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This week has been filled with so many updates on two highly anticipated movies that I haven’t had a chance to get caught up on it all. My bad I know, but I’m only one person here!

First let’s start off with Justice League and just a fair warning, there will be spoilers for Batman vs Superman.

Earlier in the week the long standing rumor Steppenwolf was going to be the villain of the DC Superhero team up movie was confirmed. Most fan guess this was the case after a deleted scene was released about a week after the theatrical release of Batman vs Superman. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out after the jump:

The scene shows a swat team making its way into the chamber Lex Luthor created and birthed Doomsday in. The team comes upon a terrifying looking figure with three cubes floating around it. It seems to be communicating something to Lex and disappears. Lex is shown looking shaken, like he knew he just did something really bad.

The terrifying creature was a hologram of Steppenwolf, the uncle of Dardside and the leader of the armies of Apokolips (pronounced like Apocalypse). If what you just read makes no sense to you then that is okay. I had to look all that up and read about both Darkside and Steppenwolf from comic experts. To make it simple for everyone else, he is a really bad dude and he is coming to Earth thanks to Lex Luthor. Those three cubes Steppenwolf was showing Lex are known as Mother Boxes. Again to put it simply, they are supercomputers that have been spread out in the galaxy and both Steppenwolf and Darkside are hunting them down because they are super powerful (that sounds very familiar). One of the Mother Boxes does make an appearance in BVS when Diana Prince opens the email about Cyborg. It is the thing that gives the future superhero his powers.

Image Courtesy of Warner Bros

Image Courtesy of Warner Bros

Another bit of news is there will be only one Justice League movie in the works and it will be a standalone, not the two-part movies originally announced. This is no surprise after the backlash of BVS and Man of Steel. There have been a few screenings of Suicide Squad and so far the reviews have been very positive. It looks as if the DCEU will not have another critic and fan flop on their hands and no one is really worried about Wonder Woman because it is in the hands of a genius. But things are looking desperate for Zack Snyder’s vision for the DCEU. Cutting the two-part release into one standalone means the producers at Warner Bros are looking to minimize Snyder’s role in directing the films.

Now for the more fun news. Lots of new information and photos have been released for Rogue One! Entertainment Weekly has released several photos in their latest issue and online from the highly anticipated entry into the Star Wars universe.

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The long standing rumor of Darth Vader’s appearance in the film has also been confirmed to EW, but the Sith Lord will only be a small part in the film. James Earl Jones has returned as the voice of the Skywalker patriarch, but there are a few different men inside the helmet. David Prowse is 80 and probably wasn’t up for the task this time around. The big bad for Rogue One will be Ben Mendelsohn’s Director Orson Krennic. He is an Imperial Officer hell bent on becoming Emperor Palpatine’s favorite boy. There will be a lot of bad politics and back stabbing by this guy to get there. He and Vader do not get along.

Forest Whitaker’s character for Rogue One has also been revealed as Saw Gerrera. If you are a fan of The Clone Wars series (available on Netflix), then you are already familiar with this Rebel fighter when he was a much younger man. He was a guerilla fighter on the planet Onderon who actually battled Separatists alongside Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. His story is not a happy one which is why he is not an official member of the Rebel Alliance, but he does lead a group of Rebel extremists.

Mon Mothma’s (played by Genevieve O’Reilly who looks like a clone of original Mothma, Caroline Blakiston) part in the film has also been unveiled as a former senator who is working to unite various planetary systems to fight against the Empire. Her role in the film is quite significant. She is the one who recruits our hero Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) steal the plans for the Death Star along with Captain Cassian Andor (Diego Luna). Kathleen Kennedy describes her to EW as a leader of the Rebels but…

“She is trying the best she can to provide the leadership, in amongst a wide variety of Rebel soldiers that have a very differing opinions as to what to do.”

Are you excited by all of this news? We haven’t even gotten to Comic Con or D23 Expo where I’m sure more great stuff will be released. Fingers crossed for a Wonder Woman trailer and maybe even another Rogue One trailer.

Let me know what you think of the Justice League villain or the new photos of Rogue One in the comments section below.

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