Finding Dory Final Trailer – This one is really going to have me crying in theaters

This morning the final trailer for the Finding Nemo sequel was released and it looks to be as wonderful and heartwarming as the original. Take a look after the jump:



It breaks my heart when Nemo asks his father if they are going to have to say goodbye to Dory for good, but at the same time I’m excited about the idea of meeting Dory’s family and all the crazy characters we get along the way. Ed O’Neill’s Hank seems wonderfully enduring, Fluke (voiced by Idris Elba) and Rudder (voiced by Dominic West) the sea lions are going to be the next seagulls with the hilarious “OFF” barking (UberApe is geeking out big time because he is such a fan of The Wire), and of course Ty Burrell is going to steal the show because he just does.

Unlike the other sequel trailer I talked about earlier today, this one feels like it keeps the spirit of the first film while adding something worthwhile to the story. This sequel may be coming out thirteen years after the first film, but it doesn’t feel like a soulless attempt to cash in on nostalgia.

Image Courtesy of Disney Pictures

Image Courtesy of Disney Pictures

What do you think of the final trailer for Finding Dory? Are you like me and are going to be one of the grownups without kids seeing this movie?

Finding Dory arrives in theaters June 17th.

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