Scream Recap – “We all go a little…”

Noah digs deeper into the mystery of Piper’s accomplice and Emma struggles with her sanity as Lakewood gets a few new (and strange) residents.

Spoilers for “Psycho”

“…mad sometimes”

Picking right up where things left off, a person comes out of the shadows in the house after Emma sees a bunch of photos of herself and newspaper clippings about the murders. As Emma starts to scream, the mysterious person runs out the back. Freaked out, Emma grabs Brook and the two speed off. Emma tells Maggie about the house and Maggie reveals she used to visit the James Family after they moved there even after Emma was born, but the house has long been abandoned. Maggie and Emma return to the house that night and find it empty. The next morning Emma recounts the whole ordeal to Kieran and wonders if she came home from the treatment center too soon. Kieran, wanting to be a good boyfriend, tells Emma he believes her even though Brook doesn’t.

Image Courtesy of MTV

Image Courtesy of MTV

The shenanigans from the night before caused Emma to miss her tutoring session with Zoey who forgives her because she has been through some bad times herself. After their psychology class, Emma decides to take her psychology teacher, Ms. Lang (Austin Highsmith), up on her offer to be an ear if she needs one and the two plan to meet at the coffee house Emma where used to work at. Later in the day, Emma encounters a kid loitering near her locker who knows her name. She starts to freak when he tells her everyone knows her name.

After confessing her fears to Ms. Lang, the shady teacher explains to Emma paranoia and hallucinations are common with PTSD, but talking about it and facing her fears will help. When Emma goes to get their coffee, Ms. Lang checks on her voice recorder to make sure it is getting everything Emma is saying. Walking back to the table, Emma notices a girl with long brown hair and glasses working on a computer and she loses it thinking it is Piper.

“A son is a poor substitute…”

Kieran comes home from school to find Sheriff Acosta and his aunt Tina (Karina Logue) waiting for him. There have been some noise complaints and the Sheriff is not thrilled when he finds Kieran is living at home with no adult supervision. He warns Kieran and Tina they need to either get Kieran a proper guardian to live with him or they will all be in trouble. Emma is devastated to hear that she may lose the one person she can talk to (I guess she forgot her mother also survived the initial killings and lost her boyfriend and her love child in the recent murder spree) and resolves to go back to the dock where she was nearly killed by Piper with Kieran that night to face her fears. She needs him there to be her anchor. After facing the memories (and maybe seeing the killer in the Brandon James mask), she and Kieran have goodbye/happy-to-not-be-crazy-anymore sex in his truck.

While Emma and Kieran are busy, Maggie goes to Tina and offers to move Kieran in with her. Tina tells her she will think about it. Her son Eli (who was also the creepy kid at Emma’s locker) talks her into moving out of their one-bedroom apartment where they live with her loser boyfriend to Lakewood where they can live into the nice house rent free. There is definitely a Norman/Norma Bates vibe with those two. They break the happy news to the love birds and Eli weirdly adds “so I’ll see you at school” to Emma. Walking home, Emma notices a car following her. She starts to run from it, but it catches up to her. It is her father wanting to tell her that he is finally ready to be there for her (how convenient).

Image Courtesy of MTV

Image Courtesy of MTV

She’s just a Cosmo girl

The group finally start to realize Jake has not been to school or talked to anyone since the night of Emma’s welcome home party. Brook refuses to text him because “every Cosmo girl knows the guy should break the text barrier.” Eventually her worry wins out and she text him with promises of a boob pick if he answers her. While talking to her father (and still Mayor somehow) about the Lakewood Days events, Brook looks thru old texts from their last night together. After some pressure to show up at one of the events, Brook relents and leaves. Afterwards, the Mayor reviews some texts he has from Jake about something the two of them have planned together. He tries to call Jake’s phone but gets no answers.

When the temptation of a topless pick doesn’t get Jake’s attention, Brook goes to the police station to file a missing person’s report. While waiting for the Sheriff, Brook sits next to Gus who talks to her about his ranking system for the Lakewood Six. Jake is number six on the list, Brook is fourth. She is offended saying she should at least be third, but Gus has that spot reserved for Noah. (What is this guy’s deal? Noah is easily the first on the ranking list with Audrey second and Brook third.) Before Brook can file the report with the Sheriff, Brook gets a text from “Jake” (though it is curious Gus was on his phone sending something right before). “Jake” tells Brook to meet her at his house for some sexy times. Before leaving, Brook finally confesses to her father that she and Jake have been seeing each other. When Brook arrives at Jake’s house, no one is home. Gus, from across the street, watches Brook sit on the steps to wait.

“12 Vacancies, 12 Cabins”

Noah thinks he has finally gotten some clues as to who may have been Piper’s accomplice. His podcast with Emma brought in a record breaking amount of commenters including one calling himself Eddie Kruger. Eddie is a front desk manager of a seedy hotel (the only Psycho reference in the whole episode) where Piper would sometimes stay and he claims to have seen Piper arguing with another woman. Before the clerk can spill the identity of the mystery woman to Noah, Audrey calls and threatens to kill him if he tells. The sudden change in the clerk’s story has Noah even more suspicious and he tells Audrey about a warehouse where Piper’s things from the hotel are stashed. Noah has a meeting with the storage place in the morning to see the contents, but Audrey beats him to the punch. She sneaks into the facility and breaks into the unit to find Jake’s dead body with a note pinned to it asking “See how I finished the job for you?”

Tonight’s episode didn’t add to the body count, but it did add to the list of suspects and possible victims:

Possible Killers:

    • Gustavo Acosta – The Sheriff really needs to turn his attentions to his own home
    • Eli – Too weird and creepy to not be on this list
Image Courtesy of MTV

Image Courtesy of MTV

  • Haley – Still think the prank girl is capable of murder
  • Ms. Lang – I think she is writing a book about Lakewood, but Piper was also doing a podcast about it too
  • Emma – Still think that would be an awesome twist
  • Emma’s dad – His timing is a little too convenient

Who might meet the knife next:

    • Haley – After Audrey threatened her, the killer could make Audrey a suspect in her murder adding to the torment
    • Ms. Lang – Snoops are rarely rewarded with a nice long life
    • Zoey – Again, she is too nice to survive on a show like this
    • Noah – He is getting too close to the truth
Image Courtesy of MTV

Image Courtesy of MTV

  • Maggie – Parental figures rarely live to the end
  • Tina – Same (Sort of)
  • Sheriff Acosta – Same with authority figures and his son is way too creepy

What did you think of last night’s episode of Scream? Do you think the body count will go up next week? How creepy is Eli and Gus? What do you think the arrival of Emma’s dad will mean for Maggie? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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