Supernatural Newbie Review – Episode 114 “Nightmare”

After eleven seasons, something possessed me (see what I did there) to start watching Supernatural from the beginning. If you are a fan of the series, feel free to go back and re-watch it with me. Please do not be a troll and post spoilers for future episodes in the comments section. If you have been wanting to start Supernatural, then I encourage you to watch with me. Spoilers for the series as I go.

Image Courtesy of The CW

Image Courtesy of The CW

Sorry it has taken me so long to get to another episode. My family had a minor health scare over the last week. Thankfully everything is alright now, so back to the fun.

When the episode started off, I figured it was going to be another case of the week like situation. Man was I wrong. Not a whole lot of information as to what killed Mary and Jessica or about Sam’s growing abilities, but mystery of it all sure as hell deepened.

After having a vision involving the death of a man in Michigan, Sam urges Dean to get on the road and find the victim before his premonition comes true. Using the license plate number on the car Sam saw in the dream, the brothers are able to find the address to a Jim Miller (Cameron McDonald) in Saginaw. But when they get to Jim’s house, they find they are too late. It seems as if Jim had killed himself by locking himself and his vehicle in the garage and letting the engine run. Sam knows there is more to the story. In the dream, something trapped Jim in his vehicle and the car started on its own, causing him to die from the building fumes. Sam thinks it could be a malicious spirit. Dean is pretty skeptical.

To find out more about Jim’s life, Dean and Sam pose as priests the next day at the wake (those two are surely going to hell for that). Sam talks to Max (Brendan Fletcher), Jim’s son, while Dean talks to Alice (Beth Broderick), Jim’s wife and searches the house for signs of any manifestations of a malicious spirit. There are none.

Later that evening, Sam gets another vision. This time he is awake, which has never happened before. It is Rodger (Avery Raskin), Jim’s brother being decapitated by a window in his apartment. Sam and Dean rush over to the man’s place to try and stop it, but again they are just too late and they find no signs of any manifestations. Speculating the family itself may be cursed, the brothers talk to former neighbors only to find out Max is severely abused by his father and uncle while his step mother does nothing to stop them.

Image Courtesy of The CW

Image Courtesy of The CW

Just then, Sam has another vision of Max confronting his stepmother about the abuse and stabbing her with a knife he levitates with his mind. Dean, again, jumps right into killing a person in order to stop bad things from happening (seriously worries me how quick he is to jump right into murder), but Sam can relate some to Max due to their psychic connection. The brothers get to Max and Alice before Max takes Alice’s life, but Max sees Dean’s gun and freaks out. Max locks the house down and using his telepathy, takes Dean’s weapon away from him.

Sam talks Max down a bit which allows Dean to take Alice into another room so they can talk. Sam tells Max about his visions and the two of them realize they both developed their abilities about the same time. Sam also realizes their mother died in the same way. When Max was a baby, Jim found his wife pinned to the ceiling of Max’s room before she exploded into flames. Blaming his son for the death of his wife, Jim started to abuse Max.

Max, still angry over the abuse and freaked out over the connection between him and Sam, locks Sam in a closet while he goes upstairs to finish what he started with Alice. Sam has another vision where Max goes to shoot Alice and ends up killing Dean when he gets between Max and his stepmother. Concentrating hard, Sam uses his abilities to open the closet door and stops Max just before he shoots Dean. Racked with guilt, Max takes his own life.

Image Courtesy of The CW

Image Courtesy of The CW

What gets me in the beginning of the episode is Dean is still very skeptical, almost in denial, of Sam’s abilities. He doubts what Sam sees in his dream is real and continues to question things up until Rodger’s death by window decapitation. Now that he knows there is more to what Sam can do, I can’t help but think Dean is freaked out by his younger brother’s gifts. He promises Sam at the end that nothing bad will happen to Sam as long as Dean is there to look out for him. This feels like an ominous sign of something bad to come. At least Sam was able to make more peace towards their father when he realizes their father may have been tough on them, but he was far from abusive, keeping Sam from becoming something like Max.

The fact there is another person who lost their mother the same way Sam and Dean lost theirs is exciting. Are there more? Max looked younger than Sam (but that could be just how I saw Max) so I’m not sure if his mother’s death was around the same time as Mary Winchester’s. Why is Max’s power so much further along than Sam’s? Is it because the power taps into something more sinister and Max’s anger fueled the abilities more? Why did they both start to develop them a few months before? Why did the demon pick Max’s family? So many questions and so many more episodes to get thru to find the answers. Fingers crossed no more family emergencies to delay my progress again.

What did you think of “Nightmare”? Were you shocked when a seemingly run of the mill episode deepened the mystery of the Winchesters’? Let me know what you think in the comments section below and please do not post any spoilers for future episodes.

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