Summer Blockbuster Update (May)

Back in March, myself, UberApe, and Snack Kween picked out which movies will rule the summer blockbuster battle royale or will be shuffled off the mortal coil into film obscurity.  The fight for the all mighty dollar rages on, but here is an update on who has been right so far, and how badly we have gotten it wrong.

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A quick recap of our top picks and the Wild Card (in no particular order):

Nerdling UberApe Snack Kween
1 Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice
2 Captain America: Civil War Captain America: Civil War Captain America: Civil War
3 X-Men: Apocalypse X-Men: Apocalypse X-Men: Apocalypse
4 Finding Dory Finding Dory Finding Dory
5 The Jungle Book The Jungle Book The Jungle Book
6 Star Trek Beyond Star Trek Beyond Star Trek Beyond
7 Jason Bourne Jason Bourne Jason Bourne
8 Suicide Squad Suicide Squad Suicide Squad
9 Ghostbusters Ghostbusters Zootopia
10 The Magnificent Seven   Allegiant
WC Keanu 10 Cloverfield Lane The Huntsman: Winter’s War


Our Picks for the Losers (in no particular order):

Nerdling UberApe Snack Kween
1 Warcraft Central Intelligence Warcraft
2 Independence Day Resurgence Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows
3 Angry Birds Angry Birds Angry Birds
4 Now You See Me 2 Now You See Me 2 Now You See Me 2
5 The Legend of Tarzan The Magnificent Seven Ghostbusters


A fairly large chunk of the movies we picked for success was the same, with a couple of exceptions.  We had some different opinions on who the losers would be.

But how are we doing so far? (Figures are from

Box Office Ranking as of May Film Total Gross Since Release (Domestic) Budget
1 Captain America: Civil War $377,480,457 $250 Million
2 The Jungle Book $362,940,368 $175 Million
3 Zootopia $341,024,555 $150 Million
4 Batman v Superman $329,479,318 $250 Million
5 X-Men: Apocalypse $79,810,133 $178 Million
6 Angry Birds $72,214,264 $73 Million
7 10 Cloverfield Lane $72,214,264 $15 Million
8 Allegiant $66,157,930 $110 Million
9 The Boss $62,736,865 $29 Million
10 London Has Fallen $62,506,916 $60 Million
11 Miracles from Heaven $61,074,007 $13 Million
12 My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 $59,689,605 $18 Million
13 Barbershop: The Next Cut $53,309,119 $20 Million
14 The Huntsman: Winter’s War $47,576,025 $115 Million
15 Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising $40,467,555 $35 Million
16 Money Monster $35,378,401 $27 Million
17 Alice Through the Looking Glass $33,507,621 $170 Million
18 Mother’s Day $32,182,620 $25 Million
19 The Nice Guys $23,617,104 $50 Million
20 Keanu $20,330,419 $15 Million

It is no surprise that Captain America: Civil War is leading the pack.  Was it even a thought in anyone’s mind that this movie would even come close to failure?

The Jungle Book has overtaken Zootopia as the higher grossing kid’s movie, but both have done very well in ticket sales.  Angry Birds did a little better than I thought, but I don’t expect it to reach the same numbers the two Disney films have generated.

Image Courtesy of Disney Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Disney Entertainment

Batman v Superman didn’t add too much to the sales numbers since the last update, but it is still fairly solid for a movie that most are considering a failure.

X-Men: Apocalypse performed much lower than any of us expected, but ticket sales could still go up significantly over the next few weeks.  Over the last couple of years, Memorial Day weekends have not been kind to the studios.  Critical reviews haven’t been too generous to the latest entry of the Mutant based franchise (a 48% on Rotten Tomatoes), but fans have given the film an overall positive thumbs up which could drive more people to the theaters this weekend.

The summer has not been good to the comedies.  Most of the comedic films are on the lower budget side (with the exception of The Nice Guys which could be considered more of an action film), so making the studio’s money back is not a big issue.  The problem is summer comedies have done really well in the past.

Image Courtesy of Warner Bros Pictures

Image Courtesy of Warner Bros Pictures

Last year, Spy and Trainwreck took in well over $100 Million while Ted 2 and Paul Blart 2 had solid numbers (even though their predecessors were much more successful).  Keanu is about done with only $20 Million in the bank (there goes my Wild Card).  The Boss and Barbershop 3 have tapped out a little past the $50 Million mark.  Neighbors 2 might add on to its tally (it has only been in theaters for a couple of weeks), but I don’t think it will hit the $100 Million point.  This could mean disaster for Central Intelligence (June 17), Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (July 8), Bad Moms (July 29), and Sausage Party (August 12).

To Sum up:

UberApe was the only person to get a Wild Card right (I thought people love Key and Peel and Snack Kween thought people still love dark fairy tales) even though 10 Cloverfield Lane didn’t hit the $100 Million mark, it is still wildly successful when you take into account the minimal marketing and small budget.  Zootopia is a solid hit and Snack Kween was the only one to call it, but she was way off on Allegiant and The Huntsman.  The jury is still out on X-Men: Apocalypse.

Image Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Image Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Still plenty of summer left as we enter June with some promising movies.  The highly anticipated Finding Dory, the much hyped (but terrible looking) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Independence Day sequels, and the video game adaptation Warcraft are hitting theaters this month among others.  Will the Pixar sequel be the new animated box office champion?  Can Independence Day: Resurgence live up to its predecessor?  Will Warcraft break the video game adaptation curse?  Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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