Scream Season 2 Premiere – The Lakewood Five

Welcome back to Lakewood, ladies and gentlemen, where the citizens are a-holes and if you stab someone, you don’t necessarily get arrested as one particularly dumb teen found out. Right out the gate we lost one of the Lakewood Six (what Noah calls the final group) and a new tormentor has come to town. This time he or she has set their sights on teaching Aubrey a lesson in not betraying your partner.

Spoilers for “I Know What You Did Last Summer”

Murder Pranks are not cool:

Image Courtesy of MTV

Image Courtesy of MTV

As Audrey is cleaning up after a long night of working in a movie theater, a couple of teens decide they are going to play the worst prank ever on her. One girl pretends to be killed by a guy dressed as Brandon James with a go pro strapped to his chest. When the wannabe killer comes after Audrey, she grabs an ice pick and stabs the guy much to the prankster’s horror. The two idiots wanted to show the world that Aubrey isn’t as big of a badass as everyone thinks and figured live streaming her crying and freaking out would do the trick. This is a woman who shot and (kinda) killed someone in self-defense, she is not going to lay down and cry when someone comes at her with a knife.

The fake killer is okay, but the pretend victim is pissed off because Audrey isn’t being hauled off in cuffs for stabbing her friend over a prank. The new Sheriff in town, Michael Acosta (Anthony Ruivivar), explains to the dumb girl Audrey thought she was going to be killed and her actions are considered self-defense. Their live steam of the prank also gives Audrey plenty of evidence to bring a lawsuit against the two if she doesn’t pipe down.

“Friend of a Friend”

Throughout the episode, Aubrey gets a series of text messages from someone claiming to be a fiend of a friend and calling her partner. When the mysterious messenger calls her, he tells her she deserves him tormenting her after “what she did.” Audrey quickly hangs up on the guy, but he doesn’t give up. Audrey gets more texts stating that there will be “bloody consequences” the next time she hangs up on him. She shows the messages to Noah and he promptly takes the phone to the Sheriff so she can file a police report. Audrey isn’t sure she wants to get the police involved. The Sheriff fills out the report and gives it to Audrey telling her that if she really wants to file the report, she can, otherwise he can drop it. As she is reading the report, she gets another message telling her “I’d shut this down if I were you. I know what you did last summer…Get it?”

Image Courtesy of MTV

Image Courtesy of MTV

Afraid her involvement with Piper is going to be revealed, Audrey doesn’t file the report and tells Noah that it is just a prank and to drop it. Later she goes back to apologize and gets Noah to explain to her the murder board he has put together to figure out who Piper’s accomplice is. Audrey ties to convince him the murderess podcaster never had one, but he is too convinced his theory is right to listen.

That night at the movie theater, Audrey gets more messages directing her towards a bathroom stall that is wallpapered with copies of her letters to Piper talking about how “everyone in Lakewood is EVIL” and that they should “teach them all a lesson.” The mystery texter taunts her and tells her he has all of the letters.

Starting Over:

After the somewhat uncomfortable party to welcome Emma home, Emma stays over with Kieran so the two can talk about picking things back up where they left off. That night Emma has a dream about a pig farm. When she follows a younger version of herself into the barn, she sees the girl standing over an eviscerated pig and playing with its intestines. Emma wakes up to find Kieran has moved from the bed to the couch while she was sleeping.

Emma does her best at school the next day trying to get thru and not notice everyone is staring at her. She goes to a classmate, Hope (Kiana Ledé), for help to catch back up with her school work because she seems to be the only person not waiting for Emma to break at any second. In fact, Hope wasn’t gawking at Emma because she was too busy in class schooling everyone about dreams and psychology while Noah got into a pissing contest with the Sherriff’s son, Gustavo (Santiago Segura) about horror movies.

Image Courtesy of MTV

Image Courtesy of MTV

Emma can’t get over the fact that Kieran moved to the couch instead of sleeping with her and after talking to Brook, she realizes that the two of them “act like they are fine,” and tells him “we’re totally not.” The two of them decide to help each other work thru the pain of the trauma and maybe get to the point where they are normal.

After giving in and doing Noah’s podcast (aptly named “The Morgue”), Emma checks out Noah’s murder board and notices the photo of the barn she saw in her dream. It belongs to Troy James, Brandon’s brother. Emma and Brook go to the barn to find out what is there and maybe get a clue as to why Emma is having dreams about a place she is sure she has never been to. After searching the barn and coming up empty, they notice there is a flickering light coming from the house next door. Emma walks into the house and calls out to whomever might be there. She finds living room with the TV on, beer and nuts on the coffee table, and a mirror that has photos of her as a kid and more current ones taped to it along with newspaper clippings about the murders. Before Emma can get out of there, someone comes out of the shadows at her.

Lakewood Six becomes Lakewood Five:

Wanting some quality alone time, Brook and Jake go for a midnight swim at the school, but end up breaking up once again over Jake having blackmailed Brook’s father. Jake yells at Brook as she is walking away that he has a plan to make things right and whispers that he loves her after she is already out the door. Jake then goes to a barn to start his plan to win Brook back when he gets distracted by a pig toy and steps in a bear trap. Someone in the Brandon James mask comes up behind him and knocks him out.

When he comes to he is inside the barn with his leg still caught in the bear trap and a camera filming him. He sees a pick axe with a sign saying “see what you can do with this boy interrupted.” Jake uses the axe to eventually break the lock on the barn door. But as he is about to crawl out, the killer opens the door, strings Jake upside down from the ceiling, and uses a reaper to slice open his torso. RIP Jake, sorry to see you go, but one of the original survivors needed to die immediately.

Image Courtesy of MTV

Image Courtesy of MTV

Now it is time to start predicting who is doomed and who is the killer:

The Doomed:

    • Zoe – She is too nice and is most certainly destined to be killed
    • Noah – The geeky movie obsessed guy was killed in Scream 2, the show still might keep to the formula
    • Sheriff Acosta – Authority figures rarely make it to the end
    • Maggie – Same with parents
    • Prank Girl – After what she pulled, I think we all want her to be on the doomed list
Image Courtesy of MTV

Image Courtesy of MTV

  • Audrey – I think in by the end, she is going to die as punishment for her involvement with Piper

Possible Killers:

    • Prank Girl – She is sociopathic enough to think her prank would be funny, who knows what else she is capable of
    • Kieran – He is giving off the creepy vibes more this season than last, plus he did sneak out of bed the same night Jake is kidnapped
    • Gustavo Acosta – He is creepy and he drew Emma with blood on her face
    • Troy James – He wants revenge on the people who killed his niece
    • Emma – Who knows what state the trauma has left her in, plus how much fun of a twist would that be?
Image Courtesy of MTV

Image Courtesy of MTV

What did you think of the season premiere of Scream? Are you sad to see Jake gone? What do you think his plan for winning back Brook was going to be? Who do you think is next? Who do you think is the killer? Let me know in the comments section below.

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