¡Three Amigos! is still the best comedy film out there

First night of Bonnaroo is usually pretty chill. After a long day of gaining entrance to the festival and getting camp set up, you mostly just want to relax with some beer (and since Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals was going, UberApe and I wanted to see if the Penguins could close it out, which they didn’t #GoSharks).

Thursday night is usually reserved for small and up-in-coming bands. Usually there is one or two we want to check out. A friend of ours recommended Lolawolf also Børns is great if you can catch them. This year we skipped the bands and went straight to the Cinema Tent. It is the 30th Anniversary of ¡Three Amigos! which is one of my favorite movies.


I have seen ¡Three Amigos! more time than I can count, I own it in DVD and will pop it in if I’ve had a bad day. It never fails to make me laugh as hard or harder than when I first saw it. My family and I (when I was younger) would constantly ask each other “would you say we have a plethora of piñatas?” or “do you have any thing other than Mexican food?” when my grandmother would cook for us. We would sing “My Little Buttercup” to each other and do the dance.

What I really love about ¡Three Amigos! is how it holds up. In the Cinema Tent last night, there were several people of all ages who love this film. They saw it in theaters when it first came out or, like me, were a bit too you for it initially and watched it on TV. Some people there weren’t even born in the decade of its release, but grew up watching it with their families.

The humor is simple (a sort of mistaken identity surrounding a group of Hollywood actors) and since it is a period film, it never feels out dated like some of the other great comedy films. That is a mark of a true classic, it can bring people of every generation together and make them laugh, love, and quote the film.

So take the time today to watch ¡Three Amigos! and share in the laughter with loved ones

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