Supernatural Newbie Review – Episode 105 “Bloody Mary”

After eleven seasons, something possessed me (see what I did there) to start watching Supernatural from the beginning. If you are a fan of the series, feel free to go back and re-watch it with me. Please do not be a troll and post spoilers for future episodes in the comments section. If you have been wanting to start Supernatural, then I encourage you to watch with me. Spoilers for the series as I go.


Image Courtesy of The CW

Image Courtesy of The CW


Have I ever told any of you guys how much the movie The Ring freaks me out? To this day, many years after seeing the horror film in theaters, I’m still paranoid of my TV. I swear one day Samara is going to crawl out of the damn thing if I think about her too much. I also don’t have any mirrors in my bedroom, but that is more because I think sleeping with a mirror within my line of site promotes bad dreams. The good dreams you have are reflected in the mirror and turn backwards, becoming your worst nightmare. It is strange, I know, but I was plagued by nightmares as a child and so I did whatever I could to help myself feel safe to sleep at night.

So this episode was pretty traumatizing to me. Thankfully someone had warned me about both The Ring and mirror aspects and I watched it first thing in the morning while I multi tasked so that way I had something else to pay attention to when things started to get freaky. I know that makes me a big fraidy cat, but I don’t care. My extreme imagination sometimes makes it difficult for me to be normal, but I’ll take it over a boring imagination any day.

Image Courtesy of The CW

Image Courtesy of The CW

The interesting twist on the Bloody Mary urban legend was fascinating in terms of driving the story of Jessica’s death and Sam’s guilt further without making it the main plot of the episode. Mary is a vengeful spirit who was killed in front of a mirror when a man cut her eyes out. The mirror captured her soul and the two entities are tied together. When a group of girls dare another girl at a slumber party to say “Bloody Mary” in a mirror three times (a classic staple at all slumber parties I attended as a child), the spirit of Mary is able to look into the soul of anyone in the house. If the person is responsible, or at least feels responsible, for the death of another person, then Mary melts their eyes.

To save an innocent girl who feels responsible for her boyfriend’s death, even though she had nothing to do with it, Sam had to face the guilt he suffers over Jessica’s death to bring Mary into her own mirror and smash it. What saved the whole thing from becoming too cliché was Sam had a secret he was keeping about Jessica’s disappearance. Sam had dreams about Jessica burning three days before it actually happened. He chooses not to confess this to Dean. I wonder if it is because he knows Dean will try and make him not feel guilty about not doing anything about the dreams. I another thing I’m thinking is in the pilot, Dean tells Sam that their father had been missing for a few days. What if the time of John’s disappearance correlated to the time Sam’s dreams started? Don’t tell me if I’m right or wrong on this one, let me find out for myself. What in the hell did that wink from Jessica at the end of the episode mean?

Image Courtesy of The CW

Image Courtesy of The CW

Overall, a solidly freaky episode that added to the mystery of Mary Winchester and Jessica’s deaths. I doubt I will ever want to watch this one ever again.

What did you think of “Bloody Mary”? Did this episode freak you out too? Are you paranoid of mirrors now? Any weird rituals you have to ward off nightmares? Let me know in the comments section below and please don’t spoil any of the future episodes.

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  1. Eesh. Mary crawling out of her mirror is just about the creepiest thing I’ve seen on this show. I don’t blame you for watching this one in broad daylight with multi-task things.

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