Supernatural Newbie Review – Episode 109 “Home”

After eleven seasons, something possessed me (see what I did there) to start watching Supernatural from the beginning. If you are a fan of the series, feel free to go back and re-watch it with me. Please do not be a troll and post spoilers for future episodes in the comments section. If you have been wanting to start Supernatural, then I encourage you to watch with me. Spoilers for the series as I go.

Image Courtesy of The CW

Image Courtesy of The CW


Like the Thomas Wolfe book says, you can’t go home again. Especially if your home is full of demons and poltergeists. For Sam it isn’t really going home for him. Mary Winchester died when he was a baby and John, I assume, was already hunting as far back as Sam can remember. The journey back to the house their mother died in was more of an emotional journey for Dean. He does remember the house, their mother, and that night clearly and he hasn’t been back since. All that changes when Sam starts dreaming of a woman screaming for help from a window in their old house.

Sam knows something bad is going to happen and he can’t let Dean’s fear get in his way. He let his own fears stand in the way of doing something about his dreams of Jessica and now Sam feels guilty she is gone. Dean finally relents to going back to Lawrence, Kansas, but the charisma he normally employs so well is gone. It is up to Sam to charm their way in with the single mother now living in the house by being honest (for the most part) and telling the new owner and woman in the dream, Jenny (Kristin Richardson), they are in town and would like to see their childhood home. After getting to know Jenny and her two children, the brothers get her to talk about the lights are flickering, the strange noises, and her daughter’s nightmares about a monster in her closet.

Image Courtesy of The CW

Image Courtesy of The CW

The brothers discover John frequented psychics after their mother’s death. Specifically, Missouri Moseley (Loretta Devine). Missouri immediately knows who the boys are, why they have come to see her, and senses Sam’s growing abilities. At the house, she tells the relieved/disappointed brothers the entity haunting their old house is not the same being that killed their mother. It is a poltergeist that piggy backed on the spiritual energy the house gained after Mary was killed.

Missouri cleanses the house, but Sam is not so sure. He senses something is still around. That night, the brothers stake out the house as a just in case. Sam was right when Jenny comes to the bedroom window screaming for help, just like in his dream. They rush in and succeed in getting Jenny and her children out unharmed. The poltergeist grabs Sam before he can make it out the door and Dean rushes in to save him. As a fiery figure makes its way to Sam, Dean moves to shoot it and Sam stops him. The fiery figure is their mother. She was the presence in the daughter’s closet and was trying to protect the family from the malevolent spirit. She acknowledges Dean, but she mostly talks to Sam telling him that she is sorry before sacrificing her spirit to get rid of the poltergeist. Why is Mary apologizing to Sam?

Image Courtesy of The CW

Image Courtesy of The CW

After bidding Sam and Dean goodbye, Missouri comes home to find John waiting for her. She is a little surprised Sam was not able to sense John, but is not shocked to see the father sitting in her living room. He can’t make contact with his son’s until he knows the truth. But what truth would that be? Did he know Sam has psychic powers?

“Home” was an episode I had been waiting for. It helps to explain somethings about Mary’s death, but it also gives some closure to the boys about their mother. It is curious to me that Mary really only addresses Sam. I wonder if she knew something was different about her youngest son and that had something to do with her death. I know all of this has been explained, but I’m having fun trying to guess. Don’t tell me if I’m right or wrong.

What did you think of “Home”? Did Mary’s reappearance make you sad? Was John’s arrival a shock to you? Let me know what you think in the comments section below and please do not post spoilers for future episodes in the comments section.

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  1. I remember being really surprised to see John and really liking this episode. But mostly I was just happy to see Lawrence, Kansas. It looks absolutely nothing like the town I spent six years in for college, but I just really love when shows mention places I’ve been (even when it’s just in one episode and they mispronounce it *cough*Angel*cough*).

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