Scream – (Cork)Screwed

Brook’s ex is back in the picture, the creepy new guys get creepier, Emma grapples with some unexpected truths about her father, and Audrey’s day goes from bad to worse as another Lakewood resident bites the dust.

Spoilers for “Vacancy”

Body Snatcher

After Audrey gathers herself at seeing Jake’s dead body, she pulls the note the killer left off of him and runs off. The next morning, she goes with Noah back to the storage unit, but tries to talk him out of opening it up. Noah isn’t hearing it, he is too busy fuming over the lock to the unit being cut off. Of course when Noah opens the door, the storage space is nearly empty and Jake’s body is nowhere to be found. There is a camera inside much to Aubrey’s horror. The two go back to Noah’s place so he can download the footage on to his computer and see who got to the storage unit before him, but it is a camera for streaming not recording.

Image Courtesy of MTV

Image Courtesy of MTV

Audrey is freaking out over nearly getting caught (and the lengths she was willing to go to keep Noah from finding out she was there the night before). She runs out of the house telling him it is time to get to school as she gets a video message from the killer showing her with Jake’s dead body and telling her that she is safe for now, but Noah is all sorts of suspicious of Audrey’s reactions.

No more sitting in dark rooms with teachers

Brook’s morning is filled with creeps. She tells off Gus for stalking her at a pageant rehearsal and then receives a phone call from Seth Branson/Palmer. He heard it thru the grapevine she and Jake called it quits. This confuses Brook because she and Jake had been keeping their relationship confidential. So how did Branson find out they had broken up? When Brook tells Emma and Audrey about it later in the day, Audrey considers his timing to be a little too convenient.

At the movies that evening, Brook ambushes Noah with Zoey and takes the direct approach to setting the two up on a date. The two potential love birds start to make a connection, but the date is ruined when both Gus and Seth show up to the movie theater. Both claim they were already going to be there and just happened to see Brook. Seth pulls Brook aside and tries to tell her it is was more than just sex between them, but Brook is still wary of him after finding out his past with a missing student. She blows him off by telling him she is with Gus now and the sheriff’s son plays up the part by giving Brook a very awkward kiss. Seth tells her that she has changed and “didn’t even say thank you for the flowers” he left her on her car. The roses she thought were from Jake. Brook texts Jake they are officially done and she gets a message back saying “Hasta la vista” leaving her to assume he is Mexico with his parents.

Image Courtesy of MTV

Image Courtesy of MTV

Daddy Issues

Emma is a little freaked her dad, Kevin (Tom Everett Scott) is back, but at the same time she feels like the two of them have so much in common now they both survived a major slaughter (she feels like she can bond with her dad, but not her mom over this?) and wants to reconcile. When she tries to explain this to Audrey, but her friend warns her to be careful. Audrey’s memories of Kevin are not the best, she thought he seemed like a broken man. The father and daughter have breakfast together and Emma tells Kevin that she forgives him for leaving after everything that happened, but she is still heartbroken that he left her behind completely.

When Emma divulges to Kieran the details of her disastrous reunion with her father, eavesdropping Eli describes how he wanted to hit his father after the man showed up out of the blue years after leaving Eli and his mother. Kieran tries to explain Eli and his father have a complicated relationship, and Eli is a nutter, but Emma gets the strange cousin’s anger and pain. The two of them continue to bond after school at the coffee house when they go to pick up Emma’s new work schedule. Attached to her calendar is a note from her father who called the coffee house looking for her. It tells Emma to meet him at the Crescent Palms where he is staying and he will give her all the answers to her questions.

Emails from beyond the grave

Kevin goes to visit with Maggie to explain why he is back in Lakewood. He feels like he needs to be there for Emma after they both have gone thru the same ordeal. He also received emails from Riley Marra telling him Emma was having trouble. Except he couldn’t have gotten those messages from Riley because she had been killed by Piper months before. Maggie and Kevin go to Sheriff Acosta (who was friends with Kevin back in high school) and get him to investigate who could be sending the messages.

Image Courtesy of MTV

Image Courtesy of MTV

“Your place to relax in Lakewood”

At the Crescent Palms hotel, Eddie tries to deliver a bottle of wine and a cork screw to Kevin’s room only to find the place covered in plastic. Before the desk clerk realizes what is going on, he is stabbed in the throat by someone in a Brandon James mask. As Audrey is getting ready for work, she gets a phone call from her tormentor telling her to get to the hotel before he releases the image of her with Jake on Noah’s podcast site.

As Audrey is on her way, Emma goes to Kevin’s (now clean) room at the Crescent. She spots a bunch of newspaper clippings (like the ones she saw in the barn house) on the hotel dresser and starts to look around. The killer sends a live streaming video of Emma in the room while he hides in the bathroom with Eddie’s dead body to Audrey. In a panic, Audrey calls the police and tells them to get to the hotel and hangs up.

Image Courtesy of MTV

Image Courtesy of MTV

Before Emma’s search of the room leads her to the bathroom where the killer and dead Eddie are, she hears sounds of fighting below and leaves to go and check it out. Audrey pulls up to the hotel in time to see Emma confronting her father after his drunken skirmish with a bar bouncer. Emma demands answers about the newspaper articles she found, but the clippings are not his. Kevin check out of the room earlier and was leaving town. He confesses to Emma the drinking problems he developed to deal with the anger over Brandon James. One day he attempted to drive Emma somewhere while he was intoxicated and when Maggie tried to stop him, he became violent with her. Afterwards Maggie threw him out and told him to stay away.

The police arrive and Audrey quickly covers her tracks by pretending she saw Emma arguing with someone and thought her friend was in danger. The police question Kevin about his fight with the bouncer and Emma apologizes to Audrey for not listening to her when she warned Emma about her father. As Audrey is leaving she receives a text from her tormentor telling her to look under her seat. She finds the bloody cork screw used to kill Eddie as another message comes thru with a photo of the same corkscrew in Eddie’s neck.

Image Courtesy of MTV

Image Courtesy of MTV

What did you think of last night’s episode of Scream? Do you think Kevin is a killer or do you think the new killer is using him to get at Audrey and Emma? When do you think the rest of the group will find out about Jake? Is Seth over Brook or will he go full Fatal Attraction on her? How creepy is Gus after that kiss? Let me know what you think in the comments section below. Next week things look to get all sorts of crazy at Kieran’s birthday party when a spiked bottle of tequila makes the rounds.

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