Dancing with the Stars Finale – And the winner is…

Come on. Like any of you were surprised by who the winner was. Hell I called it last night.




Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

The two-hour finale was entertaining as usual even with the boring as hell performances by the guest singers (with the notable exception of Fleur East who was fantastic). All of the past competitors came back due to their contractual obligations, but they made the most of it by performing their favorite dances or participating in group dances. Except for Gerardo Rivera and Mischa Barton because no one (including them) wanted to see them dance again. The two worst dancers of the season were either in the back sitting or sauntering by the camera and waving to remind us they were a part of the season too.

Kim Fields got a sassy new routine when she danced to Fleur’s performance (I really missed her and Sasha together). Von Miller got to have some fun at the expense of the not too bright, but oh so lovable Witney Carson and Lindsay Arnold by playing Are You Smarter Than a Dancer? We got the standard behind the scene looks at the “Rated-R” dress rehearsals. Sasha got back in that crab costume because who doesn’t love it when Sasha has to do goofy things like that.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

After an hour and a half of filler, we finally got to the 24-Hour Fusion challenges as the finalists were given two dance styles to combine and 24 hours to choreograph and learn it. The final scores go towards the judges scores that don’t matter at this point, but the producers have to throw in something to make the finalists sweat just a little more.

Ginger and Val (Argentine Tango and Foxtrot) Score: 27/30

Nyle and Peta (Tango and Cha-Cha) Score: 30/30

Paige and Mark (Jive and Salsa) Score: 30/30

The Winner:

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

Nyle and Peta with Paige and Mark getting second while Ginger and Val nab third.

Not too surprised by the results because it is hard not to root for the person who couldn’t hear the music or feel the musical vibrations in the floor, but still managed to turn out some amazing dances.

Did you agree with the DWTS Season 22 Winner? Let me know in the comments section below and DWTS season 23 will be back in September!

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