Star Trek Beyond Final Trailer – With a “Sledgehammer”

This morning the final trailer for one of the many highly anticipated sequels (I’ve lost track of them all now), was released and featured the newest single from Rihanna titled “Sledgehammer”. Take a look after the jump:



The latest Star Trek trailer has a very emotional feel to it. No, Anton Yelchin is not featured, in fact he is not shown at all because these things are usually put together several weeks ahead of release. Something about the combination of the song and the visuals of a very isolated and terrified Enterprise crew evokes some excitement. This film looks more like the TV show it is based on than its predecessors.

The Enterprise is in pieces, crew are stranded across a planet, many of them are at the mercy of an unrecognizable Idris Elba, and the Captain is having a crisis of identity in the middle of it all. Sounds like a winning recipe for a great Star Trek film!

Image Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Image Courtesy of Paramount Picutes

Out of all of the sequels and universe building movies that have (and are continuing to) overcrowded the cineplexes this summer, Star Trek Beyond, Captain America: Civil War, and Finding Dory may be the only ones that distinguish themselves from the others as good films that happen to be sequels.

What do you think of the final Star Trek Beyond trailer? Did you enjoy the new Rihanna song along with it? Is this a sequel you are excited for? Talk to me in the comments section below.

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