Preacher – Out of Control

Jesse becomes overtaken with the power inside of him and alienates everyone around him.

Spoilers for “He Gone”

A quick note:

I apologize for not having a recap for last week’s episode and being so late with this one. A family member had a minor health scare over the holiday weekend. Thankfully everything is much better now. I chose to go ahead and skip last week (though I will talk about it a bit in this week’s recap) because I was so far behind, I didn’t want to play catch up. On to this week’s episode.


Thru flashbacks, it is revealed Tulip lived with the Custer family for a short while after John realizes Tulip has no one to take care of her. Jesse is grateful to his father for doing the right thing and for her part, Tulip stays on her best behavior. But eventually John calls child services and has Tulip lugged off to a foster home. When Jesse angrily confronts his father as to why, John states “cause she’s an O’Hare. There’s always gonna be trouble.” (“Thou shall not judge” was lost on this preacher) During his evening prayers, Jesse asks God to kill his father. Be careful what you wish for, you just may get it. Two mysterious men haul John and Jesse out of the church in the middle of the night and into an open field. John makes Jesse promise to be one of the good guys before he is shot in the head.

Image Courtesy of AMC

Image Courtesy of AMC

Back in the present, after sending Eugene to hell, Jesse promptly goes into denial mode and continues his Sunday service as usual. What he didn’t realize was Cassidy was a witness to the whole argument and Jesse’s subsequent banishment of the troubled teen. The vampire attempts to talk to his friend about what they are going to do to get Eugene back from Hell, but the conversation is interrupted by Emily needing help with the parishioners.

Still on her mission to stay in Jesse’s life as a better person (bonding with Emily last week was absolutely hilarious), Tulip stops by to drop off groceries for dinner later that evening which includes ingredients to make vanilla hash browns (I kinda gag a bit every time I think about that. Is that something that is popular in East Texas because I haven’t heard of it in West or Central Texas). Cassidy corners her to uncover why she two timed Jesse to “make love” with Cassidy (his words). Wanting to end that conversation quickly, Tulip rightly guesses Jesse doesn’t know Cassidy is a vampire. Even though Cassidy did tell Jesse the truth, he knows his friend didn’t believe him and Cassidy refuses to push the issue knowing Jesse probably wouldn’t be his friend anymore if he knew the truth. Cassidy tires to tell Tulip about Jesse’s new found power of persuasion, but of course she thinks he is lying to her.

The power of Genesis must have worn off because Odin Quincannon comes to the church that afternoon with a deed to the Custer property ready for Jesse to sign. Odin did come to church, and for a time he was converted, but now the meat and power tycoon doesn’t feel the need to serve God any longer meaning Jesse lost the bet. The preacher refuses to sign the deed stating that Odin did believe, but did not command him to believe again (is he starting to become frightened of his powers now?). Quincannon promises to be back and boy does he return later that evening with a bulldozer and a small army of QM&P employees (dressed in their finest Civil War reenactment garb).

Image Courtesy of AMC

Image Courtesy of AMC

Before that wonderfully ridiculous sight happens, Jesse, Tulip, Emily, and Cassidy have the most uncomfortably silent dinner in the history of East Texas. Sheriff Root briefly interrupts the awkwardness because he is worried about his son. The Sheriff was hoping Eugene was hanging around as he likes to do, but Jesse claims he hasn’t seen the boy all day. Confused, Emily reminds Jesse he did see Eugene before service that morning, but quickly backtracks and lies about seeing him leave after their talk.

Genuinely worried about his friend, Cassidy takes Jesse outside (still carrying the fire extinguisher used to put out a small kitchen fire earlier) to make him give an answer about what to do about the preacher sending the innocent Eugene to hell. Angry at Cassidy’s assumption the boy was innocent, Jesse spits out he story of how Tracy ended up in her coma and Eugene ended up with an arsehole for a face. Tracy discarded Eugene when the kid confessed his love for her. Unable to handle the rejection, Eugene took a shotgun and shot Tracy in the head, then turned the weapon on himself. Appalled at Jesse’s judgment over Eugene, Cassidy decides once and for all, he is going to show Jesse what he is. Cassidy tosses Jesse the fire extinguisher, takes off his jacket and shirt, and steps into the sun asking his friend if he is going to let him burn too.

Image Courtesy of AMC

Image Courtesy of AMC

Jesse returns to dinner with the fire extinguisher and no Cassidy, much to the shock of Tulip and confusion of Emily. He lashes out at Tulip when she tells him she knows what Cassidy is and finally spits at her “What are you even doing here?” after putting her down for being an O’Hare, just as his father did before. Tulip takes her cue and leaves with her broken heart. Emily, still confused, all but confesses her love for him when she states her belief in him when he came home to Annville. “Well, that was stupid” the preacher answers. Some glimmer of hope may still be in the preacher as the episode closes out with Jesse digging in the floor and commanding Eugene to come back.


My heart broke for Cassidy when he asked Tulip about their tryst in the back of her car. He called it making love and not one of his more interesting euphemisms for sex. I love everyone on this show (even Jesse despite his asshole ways of late), but Cassidy has been the show stealer from the beginning. I still have hope for a Cassidy/Tulip romance.

Image Courtesy of AMC

Image Courtesy of AMC

Last week, Tulip confessed to Emily that she had a child once and another blogger had a theory about the day Carlos abandoned Tulip and Jesse. She pointed out that Carlos just ditching the two of them was bad, but there had to be a lot more to the story in order for the situation to be so awful that it caused a rift between Jesse and Tulip, sending him back to his hometown to keep his promise. Her theory was their child was in the car when Carlos drove off.

If Eugene comes back from hell, what do you think the young man will be like after that kind of trauma?

The ending with Quincannon riding the bulldozer and his employees looking to storm the church is one of the many reasons why I love this show so much. It unapologetically embraces the ridiculousness of the story it is telling. So many people I have talked to about Preacher hate it because it is way too absurd and bizarre which makes me happy because these are the people who don’t enjoy TV and movies that have a lot of imagination to them. A big round of applause to the producers for not backing away from the weird for the sake of popularity. I know hard core comic fans are not as happy with the interpretation so far (can you really please those people though?), but I hope they can at least appreciate the producer’s embracing of the odd spirit of the premise.

Image Courtesy of AMC

Image Courtesy of AMC

What did you think of Sunday’s Preacher? Are you shocked to see the transformation of Jesse to bumbling schlub to judgmental righteousness? How do you think the church is going to fair in the battle of Annville? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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