Scream – Lord of the Leaning Center

Tensions run high and accusations start flying as George Washington High is locked down while the Sheriff questions the Lakewood Five.

Spoilers for “Dawn of the Dead”

Cheerless Brook

Brook finally gets to shower all of the blood off after standing on the stage while Maggie and the other officers photograph her and collect evidence. Jake’s body, while covered, remains right where he landed in her line of sight. She tearfully confesses her shock to Audrey, she had been texting with Jake the day before, how can he be dead today. She shows Audrey her phone and Audrey asks if it could have been the killer setting Brook up.

Image Courtesy of MTV

Image Courtesy of MTV

Dressed in a cheerleader outfit (seriously, that is all the police could find for Brook) since her dress was covered in blood, Brook is questioned by the Sheriff with her father present. She tells them all about the last time they saw each other and the fight they had while at the school’s pool. Brook also airs her suspicions about Seth Branson’s involvement. He had been making contact again, despite the restraining order. Brook visits Jake’s body one last time and convinces Maggie to tell her he has been dead for at least two or three days. Devastated, Brook goes to the pool to let all of her feelings out under the water. Unhappy with her talking about an open investigation with a student, Acosta takes Maggie off the case.

How to not deal with teens 101

The school is placed on lock down and the students are corralled into the Learning Center to wait out the Sheriff’s investigation. He questions several students and treats their fears, suspicions, and MAJOR LAW BREAKING (more on that in a bit) with a kind ear before sending them back to the Learning Center, “acting like the nice guy in a bad situation.” He wants to create Stockholm Syndrome amongst the students so they will willingly come to him with information. Whatever is going on is not over yet and he needs the students on his side. It is not a terrible idea, but what he didn’t count on was mass hysteria amid the students thanks to Haley’s (prank girl) loudmouth comments about special treatment of Emma and her friends. Apprehensions ramp up when she announces to the students cops are searching the lockers.

Image Courtesy of MTV

Image Courtesy of MTV

(There is always that one person in a crowd that plays on everyone’s fears and anger, Acosta should know that)

Inside Man

Haley’s broadcast of the locker search has Kieran in a panic, his father’s gun is in his locker. Audrey and Zoey distract the guard at the door to the Learning Center while Noah and Kieran sneak out. Noah does a terrible job as look out as Kieran gets his bag out of his locker and is immediately spotted by a deputy. Noah remains unseen and is stuck in the hallways until Audrey sneaks him back into the Learning Center.

Image Courtesy of MTV

Image Courtesy of MTV

Kieran is taken to the Sheriff for questioning after the deputy finds the gun in his bag. Acosta tires to play good cop, he understands Kieran’s need to feel safe and protect his loved ones. The teen sees right thru the rouse and asks Acosta what exactly he wants. The Sheriff needs someone on the inside. To show good faith, Kieran tells him about Jake’s phone that was planted in Emma’s bag.

Before the Sheriff comes to the Learning Center and takes her away for questioning, Eli offers to take the phone off of Emma’s hands and leave it somewhere random (after wiping down any prints) so it can no longer be tied to her.

The Sheriff questions Emma about her time in the psych ward after Will’s slaughter and the PTSD symptoms she has been experiencing. Emma confesses she is freaked because of what happened to Jake and someone attacking her at the party the night before which is why she didn’t come to him immediately after finding the phone. Acosta believes Emma is telling herself the truth, but doesn’t necessarily believe everything is centered around the killings before (of course he doesn’t tell her the last part exactly). Using Jake’s finger print to unlock his phone, Acosta sees Jake was involved in many things that may have gotten him killed. Including whatever he was up to with Mayor Maddox.

Don’t mess with a Crazy Duval

Emma is brought back to Gen Pop the Learning Center and Haley snaps “there’s always a crazy Duval left standing” after a massacre, earning her a much needed slap from Emma. Haley attacks Emma in retaliation forcing Miss Lang to place Emma in time out. The psych teacher tries to calm Emma down from her adrenalin rush by locking her in the office by herself. The copycat killer takes this (very convenient) opportunity to call and ask “did you miss me” before scratching at the outside window with a knife.

Image Courtesy of MTV

Image Courtesy of MTV

Pissed off, Emma breaks the window with a chair and climbs out, cutting her arm, only to see the killer has disappeared again. When the Sheriff questions her about it, she calmly explains she had a panic attack after finding the office door locked, giving Miss Lang a poignant look after throwing the teacher’s same flight or flight speech back at her. Kieran tries to apologize to Emma for ratting her out about Jake’s phone and Emma accepts (sort of). She needs Kieran to trust her because “someone is messing with us, and our choices matter.”

Drawing Conclusions

Audrey is angry and afraid of her involvement with Jake’s death being exposed. She accidentally lets it slip to Noah her tormentor has been calling her. To take the heat off of herself, she chucks one hell of a Molotov cocktail into the smoldering hostility in the Learning Center when she grabs Stavo’s tablet filled with his creepy drawings of the Lakewood Six and other students being massacred by Brandon James.

Image Courtesy of MTV

Image Courtesy of MTV

He tries to explain it is for a comic, but it is no use. Like sharks smelling blood in the water, the students start to attack Stavo and his tablet is smashed in the process. The cops break things up and knowing his experiment has failed, the Sheriff lets the students go. Feeling guilty, Audrey apologizes and offers to replace Stavo’s tablet, but he is not having it. Noah grabs Audrey’s phone while she is distracted and after several tries, unlocks it to see all of the messages from the tormentor and the video of Audrey removing the note from Jake’s dead body.


I really thought there was going to be a death in this episode. Not counting the end with Audrey’s phone, there hasn’t been any movement of the plot. Very much a filler episode. A tense one, but a filler none the less.

Next week things look to ramp up as Brook recruits Stavo to look into (and maybe torture?) Seth Branson/Palmer as Noah confesses his fears about Audrey’s involvement with Piper.

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