Preacher – “With great power comes…”

Jesse tests the extent of his abilities, Tulip goes looking for revenge, and Cassidy starts to learn a bit more about what is going on with his best mate.

Spoilers for “The Possibilities”


As Tulip hands over the map (which is a part of something called Grail Corporation) and takes a pass on the opportunity to kill Dani’s husband, she gains the last known address of the “rat bastard, child-killing, son of a bitch” Carlos. Finding Carlos is important to Tulip because his driving away from her and Jesse while on a job many years ago started the rift between the two lovers. Dani, after leaving Tulip, delivers the map to a tall, bald man dressed in a white suit.

After her visit with the preacher, Tracy Loach opened her eyes giving Mrs. Loach a piece of her faith back. She explains to Emily exactly what happened and tells her Jesse promised something like this was coming. Back at All Saints, Emily wakes Cassidy so he can deliver Ted’s body to the crematorium. Before the vampire leaves on his errand to take care of poor heartless Ted, he finds Jesse sitting in the dark.

Image Courtesy of AMC

Image Courtesy of AMC

Realizing something is very different with himself, Jesse wants to test something out. He commands Cassidy to hop, sing him Johnny Cash, tell him who the governor to Texas is (“Bloody Chuck Norris! I don’t know that one.”), and to fly which compels Cassidy to jump into a wall in his attempt to follow the exact orders. Convinced the preacher is a Jedi or maybe Jason Bourne, Cassidy impresses upon his friend to imagine the possibilities of the power he holds. I’m pretty sure whatever possibilities Cassidy is imagining wouldn’t sit too well with Jesse.

After coming back from cremating Ted, Cassidy sees Flore and DeBlanc storming the church in full battle rattle. Cassidy runs the two men over in the church van, killing them again. While searching for means of disposing the “clones,” he discovers the men alive and unharmed in the sanctuary. The two angels explain their purpose to Cassidy, who in turn promises to be a middle man for them to keep Jesse from harm.

While walking his son to the bus, Donny attempts to clarify what happens between him and his wife at home is not spousal abuse. Chris apologizes for going to the preacher for help and in hopes of winning his father’s approval back, talks about beating and making other children cry when they make fun of Donny making the “bunny noises” after Jesse broke his arm. Chris’ aggressive ways of defending his father doesn’t seem to be making too much of an impact as the kids on the bus openly laugh at Donny and tell him to make the sounds. Even Quincannon can’t help but aggravate Donny, calling him a “right hand man with no right hand.”

Tulip tracks Jesse down to give him the good news of finding Carlos. She laughs at Jesse’s excuse about the promise to be a good guy, “there’s no such thing as good guys, there’s just guys.” When Jesse starts to resist the idea of killing the man who betrayed the two of them, Tulip argues killing Carlos wouldn’t be murder, it would serve justice. Recalling anger at the memory of Carlos, Jesse agrees with her logic and hops in the car.

Image Courtesy of AMC

Image Courtesy of AMC

Stopping for gas on the way, Jesse struggles to find the words to explain to Tulip what is going on with him, the new powers he holds, but he loses his nerve and heads for the bathroom. Donny, having followed them, corners the preacher with a gun and tells Jesse it is his turn to make the “bunny noise.” The idea of revenge on Carlos has Jesse in a bad place and it allows the power in him to turn him cold. He promises Donny his death will look like a suicide because there is “no reason for the whole town to know I beat you like a bitch twice.” Jesse commands Donny to turn the gun on himself and cock the hammer back before the preacher remembers himself. He lets Donny go and tells Tulip he is going to leave Carlos to God before walking back to Annville.


Sorry I’m getting this recap to you guys a little late. I was at Bonnaroo all this weekend.

I’m curious as to what Cassidy has planned for Jesse. The man doesn’t strike me as someone who allows power to be taken away so easily so I doubt he is going to be helping Flore and DeBlanc in the way the two angels are hoping. Will Cassidy use his friend to get revenge on the vampire hunters after him?

Image Courtesy of AMC

Image Courtesy of AMC

I doubt this is the last we are going to hear about Carlos. I wouldn’t put it past Tulip to drag the man from his home and bring him to Annville to continue to tempt Jesse.

Linus has forgotten who the little girl he has inappropriate thoughts about was, but that hasn’t stopped the budding pedophile from talking to the girl and wanting to know her as she boards the bus. The look Linus and Donny share after looking at each other wounds make me think the two men are probably going to team up to figure Jesse out.

Please let the death of Tom Cruise be a running gag throughout the season.

What did you think of Sunday night’s Preacher? Did you think Jesse was going to have Donny kill himself? What do you think Cassidy is up to with the angels? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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