we get is more jokes and more looks at the ghosts which is fine by me because this is a movie I’m happy to see. For the haters, I’m not sure the newest trailer will help to sell them on seeing Ghostbusters.

There is a nice meta moment when a news anchor says “What do we think of these Ghostbusters? Are they to be taken seriously?”

Let me know what you think of the newest trailer. Are you going to go and see the latest reboot in theaters?

Ghostbusters hits theaters July 15.

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