Bonnaroo Highlights (Friday)

Friday at Bonnaroo is in the books and man it was a hot day. Temps went well into the 90s making the party atmosphere a little more calm than in my past couple of years here. Of course if you were lucky enough to find shade, it wasn’t so bad.

The day for me started at the comedy tent. This year’s line up of comedians is pretty exciting with Judd Apatow hosting a couple of days and SNL cast members Pete Davidson and Vanessa Bayer. Also, Adam DeVine popping up here and there to do a set. I’m a huge fan of America’s Got Talent (or as it is known around my house, the “Freak Show”), so I was excited to see Piff the Magic Dragon who won last year’s competition. I had to unfortunately sit through Bridget Everett’s (for a lack of a better word) “cabaret” act. I had seen her before when she toured with Aziz Ansari and Amy Schumer. I was not impressed. What was funny to me was watching people’s reactions to her brand of “comedy.” Piff came on and saved the day with his unique brand of humor, magic, and biting sarcasm.

Piff the Magic Dragon at Bonnaroo

Piff the Magic Dragon at Bonnaroo

Later in the evening, after cooling off and hydrating, UberApe and I ventured to see Fort Worth based singer Leon Bridges. We had heard his music plenty of times and we had become fans of his old school R&B, Motown sound, but we never could catch his act when he would come through DFW. Bridges was on form. His music was great, but his happy attitude and badass dance moves really got the crowd in a frenzy. If he ever comes to your town, take the time to go and check him out.

The rest of the night was all about the dance party as we went to see M83 and LCD Soundsystem. Both bands brought their a game and got the crowd going. M83’s sinth pop is amazing live. There is so much going on stage with several musicians on stage playing various instruments and working the audience. The big hits like “Midnight City” and “Outro” were awesome to see live. LCD Soundsystem didn’t disappoint either, but we had seen them at Coachella less than two months prior. Before calling it a night we check out a couple of there bands, but nothing interesting to talk about here.

The highlight of my day came early with Daughter performing in the mid afternoon. The sun and heat didn’t damper my experience with the haunting beautiful band. Elena Tonra, Igor Haefeli, and Remi Aguilella hypnotize the crowd with their melodic sound playing favorites like “Youth” and “Smother” along with newer songs “Doing the Right Thing” and “Numbers.” This is my third time seeing them live and they haven’t fallen short of amazing yet. My only complaint is the time of their set. They would have been perfect as the after main act band. The crowd would have been ready for a comedown and their sound would have been perfect.

Daughter at Bonnaroo

Daughter at Bonnaroo

Today is going to be another hot one, but no less fun as I finally get to see Pearl Jam live for the first time!

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