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While Jesse tires to be the preacher he wants himself to be, he also feels the call of the darker side.

Spoilers for “See”


After a very strange, yet intriguing, open set in 1881 featuring a quite cowboy riding to Ratwater (presumably for medicine for his sick daughter), we come back to Annville as Jesse is lining his flock up for their baptism. Tulip uses the opportunity to tease Jesse and remind him of their good times by thanking him for “getting [her] all wet” after he dunks her under the water. Angry at his evasive questioning when asked who Tulip was, Emily starts in on Jesse about Cassidy’s lack of handiness and persistent hounding for an advance on his salary. Jesse tries to pacify her by telling her he will talk to him. Meanwhile, Jesse is cornered by Linus, the school bus driver. Linus needs Jesse’s help. He is fighting his attraction to a young girl who rides the school bus he drives and is hoping confessing to Jesse will absolve him of his sins. Much to Jesse’s disgust, he keeps Linus’ secret as the budding pedophile promises to be a new person after today.

Image Courtesy of AMC

Image Courtesy of AMC

The next evening, after a long day of collecting donations and suggestions for the church, Jesse and Cassidy get hammered in the pews of All Saints and discuss God’s plan for Jesse. Cassidy doubts God “sits behind his pearly little desk there, and goes ‘Right Angels, here’s my plan for Jesse Custer.’” Jesse is sure Cassidy is pulling his leg about being a 119-year-old vampire on the run from religious vigilantes. Cassidy busts out his homemade moonshine which Jesse can’t handle. After Jesse passes out from the potent brew, Cassidy takes the man’s keys and wallet to go and find himself a little narcotic pick me up. This unfortunately leaves Jesse unable to defend himself from Fiore and DeBlanc when they come to extract the entity from Jesse. At first the two hunters try to sing the entity out of Jesse, but when it refuses to come out, they resort to cutting it out with a chainsaw. Cassidy returns to All Saints just in time to save his buddy. Thinking the two men were vampire hunters, he kills them, cuts them to pieces using their chainsaw, and buries them in their own trunk before Jesse knows what happened. Obviously Cassidy didn’t get rid of Fiore and DeBlanc as the two men are back in their hotel by the next evening being questioned by the Sheriff because he makes a point in knowing everyone in his town. To keep the curious Sheriff Root at bay, Fiore tells him they are with the government.

In the morning, Jesse visits Mrs. Loach and her daughter Tracy, who is in a coma after a horse riding incident. Jesse tries to offer her some comforting words about how God will come to her, but Mrs. Loach tells him “words won’t open her eyes.” Jesse drives back to All Saints later that evening and is abducted by Tulip. She chains him to a bed, straddles him, and explains that all she has to do is wait for the Jesse she knows to come back and help her trade her map for some information from a man named Danny. To make things worse, Eugene comes to Jesse and asks to do the baptism again. The young man is still struggling to be a better person and asks “what if this is the me that God wants?” This question haunts Jesse as he is wondering if God wants him to be the bad man he was before.

If Jesse is going to be a bad, then he is going to do good by God. He breaks into Linus’ house and fills the man’s tub with scalding water. The preacher then re-baptizes Linus telling him to forget the girl on his bus route. Linus promptly forgets why Jesse is there and doesn’t know what he is talking about with a girl. Jesse is freaked out because he could feel the power of his words on Linus. Deciding to test what he can do, Jesse goes back to Mrs. Loach’s house to pray with Tracy. While the exhausted mother is getting coffee made, Jesse commands Tracy to open her eyes.

Image Courtesy of AMC

Image Courtesy of AMC


The episode ends before we see if Jesse’s words are able to wake Tracy, but the previews for next week’s outing seem to show Tracy is awake and Mrs. Loach has become a believer.

Not entirely sure where the opening with the nameless cowboy is going, but I am curious as to how it ties into the main story. It is interesting that when Jesse is talking to Linus, he can hear the dogs barking like the Cowboy did while having dinner with the settlers in the opening. Jesse hears the dogs again later that evening before he commands them to be quite.

Sheriff Root is dealing with people calling him a murderer as he walks by. Obviously the Sheriff has some demons he may need Jesse to help him with later.

Tulip’s teasing of Jesse is the highlight of the episode for me. The two of them together is seriously sexy. Love that when Jesse sees the wheel in his truck is missing and she pulls up and asks, “Jesus take your wheel?”

Image Courtesy of AMC

Image Courtesy of AMC

Jackie Earle Haley’s Odin Quincannon is introduced as Donny’s boss at Quinconnon Meat & Power. Quinconnon has an older couple sign away their house after his men move all of the couple’s belongings outside, then demolishes the property. Donny hasn’t learned his lesson in being a better person after Jesse broke his arm. One of his coworkers helped him retrieve a fallen pen, and Donny thanks him by busting the man’s head against a steering wheel.

What did you think of last night’s Preacher? Are you curious about the information Tulip is trying to get and why she needs Jesse’s help? How insane was that fight between Cassidy and the two hunters? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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