Preacher – Maybe I should offer a free TV

Jesse has a plan to have a packed house every Sunday, Cassidy brokers a bad deal with the angels, and Tulip makes one hell of a mistake resulting in a life altering kiss.

Spoilers for “Monster Swamp”


A paintball game between the workers of Quinncannon Meat & Power and the ladies of Mosie’s whorehouse results in the death of Lacey when she falls down a sinkhole. Odin’s words of comfort? The boys to lay off the rough housing and the girls to watch where they are going. Such a thoughtful speech from a classy guy.

When Cassidy attempts to explain the Angels and their business with Jesse, the preacher thinks his friend is high as a kite and blows him off. The vampire tries to warn his friend people will want what he has. “I’m going to give it to them,” responds Jesse. Cassidy misses being as high as Jesse thinks he is, so he scams Fiore and DeBlanc out of some money by telling them Jesse requires it before turning himself and the entity over to them. The Angels sit in wait for Cassidy to come thru on his promise, but not before the heavenly Batphone starts to ring. Fiore and DeBlanc are off books on this mission and the phone ringing is not a good sign.

Image Courtesy of AMC

Image Courtesy of AMC

Cassidy takes his wanton needs to Mosie’s Whorehouse where Clive’s heartless remarks about the death of Lacey (essentially at his hands) makes Tulip see red. She burst into Clive’s room and throws him out the window in revenge. The commotion has everyone rushing into the room, including Clive. Tulip barged into the wrong room and ended up throwing Cassidy out the window getting a large shard of glass stuck in his neck. While another girl drives them to the hospital, Tulip prays to God “or whatever you call yourself” for Cassidy to survive. Cassidy, loving the position he was in, asks Tulip to kiss him. As soon as they reached the hospital, the injured vampire sneaks his way to the blood bank where a shocked Tulip finds him juicing up. “You were right, love. I think I’m gonna make it.”

Image Courtesy of AMC

Image Courtesy of AMC

Meanwhile, Jesse goes to Emily and talks her into picking up a TV the church could not afford to raffle off on Sunday. Jesse wants for there to be a packed house and doesn’t want to follow Emily’s advice on “patience and hard work” to get it. That is too much effort for someone who could just compel everyone to be there. Instead he promises to do “something wonderful” at this week’s service make sure the church will always be full come Sundays.

That something wonderful? Getting Odin Quinncannon to church and promise himself to God in front of everyone. Accomplishing that task necessitated some trickery. Odin has sworn off religion some time ago and even Jesse’s father couldn’t get the man to come back to the flock. After Odin’s meeting with Mayor Miles (where the meat and power titan literally pissed on the idea of working with a company named Green Acre Group), Jesse attempts to persuade the man to pray with him on Sunday. After talk of what could be waiting for them in the afterlife doesn’t convince Odin to give church another try, Jesse offers up the land his father left him. It is the largest piece of land Odin doesn’t own already. If he doesn’t leave Sunday service as a full-fledged Christian again, he can have the Custer land.

At Sunday service, Jesse opens up his sermon by telling them all the horrible things going on in the world is their fault because they turned their backs on God. “Nothing will save you… But it is not too late… I’m here to bring you back to God.” Now that everyone is paying very close attention, the preacher singles out Odin and asks, “Will you serve God?” Odin’s answer is a resounding “No” and he continues to turn the preacher down several more times. Finally, Jesse commands Odin to serve. When the preacher asks him again, “Will you serve God?” “Yes” the man answers.

Image Courtesy of AMC

Image Courtesy of AMC


Why do you think Fiore and DeBlanc haven’t confessed the Entity is missing from heaven? Who do you think is calling them?

What happened that caused Odin to lose his faith?

Who is Green Acre Group and why does Odin hate them so much?

How much crap do you think Cassidy is going to give Tulip over that kiss?

Mayor Miles and Emily are getting it on behind everyone’s backs! Good for her in getting some, she is very much in need I’m sure, but I can’t help but feel bad for Miles. At least Emily is honest in making sure he knows they are never going to be together in public as a couple.

Image Courtesy of AMC

Image Courtesy of AMC

Jesse nearly kisses Emily, but pulls back at the last moment. Does he actually have feelings for her, or is he trying to see if he has feelings for her because she would be the better woman for him as the town preacher?

I enjoyed seeing Jesse as a young kid, helping his father run the church. It helped to explain what Jesse is wanting to be as the preacher for the town. He saw his father with a packed house every Sunday and Jesse wants that for himself.

Watching a young Tulip teaching the boys how to blow smoke rings had Jesse head over heels immediately.

Image Courtesy of AMC

Image Courtesy of AMC

Kind of disappointed there was no interaction between grown up Jesse and Tulip this week.

What did you think of last night’s Preacher? Did you enjoy Jesse’s back story? Were you floored that he would compel someone to serve God as he did? What fallout do you think will come of it? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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