Supernatural Newbie Review – Episode 106 “Skin”

After eleven seasons, something possessed me (see what I did there) to start watching Supernatural from the beginning. If you are a fan of the series, feel free to go back and re-watch it with me. Please do not be a troll and post spoilers for future episodes in the comments section. If you have been wanting to start Supernatural, then I encourage you to watch with me. Spoilers for the series as I go.

Image Courtesy of The CW

Image Courtesy of The CW


A minor deviation from the episode formula when the beginning teases a moment from the climax. It looks as if Dean is trying to kill someone and is caught by the police, leaving me to wonder “what in the heck?”. It all turns out to be a fake Dean, but it had my attention pretty damn quickly. The end consequences of the episode are kind of exciting.

The creature of the week is a shapeshifter who targets happy couples because it is lonely. The thing finds a couple to stalk, assumes the form of the man, kills the girlfriend, and allows the boyfriend to take the fall, wash, rinse, repeat. Zach Warren (Aleks Holtz) and his girlfriend are the creature’s latest victims. The Winchester brothers are on the case because Zach is an old friend of Sam’s from school. Zach’s sister, Becky (Amy Grabow), is the one who tells Sam about the murder charge. Sam isn’t even sure it is a supernatural cause, but he wants to go (despite Dean’s protests) because he knows his friend would never do this.

Dean is exasperated with his brother’s inability to let go of his “normal” life. The two have to lie to everyone around them all the time, so why make friends? Dean’s frustration with Sam is emphasized later in the episode when the shapeshifter takes Dean’s form along with his memories. The being tells Sam that Dean is angry and jealous the younger brother left the hunter’s life (and the responsibilities of taking care of their father) to go to school, have friends, and a girlfriend.

Image Courtesy of The CW

Image Courtesy of The CW

Is the creature manipulating or misinterpreting Dean’s emotions, or are they the real deal? Dean never really shows any ill will over Sam’s choices, it is more like he doesn’t understand why Sam would give up hunting because the older brother enjoys it so much. We never find out for sure because the two gloss over it all, but I do hope the conversation comes up again. It seems like way too important to just let go of completely.

The shapeshifter causes havoc in Dean’s life when it tries to kill Becky (as Dean), taking us back to the beginning of the episode. Dean is now a wanted man, making finding and killing the creature a lot harder for the guy. When the creature attempts to kill Sam in Becky’s form, Dean saves the day by shooting it in the heart with a silver bullet. But not before it takes the form of Dean once more and stays that way even after it dies. Killing something that looks just like you have to be a bit of a head screw, but what is more interesting is the police now think Dean Winchester is dead. The murders the creature committed have also been blamed on Dean allowing for Zach to be released from police custody. Becky learns the truth of why Sam left school and she takes the news in stride. She still wants to be friends and know the brothers are safe showing Dean that the hunter’s life doesn’t have to be a completely lonely one.

Image Courtesy of The CW

Image Courtesy of The CW

My big question (other than the validity of Dean’s feelings about Sam getting to live a normal life) is what is up with the necklace Dean wears? I never really thought about it before, but Dean gets angry is was taken from him and makes a big deal of gaining it back after the creature is dead. I’m positive the necklace hasn’t been talked about before, but now I have a feeling it is something pretty important.

What did you think of “Skin”? Did the scene when the creature shed its skin squee you out? How do you think Dean is going to handle being dead? I have no doubt that is going to come back and bite those guys in the ass eventually. Talk to me in the comments section and please do not post spoilers for future episodes.

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  1. Yeah, the shapeshifting is pretty gross, but I love this episode. I don’t really think the shifter was miinterpreting Dean’s emotions about Sam’s leaving but misjudging the degree to which it bothers him. Like, I have no trouble believing Dean’s jealous and a hurt by it, but I also think those are things he would never say, because there’s a part of him that wants the best for Sam — even if that’s a normal life, however impossible such a thing may seem.

    • I think you are right because the Shapeshifter saw John Winchester leaving as another person abandoning Dean. The shifter was interpreting Dean’s worry about their father as fear that another person has left him

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