Are Gritty Reboots becoming a thing of the past?

Earlier this week, it was announced that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is going to have some major re-shoots later this summer due to a clash in vision between director Gareth Edwards and Disney Studios.  It is normal for any major blockbuster to undergo re-shoots, so this is no surprise to anyone vaguely aware of how the film industry works.  The news of Edwards and studio heads not agreeing on content of a film is usually cause for concern.

Image Courtesy of Disney Entertainment

Image Courtesy of Disney Entertainment

According to Page 6, the latest entry to the Star Wars Saga re-shoots will be expensive and extensive due to poor testing.  It was initially thought the film would take a darker turn and feature more of Darth Vader.  Now reports are surfacing that it is just the opposite.  The studio wants to make the movie have a lighter and more adventurous tone to match that of A New Hope which chronologically takes place immediately after the events of Rogue One.

The same has been said (but denied by the studio) of the upcoming Suicide Squad re-shoots.  After the not so great reception of Batman v Superman (which had many movie goers complaining about the oh-so-serious tone), Warner Bros executives may or may not have asked David Ayer to add some humor to match the latest and well received trailer for the villains-turned-heroes flick.

Image Courtesy of Warner Bros Pictures

Image Courtesy of Warner Bros Picutes

It has been the latest trend to reboot various series with a gritty, more realistic tone starting with Christopher Nolan’s take on Batman in 2005.  X-Men: First Class was a fun and colorful reboot the franchise needed, but a couple of years later, Days of Future Past took it right back to the gloom.  Apocalypse managed to toe the line of solemnness and amusement.  Fantastic Four went from a campy superhero flick to a serious science fiction drama.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles forgot that the pizza loving reptiles were a spoof on Daredevil and attempted to make a more serious action film (though Out of the Shadows might try to correct that).  Disney remade Sleeping Beauty into a live action film, but chose to focus on the original villain of the story and not the princess.  Even TV is getting in on the grim by remaking popular shows or movies into a more somber and stark series.

I think most of us are getting a little tired of this trend.

A big reason why Deadpool was so successful was it made fun of comic book films.  The masses love the MCU over what the DCEU has been putting out so far because the films are much lighter in tone and don’t shy away from the humor.  The Jungle Book has outperformed the other live action Disney remakes because it was a fun (and funny) adventure film.

Image Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Image Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

With two high profile movies undergoing re-shoots to add in a lighter mood, are we starting to see the end of the gritty tone?  I for one am hoping so.

What do you think of the rumors about the Rogue One re-shoots?  Are you concerned about what is being said behind the scenes?  Are you tired of the gritty reboot trend?  Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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